Miracle Morning Changed My Life – Day 60 Results (Tweaking It To Keep It Fresh)

The Miracle Morning keeps changing my life. I still see so many things to improve, but I understand that progress doesn’t happen overnight. As long as I keep moving in the right direction, no matter how slow, I’ll keep going. So overall I’m still enjoying The Miracle Morning a lot, but I also must constantly […]

My Experience with Law of Attraction – Five Powerful Examples of Law of Attraction

Even though I wasn’t even aware of the term “Law of Attraction” at the beginning of my life, I always instinctively felt that it existed and I used it to achieve what I wanted in my life. At some point, I lost that belief in myself and in the law of attraction, and that’s what […]

The Miracle Morning Changed My Life – Day 30 Results (Beyond My Wildest Dreams)

Nearly a month ago I boldly claimed that The Miracle Morning changed my life after just 7 days. Today is Day 31 of The Miracle Morning challenge and I’m still going to say the same. It’s been a truly life-changing experience so far: from growing my channel and feeling happier and happier to improving my […]

Awakening The Giant Within Myself Despite More Than 3 Weeks Without Power

Today, I feel happy. We’re still living without power. Nothing has changed. We don’t have any more reasons for happiness than a few weeks ago. But something in my mind has changed profoundly. I’m simply content. Negative thoughts are almost non-existent and if they try to raise their head, I simply banish them. It even […]

How To Be More Positive And Make Things Happen

Just three short years ago, if I had to pick one word to describe myself, it would have been “inadequate”. Whenever I spoke to my parents, I felt inadequate. I was letting everyone down. Or so I thought. It took me a while to understand that I was simply doing what was best for me […]

Make This Year, Your Year: What’s Your Life’s Design?

Most people wander around their life aimlessly without a certain design for their life. So it’s no wonder that they don’t get anywhere. Try this little exercise to relieve anxiety, self-doubt or destructive thoughts. It’s kind of like meditation, but better! And it will bring you closer to your dreams!