Is Folic Acid Causing Your Acne? + Why So Many Americans Are Gluten Intolerant

Hi guys! This video is all about folic acid, methylfolate, MTHFR mutation, and all of my experiments with folic acid containing supplements. I’ve been trying to find a multivitamin or B complex that wouldn’t break me out or wouldn’t give me anxiety, but it took me two years to find out why none of them […]

Why I’m Eating Gluten Again – Gluten Intolerance vs. FODMAP Malabsorption (MUST WATCH!)

If you think you’re gluten intolerant, I really want you to watch this video. Is gluten really the culprit? Or has it been conveniently turned into a culprit, so that companies can make money from gluten-free junk food? This video is seriously a must watch for anyone with Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity. All of this […]

Chatty Update: The Real Cause Of My Acne (Gluten, Fructose, Casein Intolerance)

I’ve got very serious about sorting out my health (including my blood sugar) once and for all in the last month, which means I went on a couple of elimination diets. I wanted to see why on some days I feel great and on others I struggle to get up and do things. My energy […]