What I Get From The Farmers’ Market – My Weekly Shopping List

What I get in the farmers' market - my weekly shopping list

Last Saturday, I came back from my weekly shopping trip to the farmers’ market and I couldn’t help admiring all the beauties in my fridge. So I decided to share them all with you!

I think this would work well as a sort of sample weekly shopping list for those of you who are starting out and are looking for some ideas or guidance. None of the items are exotic or difficult to find, so I guess this video is pretty universal. I give some cooking/use suggestions as I go along as well.

This is what we buy for the whole week for the two of us, and it includes fruit, veggies, and goat cheese. I forgot to show you eggs and broccoli, but yes, I get those in the market as well. It’s very important for me to get only items that are in season and are locally grown. The change of seasons naturally brings a nice variety to our diet, which is what I’m trying to achieve: lots of variety and everything in moderation are the two ultimate goals for our diet.

A new updated fridge and pantry tours are certainly coming in the future as well. I feel that our diet has changed considerably since my last version, so it’s time to update you all. I’m super happy with the way I feel and look with my new way of eating – more details are coming soon! All I can for now is that I’ve been gradually embracing Ayurveda more and more. It’s a wonderful philosophy, and I like the way its balancing my body, mind and soul.

I hope you’ll enjoy this video, and thanks so much for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like my videos.

Lots of love,
Vita xx


  1. You and I have a lot in common. I absolutely love plums as well. I will tell you when we were in Hawaii I had an avocado tree right outside my door. The only bad thing was when they fell off the tree they sounded like a large rock hitting the roof of the house, and we had to watch out stepping outside our door there because they have wild pigs that would come and eat the avocados off the ground. My neighbor made the mistake one morning she was leaving for work around 6 a.m. in the morning and was not aware the wild pig was there with her babies eating avocados. The mama chased my neighbor back into her house! Talk about a wake up for the morning before leaving for work! Anyways, you are so lucky to have such a wonderful farmers market. We have a small one here, but nothing like what we had in Italy which I miss so much! Enjoy!

    • Hahaha how sweet! Living in Hawaii must be amazing. I’d love to visit some day. We have 2 or 3 avocado plants growing in pots, but it’s not the same as growing freely in soil, so the growth is super slow. Not sure how far they can get. Thanks for making me smile with the story about wild pigs and your neighbour! 🙂 Yes, markets in Italy are great, but the ones here are the best. We’re so lucky. Glad you have one where you live, too. I hope you’ll soon be living in a place with a fantastic farmers’ market! xx

  2. p.s. try spinach and arugula mixed together. my husband and I love the taste of those together more than by themselves.

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