Week 24 Pregnancy Update – We Know the Gender!

Week 24 Pregnancy Update (First Baby) - We Know the Gender!

It’s been six weeks since the last update, and I honestly can’t believe how quickly time is passing in the second trimester. It seems that just a few weeks ago I felt terribly nauseous and like things would never get better, or that the scan when we could find out the gender was still months and months away. Instead, we’re already past it.

At the same time, it feels like I’ve been pregnant for a very, very long time.

Pregnancy is such an odd but incredibly beautiful experience.

We Know the Gender!

We’re expecting a little boy! For the first 17 weeks of my pregnancy, both my husband and I were convinced it was a girl. But then the movements started early and they were extremely strong and constant. So I started thinking that perhaps it was a little boy. The movements just didn’t feel like a girl’s movements at all.

We both want to experience both a boy and a girl one day, so it doesn’t really matter who comes first, as long as they are healthy of course. So we both went to the anatomy scan with completely neutral expectations.

However, we only had a girl’s name picked out and we couldn’t agree on the boy’s name that we both liked, so we thought having a girl would be easier on that front, hahaha!

When we found out it was a boy, I was so surprised. I don’t even know why! At the same time, I was so excited and happy because I’ve always adored little boys and spent my childhood and teenage years playing with mostly boys rather than girls. I guess you could definitely say that I know how to behave around little boys better than I do around girls.

Anatomy Scan at 22 Weeks – Our Son Has a Long Nose Like Me!

We went for our anatomy scan at 21 weeks and 6 days. Everything was healthy and perfectly on track. Our boy was already 507 grams and since the beginning, we’re already one week ahead! The doctor said it’s going to be a big boy, but both my husband and I are very tall, so I guess our boy won’t be an exception.

We also discovered that he has a small head like my husband and a long nose like me, hahaha!

Our “kitten” was lying sideways, which is completely normal at 22 weeks. That explains why I’ve been feeling most movements on the sides.

I also find that my placenta is anterior, in other words, it’s attached at the front of my belly. Generally, it cushions the baby’s movements, so mums feel them much later and much milder than others. Finding that out really surprised me because I started feeling the first movements pretty early at 17 weeks and they’ve been so strong.

Daddy Has Finally Felt the Movements

I started feeling the movements on the outside with my hand from around 19 weeks. We both started seeing them around 20 weeks as well. But no matter how hard my husband tried to feel the moves as well, the “kitten” was too shy and always stopped moving as soon as daddy put his hand on my belly. Mind you, his freezing hands surely didn’t help, hahaha! I don’t blame the poor kid!

We have somewhere between 16 and 18 degrees C in our flat these days, so no wonder our hands are always cold. Luckily, when we’re in bed at night, it’s probably the only time during the entire day when we feel warm and have warm hands. Not surprisingly, that’s where Luca felt his boy move for the first time. It was such a special and long awaited moment for both of us.

I Finally Have a Little Baby Bump

I’ve been waiting for the moment when I can finally have my little bump. It popped out much more in the last week or so, and I keep catching my husband steering at it lovingly.

Lately, he keeps saying that I look so pregnant! That’s a good thing, I guess.

In terms of maternity clothing, so far the only pregnancy clothing I bought are two pairs of maternity jeans, one from Asos and one from H&M. Both are over the bump and I love the support that the extra stretchy fabric gives to the belly. It also keeps my bump warm in the cold. The H&M skinny maternity jeans are my favourites. They fit me like a glove, and I’m seriously impressed with the quality.

I also got one organic maternity t-shirt from the H&M sale, but it’s more for the future. I can totally get away without it for now. All of my clothes apart from regular jeans still fit.

I had to invest in a new bra (I always buy my bras from Marks & Spencer) because all of my underwired bras had been bothering me so much, and only one of my wireless bras was still fitting me comfortably. So I bought exactly the same one but wider to accommodate my expanding chest. I don’t think my cup size is changing much, but I can definitely feel the chest itself getting wider.

I’m hoping not to have to buy any more bras until our boy arrives because I’m sure that once the milk comes in, I’ll need a completely different size, and then another size a couple of weeks later. So the fewer new bras I have to buy now, the better.

I’m still applying oil on my belly, breasts, and hips every single morning. So far, so good. No stretchmarks. On the other hand, I haven’t grown that much yet either, so we’ll see how it goes closer to the due date.

The oil I use at the moment is sesame seed oil. It’s a warming oil, so it’s perfect for winter time. I just buy a big bottle from the cooking section and use it for both stretchmark prevention and my Oil Cleansing Method for the face.

Update on the Pregnancy Symptoms

I haven’t really experienced any major new pregnancy symptoms since the last update at 18 weeks. I feel great and really strong so far, and I’m really enjoying the pregnancy. If somebody told me that second trimester would be easy and beautiful, I would have felt so much more confident during the first trimester when it seemed like it would be nine months of hell.

I’ve been noticing that I need to pee more often than usual, especially when the “kitten” is in certain positions. It’s more noticeable during the day, especially if I’m walking around.

I still don’t have to get up to pee at night, or if I do, it’s only once. I usually drink quite a bit before going to bed, so I’m still so grateful that my bladder is able to hold so much overnight.

My skin is still perfectly clear and very soft. Thanks to my boy for the glorious pregnancy glow! My hair is also doing great and seems to be thickening up. I wonder if it would be very different for me if I was carrying a girl. I guess we’ll see next time.

Some mornings I still feel a little bit nauseous, especially if I forget to eat something right away or if I eat only something sweet like a banana and nothing salty at all. I find that salty things like a piece of cheese or a piece of bread always takes away any hints of nausea.

In general, I’m still not attracted by sweet tastes at all. I do like my fruit, but I don’t want to even think of anything with any kind of sweeteners, even things like honey or coconut sugar. All I really crave is hearty, savoury things like Spanish chorizo, good mature cheese, eggs, unsweetened yogurt, etc.

I’ve also really been loving apples for the last few weeks. Apples and bananas are pretty much the only fruit I eat at the moment. And then of course blueberries and blackberries which I pop on my unsweetened yogurt with a tiny drizzle of local palm syrup.

If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been eating during my pregnancy, here’s the latest What I Eat in a Day video that I filmed at 23 weeks pregnant (it includes my workout of the day as well):

Weight Gain So Far and My Workout Routine

I lost 3kg during the first trimester when I felt so sick. SInce then, I’ve regained that weight, and have put another 3.5kg on top. My weight remained more or less the same until around 20 weeks and then it finally started going up. My midwives are very happy with the progress so far.

I think that restarting my regular workout routine is also something that helped me gain some weight because muscles are so much heavier.

I exercise 5-6 times a week these days. Usually, it’s one day of something a little more intense like bodyweight or light weights, and then one day of yoga with one or two days a week of complete rest. We go for one or two 30-minute walks every day.

I agree with the point of view that labour is like a marathon and it’s important to prepare for it seriously. I listen to my body and don’t overdo anything, but it’s important for me to remain strong and flexible until the last moment. Hopefully, I’ll be able to exercise all the way through.

Here’s a video version of my week 24 pregnancy update:

There are only three weeks left until the third trimester. I can’t believe it! We’re almost two thirds of the way done. Next time I share an update, I’m going to be in the 3rd trimester. What??? That still sounds surreal to me.

If you exercised all the way through pregnancy, could you let me know how it affected your labour? Or even better if you had different pregnancies exercising or not exercising, and if that affected your labour? I’m very curious and obsessed with labour stories these days, am I the only one? 🙂

Thank you so much for watching/reading!

Simply yours,
Vita xx

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