How I Balance a Dual Vata-Pitta Constitution – Practical Ayurveda

Dealing with a dual nature isn’t easy, especially when they are two very different (almost opposite) constitutions: Vata and Pitta. A few years ago, when I was still in the grips of diets and fearful of certain foods, I discovered Ayurveda and read tons of books looking for answers. It helped me learn how to […]

Top 9 Adaptogenic Herbs for Stress Relief – Adrenal Series #5

Adaptogenic herbs can be extremely helpful for enhancing stress resistance, strengthening adrenal glands, and reducing anxiety. They bring the body back to balance and essentially work as thermostats, intuitively sensing what it is that the body needs more of. I’m fascinated by herbs, especially adaptogens, so I’m super excited to share this information with you […]

iHerb, ASOS, and Amazon Haul (Jewellery, Ayurvedic Products, Mineral Spray, Feminine Hygiene)

I’ve recently got a few super interesting items from iHerb, Amazon, and Asos: from jewelry and feminine hygiene to super cool Ayurvedic products, I couldn’t be any more excited about each of them. Hope you enjoy the video! Thanks so much for watching! Simply yours, Vita xx

How To Get Rid of Acne – Lifestyle & Mindset Tips Based on Ayurveda Wisdom

This is Part 3 of How To Get Rid of Acne series and in this one I talk about lifestyle and mindset tips that will help you clear your skin. If we look at it from the Ayurvedic perspective, acne is usually a disbalance of Vata and Pitta doshas, thanks to our stressful, unstable lifestyle, […]

30-Day No Raw Salad Challenge (Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine)

For the last three years, I’ve been methodically isolating things I’ve changed since adopting a “healthy lifestyle” and eliminating them for 30 days just to see what it was that sent my body into a spiral of bad health. This time I’m eliminating raw salads and big raw dishes for 30 days. I still eat […]

April/Spring Favorites (Miraculous Cleaning Hack, Ayurvedic Soap, Unflavoured Toothpaste)

Time for my Spring Favorites! It’s quite an interesting mix this time, with a miracle cleaning product, camera, toothpaste, Ayurvedic soap, etc. Really hope you enjoy this video! How is your spring going so far? I don’t know how about where you are, but our weather is still not very different from the normal winter […]

5 Best Books About Ayurveda: Getting To Know Your Constitution and Cookbooks

After I uploaded my last What I Ate Today video with the first glimpse of my Ayurvedic, Vata-pacifying diet, a viewer asked if I could recommend any books about Ayurveda and also any inspirational or self-improvement books. I wrote about the books that made the biggest impact on my life in the past. Today, it’s […]

5 Ways To Eat Porridge and Never Get Bored Again (5 Easy Breakfast Recipes) + A Little White Update!

Today, we’re going to talk about the best breakfast in the world: porridge! It’s a true nutritional powerhouse, it tastes delicious, keeps you full for hours, gives you steady energy, balances blood sugar, helps clear your skin… I could go on forever. However, if you eat the same thing every single day, it can get […]

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Ayurvedic Ghee Butter + Make Ghee at Home

Ghee butter (or Ayurvedic clarified butter) has been around for thousands of years and is a true staple in the ancient Ayurveda texts. It is in almost every single remedy. Even Weston A. Price understood its value when he was administering high-vitamin butter oil to his patients with tooth decay. Guess what that butter oil […]

Rethinking the Paleo Diet, Magnesium Deficiency and Why Being Fanatical Isn’t Good

A heart-to-heart about my recent doubts, thoughts and just generally opening up. I hope you’ll not be disappointed!