What’s In My Fridge (Healing Whole Foods, Nothing Processed)

A little sneak peak into my fridge. There is nothing expensive or complicated there. Just simple, local, fresh foods. Eating healthily doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you surely don’t need all the expensive, trendy bottled green juices, gluten free junk food, fake cheeses, and whatever else.

Real food wins each and every time.

I attribute my healing solely to this nature’s bounty and I’m super excited to give you a little tour of my fridge. Hope you enjoy it!

Simply yours,
Vita xx


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  1. HI! I’ve been readin your posts for some time now and think your perspective on health and nutrition is wonderful – and I love that you’re constantly seeking new information, changing your perspectives on black and white rules and living well. Such an inspiration! I’ve been re-reading thru your thoughts on the paleo diet and wondered your thoughts on grains. I’ve recently started the whole30 because a friend wanted some support. I’ve enjoyed the boost of healthy vibes from certain “rules” but have been experiencing intense anxiety that quite literally leaves me unable to function. I have no other reason for that much anxiety that I can think of other than the change in diet. My heritage is mostly Northern European and I have this “gut feel” that my lack of grains/carbs from grains is somehow racking up these anxious feelings. I don’t want to let my friend down but have to listen to my body! Did you experience anything like this when you were in the paleo diet? Or have you read anything to this effect? I can’t seem to find anything that links a lack of grains with anxiety – actually, all ice found is the opposite! Would love your input. Thanks!!!

    • Yes, absolutely! That was one of the main side effects of the Paleo diet for me. In my case, it was definitely the lack of carbs and lack of magnesium (Paleo diet is very low in magnesium). Adding soaked and/or sprouted beans or lentils and gluten free grains (quinoa, occasional rice, buckwheat, amaranth) made me feel so much better. Grains aren’t bad for everyone and plus, not all the grains are bad for everyone. If you prepare them properly and work out which ones make you feel good, it will be so much healthier than eliminating entire food groups for no real reason. xx

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