Our First Trip in 4 Years – Celebrating Our 8th Wedding Anniversary on the Island of La Gomera

8th Wedding Anniversary Trip to the Island of La Gomera | vitalivesfree.com

After four years with zero travelling while we built our new life in Tenerife, Luca and I finally went on our first mini-trip to the neighbouring island La Gomera for our 8th wedding anniversary. It was heavenly!

La Gomera is only 40km away from Tenerife and the ferry only takes one hour, so I’m sure we’ll be back next spring or summer for a hiking trip. It’s incredible for hiking! Sadly, this time I forgot my hiking shoes at home and Luca forgot his socks, so we couldn’t really explore the amazing nature beyond our car and simple walks.

The opportunity to disconnect from the routine, from our home, from our work, and even from our beloved pets, was just what we needed.

I really wanted to document this special time, so that we always have something to look back on, and I really hope you’ll enjoy it, too. If you don’t enjoy my vlogs, just skip this one. 😉

Day 1 of the trip:

And these are Days 2 and 3:

Thanks so much for watching!

Simply yours,

Vita xx

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