My Updated Natural Skincare Routine for Acne-Prone Skin + Shower Routine

My Updated Natural Skincare Routine for Acne-Prone Skin + Shower Routine

An update on my natural skincare routine for acne-prone skin has been the most requested video/blogpost ever (the previous one I did was 2 years ago), so finally here it is! My skincare routine is still very simple, affordable, and effective. It keeps my skin consistently clear and that’s all that really matters, isn’t it? I feel I’ve also found a good balance between DIY and store-bought products. Hope you’ll find some ideas to try!

I posted the video about my skincare routine a couple of weeks ago, but I’m putting it here on the blog only now (I know, I’m so bad at organising myself at the moment). The truth is I’ve been doing a lot of reading and researching lately, and I’ve made some incredible discoveries, put a lot of missing pieces into my health history jigsaw, and I’m super excited about it. But unfortunately I’m also not very good at multi-tasking, which means I get completely sucked into whatever I’m researching and I can’t think of or do anything else until I’m done researching (sometimes I think I’m mildly OCD, but when it comes to self-healing, it’s a blessing in disguise). I’ll definitely be sharing everything about those discoveries soon. I think I’m done with researching for now (not for long, I’m sure), so here I am updating my blog. 🙂

Super Simple Morning Skincare Routine

In the morning, it’s really simple for me. All I do is wash my face with warm water while I’m in the shower. I just get some water on my palms and rub my skin. Once I get out of the shower, I dry my face. leaving it a little bit damp, then I apply some oils.

Lately, I’ve been loving the combination of two drops of Trilogy rosehip oil and one drop of neem oil, which is my current star ingredient. I’m obsessed with it. Neem oil is anti-fungal, so it’s great for any kind of skin issues and I love it.

I always apply my oils on damp skin with damp hands because that’s how you trap that moisture on your skin and if you don’t use damp hands, you might find that using oils actually dries out your skin.

Those three drops of oils will be enough mostly for my face and whatever remains I’ll also apply it on my neck, chest, and shoulders. I don’t like using too much oil during the day and I find this quantity works best for me, but I change it up depending on the weather, the amount of moisture in the air, and the amount of oil that my skin is producing on a certain day (it always gets oilier around my period).

Morning Shower Routine

I actually shower just with water and I’ve done it for years. I use a simple exfoliating mitten from a local supermarket. I know that the Body Shop has very good exfoliating gloves, too. I used to buy them in the past, but they’re slightly more exfoliating than my mitten.

I simply rub myself off with the glove and it takes off any kind of dead skin cells, bacteria or whatever needs to be taken off, but without disrupting my skin’s natural acidic mantle.

For shaving, I still use the same Aleppo soap and it’s brilliant. I still use my Gilette disposable razors because they work great and they have the best price to value ratio out of everything I’ve ever tried.

Once I get out of the shower, while the skin on my whole body is still slightly damp, I use my beloved lavender whipped body butter from HK Natural Creations (I mentioned it in my Holistic February Favorites video). I love this body butter so much because it’s completely organic and all natural, and it smells amazing.

I apply it with some neem oil: I simply put some of the body butter on my palm and then add a few drops of neem oil. I rub my palms together and then I apply it on my feet, legs, arms, and elbows because those parts are the parts that get really dry.

I especially love using neem oil with the body butter for my feet because I have always had really dry soles (not anymore, thank God). They’re cracking and they’re really dry. I used to be really self-conscious of my feet when I was a teenager and all of my friends had normal looking feet while mine looked like a Sahara dessert! No matter what I did, it never helped.

But I read that this dryness can be due to yeast in the skin and neem is amazing for that. I started using neem oil and my feet are literally transformed. So if you have cracked feet, try to add some neem oil to your body butter – it might change your life.

For deodorant, I use my DIY deodorant. I still love it. It works really well. I make a large batch that lasts for around 6 months and it costs just pennies. It  also smells great (I add peppermint oil to mine).

A couple of times a week, I also use a body scrub. I hadn’t had a store-bought body scrub for a long time, but I kind of longed for something like that, so I got a Russian body scrub on eBay and it got sent to me from across the world, but I love this brand, so it was worth it. The brand is called Babushka Agafia. Grandma Agafia is a herbalist from Siberia who makes natural skincare and haircare. I happen to really love her shampoo, so I decided to get her cedar nut body scrub as well and I really like it. The ingredients aren’t as clean as I would expect them to be, especially as it claims to have 100% natural ingredients (there are a couple of ingredients that are not that natural), but I’m still happy with it, it smells good, it works really well, and I enjoy using it.

I guess I could say I’m currently going through a phase where I really enjoy using some store-bought products (after 3 years of DIY galore it’s understandable), but I’m sure at some point I’ll go back to my DIY coffee scrubs and things like that.

Basic Evening Skincare Routine (No Makeup Removal, No Deep Cleansing)

Firstly, let’s talk about a very simple night routine when I don’t want to do much.

Just like in the morning, I rinse my face with warm water, and then I would normally apply two drops of my favorite Vitamin E Enhance oil, which I also mentioned in my 2015 Natural Beauty Favorites. It’s amazing, but I’m running out. I have enough for a few more days only, so I’ve been trying to transition to something else. My alternative for now is using the same mixture that I use in the mornings, which is two drops of rosehip oil and one drop of neem oil (in the last week, I’ve also started using a mixture of sesame seed oil and neem oil – I love it, too).

Evening Body Care Routine

I often just wash my feet and apply some of that whipped body butter with some neem oil for the night, especially if I’ve been walking a lot or hiking and if my feet feel dry.

I generally take my showers only in the morning because I don’t think it’s healthy for the skin on the entire body or the face to be washed so often.

Evening Skincare Routine Using The Oil Cleansing Method (No Makeup)

Two or three times a week, regardless of whether I have been wearing makeup or not, I really like to treat my skin to a lovely oil cleansing method session. You all know how much I like Oil Cleansing Method (here’s how to do it) and it was really one of the things that started my blogging life. The Oil Cleansing Method is like my personal spa for pennies. I find it really relaxing.

I’ve been doing the Oil Cleansing Method with all kinds of oils. I used to do it with pumpkin seed oil (one of my faves), sunflower oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil – they’re all equally great. But what I’m using at the moment is a mixture of olive oil and neem seed oil.

Neem oil is great because it’s anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory, so it’s great if you have acne, dry skin, peeling and flaking skin, eczema, dermatitis, or anything like that. Neem oil is extremely healing.

I take some of that oil mixture in my palm and I massage it onto dry skin. Make sure your skin is dry for the Oil Cleansing Method or it’s not really going to work. I massage it in for around 2-3 minutes because I don’t want to overstimulate my skin by massaging it too much. Then I usually leave it on while I brush my teeth, so it stays on for a few more minutes, as a sort of nourishing mask and some of it does get absorbed.

Then I take a warm muslin cloth and I wipe all that oil off. I usually rinse the cloth and wipe once (sometimes twice) more. The muslin cloth I’m using right now is from a brand called Pai and I love it because it’s double-layered, so it holds the warmth very well. It’s also slightly more exfoliating than the others. I also have three muslin cloths from Balm Balm and they’re also good. To be honest, a muslin cloth is a muslin cloth – they’re all pretty good.

Once I’m done wiping all the oil off, I give my face one final rinse with cool water and I apply some more oil with damp hands as a moisturiser. Just like in my basic evening skincare routine above, I either apply my vitamin E oil or that mixture of rosehip oil and neem oil.

Evening Skincare Routine with Modified Oil Cleansing Method (Removing Makeup)

Whenever I wear makeup, I could just use the regular Oil Cleansing Method, but I prefer to take most of my makeup off first because I don’t like getting my muslin cloth all dirty and brown with makeup.

So what I do is I take a small cotton disc, I wet it, squeeze out all the extra moisture, and then I put a few drops of any kind of oil that I like using on the cotton disc. At the moment, I’m using sunflower oil, but it really doesn’t matter – they all work equally well. And then I wipe off all of my eye makeup.

Next, it’s time to remove all the face makeup. I take a bigger cotton disc and again I wet it, I squeeze out the extra moisture, I put a few drops of oil on it, and then I wipe all of the makeup off. That moist cotton disc with oil works like a lovely, gentle makeup remover.

Next, I could move to the proper Oil Cleansing Method, but I usually don’t. I simply wipe all of the oil and makeup residue off with a warm muslin cloth. Make sure it’s not hot or it will irritate your skin.

Afterwards, I also like to rinse my face with some cool water to close the pores. I know they say pores don’t really close, but it kind of feels like that because the face feels much smoother afterwards.

Next, I apply some oil just like above: either the vitamin E oil or the neem oil and rosehip oil mixture.

Nourishing Nails and Cuticles

Before I go to bed, every single evening, unless I’m really lazy and tired, I always like applying that body butter and neem oil onto my hands, cuticles, and nails because it makes such a difference. Overnight I don’t wash dishes and I don’t get my hands wet at all, so the cuticles and nails really have a chance to recover.

The neem oil addition has really helped my cuticles. I used to have peeling and irritated cuticles, but since I started using neem, they got so much better (also zinc supplements – hangnails are a symptom of zinc deficiency).

I’d definitely recommend getting some neem oil and adding a few drops into everything. It’s amazing!

Here’s the video if you’d like to watch:

So this is all of my skin care and body care routine. As you can see, it’s really not that complicated. There’s nothing really expensive there. It’s quite minimalist and it works really well. It keeps my skin consistently clear and glowing, and I couldn’t be any happier with it.

I really hope that you will be able to take some of these ideas from me and introduce them into your own skincare routine.

Simply yours,

Vita xx

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. I only recommend things that I absolutely love myself and feel certain that you would love them, too. If you shop using my links, you will help keep this blog running. Thank you so much!

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  1. Very much enjoying your blog and videos having recently found you. I have suffered from mild acne most of my life (I’m in my 50s!). I thought they would be gone by now… but no. In fact the past couple of months its worse than ever. I tried OCM previously (olive oil, I think) but gave up after a bit. I tried again very recently after doing lots of online research, I was using grapeseed oil with a little castor oil. At first it seemed soothing and helpful but about 2 weeks in small new pimples (normally I only had an occasional pimple on my chin, with lots of black heads, cheeks almost always clear) on my cheeks and forehead. 🙁 I am not emotionally prepared for a long period of purging… I’m afraid it will keep worsening. I stopped for a couple days while waiting for some organic pumpkin seed oil to come and I want to try that. Must I endure for a month with breakouts before I can be sure this is NOT working? I so want to be done with this at this point in my life. I live pretty clean and healthy, and have been gluten free since 2011. Struggling to find help. Any suggestions are welcome.

    • Hi Kate, so sorry to hear about your struggles! How often are you doing the OCM? Start from only once or twice a week. The purging shouldn’t be so bad. If you’re getting much more pimples than usual, it’s very likely that it’s not going to get better in a month’s time. If you’re overdoing the OCM though, you would be getting small pimples like the ones you described. One thing I would look into is zinc deficiency. Acne is very closely linked to it and most people don’t get enough zinc, especially if they aren’t regular meat eaters. xx

      • Hmmm, not a vegan so I definitely eat meat, daily (most organic). 😉 But I’ll check my supplements and see if I’m lacking zinc in any of them. If I were to only use the OCM once or twice a week, how shall I wash my face the rest of the time. I hate wearing makeup, but it’s a necessity right now (small irritations are bright red on my skin tone), so I usually do wear it, (natural mineral makeup lately) so I will still need to wash my face daily. Gentle soaps, like Dr. Bronners castille, I’ve used previously, is that okay or no? All the OCM sites seem to say that if you mix OCM with regular facial cleansers, you will void the benefits and confuse your skin. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer. I SO appreciate it. Also, your accent is beautiful, as well as you are. 😉

        • Ahhh, I just found your trouble shooting and over exfoliated posts, so I probably have the answers I need there. Thanks! I have some Al wadi rose water in the cupboard, but I am not sure if it’s the right kind. I’ve spent a fortune on oils, cloths, and more things in the last couple of weeks! Ha ha! I will try not to overdo the cleaning, but it’s so very hard when your skin is broke out to leave it alone. 🙁

          • It sounds like a Middle Eastern one, so it should be alright. They use rosewater a lot there from skincare to cooking. Glad you found your answers! 😉 xx

        • Acne is almost always associated with low zinc and high copper (they are antagonists), so zinc would definitely be one of the first things to look at. Also multivitamins/minerals generally have no more than 15mg of zinc, which is nothing if you are deficient. Funnily enough, they almost always have copper as well, which is awful! I personally don’t take any multivitamins for that reason. I’d rather take targeted vitamins or minerals that I know I need and I can be sure I’m not getting things I don’t need like iodine, copper, or iron. I personally take 66mg of zinc per day at the moment (of course I’m not a doctor, I can’t advise you, but that’s what I’m doing myself). You can wipe your makeup off with a damp cotton pad and a few drops of oil. Then you can either wipe off any remaining oil with a washcloth very gently or just rinse. Or simply use a natural face wash if you have any trusted one. Dr Bronners soap is great, too. I know all the sites say that you shouldn’t mix OCM with face washes, but I think that so many people jump into the OCM cold turkey which completely freaks out their skin, and then they run as far away as they can from oils and natural methods in general. It’s better to go slowly and make sure you give your skin time to adjust. Thank you so much for the compliment! xx

  2. I love, love, love using oils on my face and body! I have an oil cleansing blend (olive, castor, and a bit of jojoba with tea tree essential oil) and facial moisturizing blend (kukui nut, apricot kernel, calendula-infused oil, and lavender and frankincense essential oils) and a body blend (grapeseed, jojoba, with lavender and cedarwood essential oils).

    It’s so nice to read how you take loving care of your body! Thank you for being an inspiration!

  3. Hi! Thank you so much for your posts– they give me hope that clear skin is achievable!
    I started the OCM about 2 months ago with pumpkin seed oil and tried to follow all of your recommendations, (although I may slack on my diet choices…) but I’m not seeing too much of a difference. Do you have a suggestion for a different oil I should try? I’m 19 and have had moderate acne for 6ish years, but I think it’s about time I got rid of it, seeing as it’s pretty tough on my self esteem. Thanks so much for all your help. 🙂

    • Clear skin is definitely achievable. You just need to find what works for you. Diet is much more important than many of us think. Even the best skincare routine in the world isn’t going to help much if we’re ingesting inflammatory foods, foods that we’re sensitive to, etc. What is your skin like? Really oily without any dryness/tightness? Or combination with tightness/dryness especially after washing? What kind of breakouts do you get? xx

      • I know you’re definitely right– I just have very poor self control when it comes to my favorite kinds of foods, but I’m working on it! I’m honestly not sure exactly what kind of skin I have– if I don’t use a cleanser/facewash and just rinse with water or rosewater, my face is usually pretty comfortable. After using a facewash, though, it can feel pretty tight. & for breakouts, I’ll usually always have one or two active pimples on my cheeks or by my chin, but the most frustrating are the little patches on my cheeks that have been there for years. They’re pretty easy to conceal, as they’re not inflamed or anything, but they’re still very frustrating sometimes. Thanks so much for your help.

        • Try avoiding water in the evenings and just rub the oil into your skin and wipe off with a soft paper tissue or toilet paper. I’ve been doing it for the last couple of weeks and it has finally got rid of a couple stubborn pimples/clogs that I used to get around the chin area. Also perhaps you’re missing some kind of nutrients. Zinc is the most important for clear skin. Also low iron could produce something like this. And of course a good diet! xx

          • Thank you so much! I’ll give it a try. I do take mineral supplements, so I’ll work on my diet now. Quick question about pumpkin seed oil– I’m going to be traveling the next couple weeks & I was wondering if I need to keep my pumpkin seed oil refrigerated? I keep it in my fridge now, but I think that will be hard to do with many car rides/airplane trips. Thank you!

          • I never kept mine in the fridge and I had it for almost a year, never went bad. xx

  4. Well, I had a break thru. I developed a fungus on one of my big toes on the nail. I decided to check out natural cures for it. Coconut oil. I cut the nail back as directed, sterilization of my clippers etc not to spread it, and rub coconut oil on nail 2 or 3 ttimes daily. My fungus is gone!

    • I have no idea where it came from, but my nail had white patches on it, but no more thanks to coconut oil. And my dog has had skin allergies. I read up on coconut oil with her and I started her out slowly on 1/4 teaspoon then it is a teaspoon after she gets used to it, but it has helped her seasonal skin allergies and it also is supposed to help with her joint pain as well, love my coconut oil!

    • Yay, that’s amazing! If it ever comes back, keep in mind that if you add a little bit of oregano oil in the coconut oil, it will be even more effective. xx

  5. Hello Vita,
    Found this among some of the older comments regarding coconut oil, but it was under your DIY Deodorant: “…[c]oconut oil is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, so it might even work great on its own,” and it has removed my nail fungus 😉 I will never go to one of those pedicure places again! Way to many germs, obviously, yuk! I am pretty sure that is where I got it.

    • I’ve never got pedicure done in my whole life and manicure only once. I prefer to do it by myself because somehow someone touching my feet and fingers and using god knows what instruments on them doesn’t sound right. So glad you sorted out your toenails! xx

  6. Hey Vita:)

    I love your advice for healthy, radiant skin and already tried the OCM and your simple skin care routine with only oils and water.
    Whenever I use oils my skin seems to love it, I don´t get breakouts. My skin unfortunately is a little troubled now (I think I overdid skin care for a while). My problem is, my skins gets always super dry and flaky when I´m using oils. It also is impossible to apply makeup like that. I wet my face before I apply my oils but it seems impossible for my skin to really absorb them. Can you help me out? I really would love to keep doing your simple routine as it´s so easy and keeps my skin clear but I always go back to regular moisturizers cause of the lack of moisture.
    Another question of mine is my constantly pale face. My whole body tans really fast, but my face always refuses to get some color. That changed over the years. I never had an issue getting a tan when I was little. What could be the reason for that? Is it a lack of vitamin or is something wrong with my skin?

    All the best,

    • Hi Mascha, I also had really dry skin like that and two things helped me: improving my thyroid function and getting more copper. Chlorophyll is great for that. And for a really pale face, I used to have that trouble too when my skin was unhealthy and still very fragile, but after 2-3 years of simple skincare my face became the same colour as the rest of my body. It just needed time to recover. xx

      • Hey Vita,

        thanks for your advice! I´ll definitely try copper and chlorophyll. So I don´t do anything wrong applying my oils?
        What exactly can I do to improve my thyroid function?

        • Look after your adrenals (because slowing thyroid is often caused by adrenal issues) – you can google how to deal with adrenal fatigue, stress, and things like that. The majority of the tips are to do with lifestyle changes. There are certain herbs as well that can helps, things like ashwaganda, gotu kola, maca, and many others. Kelp helps a lot of people as well because it contains iodine. There are also thyroid and adrenal glandulars that can help support your thyroid and adrenals. Regarding the oils, if you aren’t doing the OCM every night with lots of massaging and lots of scrubbing with a washcloth, I don’t think there is anything you can do wrong. xx

  7. Hi Vita
    I am a bit confused now 🙂 I watched your video about Hair Loss where you recommended to take some Copper. However, you just mentioned that Copper is no good for those who has got acne, which I have. I was just about to get some magnesium with copper to treat my hair loss but a bit lost right now as I don’t want to make it worse.
    What would you suggest here?

    • Hi Irina, I wrote that blog post a very long time ago when I still believed in the copper toxicity theory. Unfortunately, it didn’t lead me anywhere good. Now I think that copper is amazing for acne and hair loss (in reasonable amounts of course, I’m not talking about copper IUD’s that release tons of copper). It might not work for everyone but for me it’s been a miracle. xx

  8. U R the best in the world:)
    Few questions, my skin is normal, little combination on T-zone. I want to make sure about my regime.

    Morning – just water, mineral foundation. Evening, OCM (once a week I use Resibo cloth [quite delicate], and 6 days a week I use great cotton towels from Tami, Resibo oil), I put some serums u recommend. That’s it.

    I also have some natural scrubs and masks, I am not sure if to use them or not. U say that less is better so I am wondering, is it better to use them or not?

    I was wondering, maybe once a week natural scrub, once a week clay mask and once a week some honey mask?

  9. I just want to thank you. I injured my face somehow. It blistered, and itched all over terribly. Every time I washed and used my normal routine, it ended up turning beet red and hurting for weeks! After reading your blog, I started using rose water and a few drops of an oil after washing. My face is finally healing. Thank you.

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