Why I Started My Journey And Why I Decided To Share It With You

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Whenever I read one of the famous blogs or watch a video of one of the popular YouTubers, I often wonder where it all started, what started their life changing journey, what inspired them to share their thoughts and lives with the world… Perhaps, you are going to say that they were looking for easy money or easy stardom, but, call me naive, I would like to believe it’s not like that. I’d like to believe that many of them genuinely wanted to help other people.

For example, the one who stands out for me is Cassandra Bankson (aka Diamondsandheels14). She’s helped thousands of young people suffering from acne and body image issues. Through it, she’s found huge success, but I don’t believe that was her primary goal.

Hence, this is where my story comes into picture. Since teenage years, I had suffered from facial and body acne (plus, extremely sensitive and dry/oily skin), constipation, digestion and bloating issues, etc. I also had major problems with my mood and energy levels. One second I was full of energy, an hour later I was hardly able to move my tongue and say something. My brain was getting foggy out of the blue.

I instinctively knew something was very wrong when with each year my symptoms were getting worse. It didn’t look like all of that could be natural aging – I was only 25!

The turning point was when I got seriously fed up with my skin issues and decided to go to the best dermatologist in the country with amazing reviews. Obviously, I was full of hope, and I thought the worst thing that could happen was getting a prescription of antibiotics (I was pretty much in the dark about those things at that point). So I went there, queued forever, finally got into his office and guess what he said? He took this massive medical book about skin ailments, opened the page about Acne Vulgaris, and told me to read: “Acne is not caused by the diet”. He said that was what I had and I would have it all my life.

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He didn’t spend any more than 3 minutes with me, didn’t bother to ask me any questions or even find out how I was looking after my skin on a daily basis. As a friend of mine would say, he was just a “legal drug dealer”. He prescribed an antibiotic lotion and sent me away.

As you can probably guess already, my skin only got worse after that. Not only the lotion contained antibiotics, but it was also alcohol-based. My poor skin was literally burned and made to look like papyrus after that kind of treatment.

That turning point was the catalyst for huge changes in my world. I realized that if I didn’t look for ways to fix myself, nobody else will. Simply because nobody knows my body as well as I do. By the way, regarding acne not being affected by food… after that visit to the dermatologist, I started eating whatever I wanted, and had my worst breakout ever.

My second major eye opening was when a year later my sister was diagnosed with lymphoma. At the age of 35! It was a huge shock for the family to say the least. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, and, in our case, it pushed us, as a family, towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. I started spending hours researching healthy diets and experimenting on myself. I shared my findings with the family, and I’m pleased to say my sister is in remission now. She thinks it’s very much due to me counselling her and constantly motivating her to stay on track. She has lost weight, looks radiant and is feeling better than ever.

My mum got rid of her medications for high blood pressure after being on them for 20 years! My husband lost 30 kilos in around a year following our new fitness regime and the Primal Diet first, then an ayurveda-based diet. I’ve shared my natural skin/hair/body care with numerous friends. Last but not least, I defeated my acne and digestion issues.

These are the before and after pictures of my skin – that is my proudest achievement to date. I’m not wearing any makeup (apart from some mascara) in any of them. Apart from acne, I’ve also got rid of dark undereyes!

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However, I never planned to take my knowledge further. When my husband kept asking why I don’t start a blog or a YouTube channel and share everything I know with the world, I always kept saying, “No, I don’t have skin that’s thick enough to handle negative comments, I value my privacy too much”, etc. I believe it was fear and perhaps laziness speaking in me. I kept researching and spreading my tips around until more and more friends and new acquaintances started asking if I made YouTube videos. When I said “no”, they were asking why.

My lazy and fearful mind kept ignoring all those comments until one special night. I shared my tips with a lovely Russian lady called Yulia who I had met an hour earlier, and, when she asked me the same question, something suddenly clicked. I had that very special moment of awakening. For the first time ever I thought, “Why not?”. I am a strong believer in constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone and I realized this was the perfect chance to awaken my sleeping mind and creativity. For the first time, I wasn’t afraid, and I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In my old life, I used to work in a luxury retail environment, where I was surrounded by designer fashion and had to motivate my team to sell useless overpriced things to people who didn’t really need them. After one of those spiritual awakening moments, I realised I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t carry on doing something that my mind was screaming so loudly against. I quit my career, just like that, on a whim. Stripped myself bare of my inflated ego and moved to another country to start a new life – penniless and without a career, but much healthier, more natural and happier.

I struggled for a while thinking of ways to do something that could touch people’s lives and make them better. I considered training to be a personal trainer or a nutritionist, but I realized I wouldn’t bare listening to the mainstream commercial brainwashing. Moreover, I would perhaps be able to help several people, perhaps 20 or 50 if I’m lucky, but that’s it. I realized that the internet is the way to go if I want to reach as many people as possible. Sky is the limit.

Let me show you how to live free! Yes, you can do it! You can set yourself free from the rat race, health issues, acne, food cravings, excess weight and so much more.

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My discoveries have changed my life and the lives of those I love so dearly, and now it’s my duty to share them with you. Welcome to my world! I hope together we will have a long and meaningful journey. Let’s learn and share the knowledge, and the world will be a greener and more beautiful place with happy smiling people!

Let’s live free together!

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