My Organic Hair Care Routine + 10 Rules For Curly/Wavy Hair

I’ve already written extensively about my current skincare routine and shower/hygiene routine, so now it’s time for the hair care routine! Most of the things I’m going to mention have been in my life for quite a while now, so I can recommend them confidently. I like combining natural organic products and DIY concoctions for the best results and the most content wallet. I don’t use anything expensive or difficult to find worldwide, so you can totally replicate my routine. This blogpost is for you if you have curly or wavy hair, you’re conscious about using chemical products, your scalp is driving you to despair or you simply want to grow longer and thicker hair. If you have questions about my routine or want to know more about anything, just ask me a question in the comments. Enjoy!

My Husband and I Try Henna For the First Time – Attempting a Review

My husband and I try henna for the first time together. And attempt a review! Watch to see our first impressions, and have a little laugh.