Mouthwatering Armenian Moussaka Recipe + My Sunday Food Diary (Intuitive Eating)

The better I feel, the more I love cooking, and the more experiments I make in the kitchen. Honestly, my husband thinks he’s died and gone to heaven because out of a sudden I’m feeding him so well, hahaha! 🙂 This Armenian Moussaka was amazing by the way. It did take me around 2 hours […]

What I ate Today (Home Alone Edition!) + Spanish White Bean Stew Recipe

Long time no see! It’s time to finally update the blog. Today I’d like to share another food diary, my daily workout routine, and little snippets of my life and beautiful pets. Hope you find this video relaxing and let it inspire you to eat simple, homemade food today and every day! 🙂 Ingredients you […]

What I Ate Today + Daily Workout (Stronger than Ever, Mouthwatering Cauliflower Soup, Beans Galore)

Finally, I have another food and daily workout diary for you. This was Day 3 of working out after a long break (almost one month!) and I’ve been smashing all my workouts since I restarted. Food tastes good and I enjoy cooking once again. Woohoo! All of the meals I cook in this video are […]

What I Ate Today + Workout of the Day (Overly Excited About Food But It’s Worth It)

Here’s what I ate on quite a typical day. I also did a workout for abs and some yoga stretches. Yes, I’m always so excited about food. 🙂 Food is LIFE and I’m very grateful for it. Hope you enjoy the video! By the way, I’m thinking of starting to film these What I Ate […]

What I Ate Today + Workout of the Day (When Things Dont Go According To Plan)

I’m determined not to stage What I Ate Today videos because what’s the point in watching only videos with perfectly beautiful, sophisticated meals? Who has time for that on a daily basis? My food is always simple, quick, and sometimes my plans can change a hundred times a day. But as long as it’s still […]

What I Ate Today (Porridge, Pasta, Chickpea and Chard Soup) + Workout of The Day

On this day, I ate my trademark oatmeal for breakfast, cooked a delicious and very nutritious pasta with tons of vegetables for lunch, and then indulged in a soothing and nourishing soup with chickpeas and Swiss chard for dinner. There is nothing fancy, expensive or exotic here. Just simple, real, homemade food. Hope you enjoy […]

What I Ate Today (Simple and Local Homemade Food) + Workout of the Day

This is my take on What I Ate Today videos with simple, local food. From simple breakfast porridges to lovely homemade soups with sourdough bread and butter, I try to eat as affordably, locally, and seasonally as possible. Hope you enjoy it! After I posted my rant about the worrying food trends on YouTube, of […]

What i Ate Today – Workout of the Day – Balanced, Quick Food on a Busy Day

Time for another food diary! This time I decided to add the workout of the day because it’s so closely linked to what I eat. Our health and bodies depend only 20% on exercises and 80% on food! It was a busy day, so I came up with super quick yet balanced and delicious meals. […]

What I Ate Today (Low FODMAP Edition, Simple Real Food)

Hi guys! It’s time to share another What I Ate Today video. I haven’t filmed one for ages! Some of you asked for a Low FODMAP edition, so here it is! This was really just a relaxed Saturday where I didn’t feel like spending too much time cooking, so we ate some super simple, yet […]

Real Life What I Ate Today (Including Chicken and Mushroom Risotto) + Hiking in Garachico

Here’s another What I Ate Today video! It’s a little random because we generally don’t eat this much meat, but we were given some sausages to try for free in addition to what we already had (and I thought it was a good opportunity to reintroduce pork again), so this was a day of stocking […]