Hiking 16km and Feeling Great! (Farewell to Hashimoto’s)

Yesterday was a very special Sunday for me. Not only did we have a beautiful day walking up in the mountains, but I also had a clear proof that my health has finally turned a corner. Feeling over the moon, I thought it would be a shame not to share some photos from the hike […]

Health Update: Detective Skills, Uncovering Food Sensitivities, Thought Process

I’m back for good, my beautiful friends. Electricity supply is restored. Life is back to normal, which means I can get back to making videos and writing blog posts again. Time to continue my detective work on food sensitivities. I did one final experiment with gluten and dairy recently and I owe you an explanation. […]

A Crazy Corruption Story, Two Months Without Electricity + DIY Fridge Tour

  I thought it was time to record a new video. A little uIt’s been two months! The electricity hasn’t come back, but I simply can’t wait any longer. I don’t want you, guys, to forget me completely, so here I am! Brace yourselves for the reality of living without electricity in the 21st century. […]

Two Weeks Without Electricity + Hiking To A Secluded Beach

  We’re still living without electricity, and I’m dying to give you all an update. I know this is not what I would usually write, but, not being able to use the computer at home and paying a fortune to the local Internet cafes, I’ll try to at least share the last week or so […]

Where Have I Been? + 10 Lessons We Learnt Buying Our First Home

My dear readers, I would like to apologize for my absence in the last 6 weeks. So many things happened, I’ve learned so much, had some amazing experiences, and, trust me, I missed writing to you desperately. I think I owe you an explanation here – the truth is, my husband and I purchased our first home together. It was such a special moment for us, but of course it meant a lot of work and hours spent making things happen.