What I Ate Today (Grain-Free, Almost Paleo, Full of Fat Soluble Vitamins)

What I Ate Today (gluten-free, almost Paleo, blood sugar balancing)

This video is a complete U-turn from my previous What I Ate Today video, I know. Trust me, I’m equally tired of experimenting and changing things around. Why can’t I just settle down with one way of eating?

The thing is, without mistakes and experiments, there will never be progress and there will never be light. So I don’t mind changes, as long as each step takes me one step closer to understanding how my body works, what it needs, and what I must do to finally make it happy.

I thought it was the Ayurvedic, grain-heavy, carb-heavy with limited animal protein diet, but I was wrong once again. I’m sure I’ll go much more into detail about that in the future, but for now let me just say that I’m sick and tired of my blood sugars heading towards diabetes. I’m sick and tired of my mood and energy swings. My recent blood test results were a great wake up call that made me realize that I need to change things quite a bit if I want to have a chance at winning against my Pre-Diabetes.

So here’s what I’ve been eating like for the last week or so. So far I love it and I can’t wait to see how my blood sugar reacts (I can’t test until I receive a new batch of testing strips by post). I got my dad to follow a similar diet recently and he sorted out his blood sugar in 3 days. Ha! If it’s that easy for him, sure I can do that!

Here’s the video:

Hope you’ll enjoy it! Also, if you have yourself struggled with blood sugar and found that certain things or habits helped, could you share your tips with me? I would really appreciate feedback from people who have done it. Thanks, guys!

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Lots of love,

Vita xx

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