Surprising Blood Test Results (And You’re Probably Deficient In It, Too)

Surprising Blood Test Results (And You Might Be Deficient In It, Too)

Last week, I received the results of my first blood test in 3 years, and all I can say is this: it was probably the most ground-breaking day since the day I was born. Am I exaggerating? I don’t think so.

My mum says I’m weird because I was hoping for bad results, but I truly was. How can finding out that you have a deficiency be a dream come true? 🙂 Apparently, it can. Knowing that something is wrong with you, but not being able to find the real cause is frustrating and, frankly, mentally painful. Knowing that something is wrong with you, but also knowing exactly what it is, so you can fix it is an opportunity, and I’m all for opportunities.

After hours and hours of research, I concluded that I must be Vitamin D deficient. Even though it didn’t make sense because I lived in a sunny subtropical island, it had to be that or… I was going to start believing that it’s all in my head. Either that or I was crazy. How is that possible that no matter what I was doing, my body wasn’t responding the way it should have? How could it be that I ate tons more fresh produce than a statistical person, yet I was possibly more unhealthy and tired than that same statistical person? There had to be an explanation.

And I found it! Watch this video to find out what my blood tests finally told me and make sure you get yourself tested as well. Living in a sunny climate doesn’t protect you, especially if you use sunscreen.

Everything apart from vitamin D was within the limits. I’m going to share with you the actual numbers. See how much I trust you? 🙂 And sorry about the foreign language, but all of the terms are international, so I’m sure you can work them out.


Even though they are within limits, I’m not happy with the blood sugar, total cholesterol, and LDL levels. Luckily, the HDL is high, so there is nothing too dangerous, but the results obviously show some kind of inflammatory processes going on – cholesterol repairs any kind of damage and is increased when there is inflammation.


Apparently, vitamin D is also closely related to increased cholesterol and increased blood sugar. The blood sugar spikes themselves can also cause inflammation in the body. In other words, I need to raise my vitamin D levels and I need to normalize my blood sugar quick.

I’ve known for a while about my blood sugar problem and I thought I had it under control for a while, but it has been slowly creeping up again, so it’s time to start dealing with it properly. It’s not OK to have blood sugars like that and I WILL change that. Watch this space!

Have you ever had a vitamin D blood test? Have you been diagnosed as vitamin D deficient? How did you raise it up? I’d love to hear from you.

In the future, I’ll be making lots of blog posts and videos about Vitamin D (and about blood sugar). It’s the most life-changing thing that ever happened to me, so of course I’ll do all that I can to make sure as many people as possible are enlightened about it. If you want to help me in this mission, share my posts with your loved ones and the pharmaceutical industry will lose lots of its profits. I’m not even joking.

By the way, just an initial update: I’ve been taking vitamin D3 for a few days now and I feel phenomenal. Can’t wait to share with you so much more later!

Lots of love,

Vita xx

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  1. I still have to have it done, I’ll probably do it on September (when I always do all my doctors visits). My blood sugar and cholesterol levels have always been really low (unacceptable most of the time) but still, I may be deficient in Vitamin D since I rarely expose to sun without sunscreen.


    P.S.: We have already cooked all the leftover beetroot burgers mass and my dad is converted, too. We’ve also been making the cumin rice these past days. So good.

    • Hi Gina, really curious to know what your blood test till show. Hopefully, your vitamin D is fine or close to fine. Yay, I’m so glad your family has been converted to meatless burgers. 🙂 xx

  2. I found out a couple of years ago – totally by accident – that I was seriously deficient in vitamin D. I think my level was something like 17 or so? WAY low. My doctor didn’t care – I fired her after that visit for multiple reasons – but it answered a TON of questions for me. Once I supplemented, I had a huge burst of energy and all of the weird symptoms I had been dealing with for so long dissipated. I still supplement, and it’s made such a huge difference! Glad you got your answers! (We have the same take on the medical profession, but that doesn’t surprise me. 🙂 )

    • Hello Cricket, I love the phrase “fire the doctor” because it puts the control back in our hands. it’s awesome! I’m so happy that good vitamin D levels have been such a great help. I’ve so far seen lots of good changes as well, but I’m trying a few new things at the same time, so it’s difficult to say what’s contributing the most. xx

  3. Hi Vita, I’m new to your blog but have watched a couple videos and enjoy them a lot. I know what it’s like to struggle with health issues so I hope you are feeling better. One thing I want to mention is that I also used to take vitamin D in supplement form, however, I discovered that by doing so, it depletes magnesium in the body. And without magnesium our bodies can’t synthesize hormone D. So while you may get a lot of sunshine, you still need magnesium in order to boost your D levels. It doesn’t look like your blood test included the active D test 1,25(OH)2, only the stored D 25(OH)D – both are needed to get an accurate idea of how your body is using vitamin D – in addition to a Magnesium RBC (red blood cell) test. The quickest way to boost magnesium levels is using a transdermal lotion or spray, foot baths, and supplements do work as well. The Magnesium Advocacy Group on facebook has a lot of helpful info on this topic if you’re interested. Wishing you good health. 🙂

    • Hi Liz, welcome to my blog! And so sorry for such a late reply. It’s such a coincidence because I’ve just finished reading Magnesium Miracle by Carolyn Dean. It was eye opening! I always knew I was prone to magnesium deficiency, but now I realize that I was making it worse with lots of calcium in my diet, Paleo diet, high dose vitamin D, and lots of sun, sweating, hiking. I’ve doubled my magnesium intake and let’s see how that goes. Wow, what a coincidence! Thanks so much for your valuable insight! xx

      • AnnieBananie says

        Hello Vita 🙂
        I need to go gluten-free because I actually felt my thyroid swelling one night after a day of heavy baked goods (despite being made with Jovial ancient grain wheat flour). I have never felt that before, like swelling and tightness right at my thyroid. Yikes! Anyway, what would you recommend instead of Paleo? I think I do fine with wild rice, I love veggies and stewed fruit, and animal protein of all kind (in small amounts, not every meal).
        Thank you! I love your blog! Oh, and I am going to try and hunt down that Aleppo soap you use… skin has been through bad acne and has major healing to do. Still congested and has much scarring of all kinds. Do you still love the soap and find it is healing for acne? I need something for acne prone, sensitive, scarred skin that clogs easily. I would love to hear your suggestions =)

        • Hi Annie, yes, I can totally relate. My thyroid also reacts to foods like that, but I’ve just been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, which explains a lot. The gluten molecules are very similar to the thyroid molecules, and if you’re sensitive to gluten, once you ingest it, the body will start attacking the gluten AND the thyroid at the same time. Yikes! So glad you’re enjoying my blog! I still think the soap is great, but I haven’t used the soap at all lately. Pretty much everything I use these days is just water and my oils, nothing else. I think soap is great for those that don’t feel that water and a muslin cloth alone are cleansing enough. xx

  4. Awesome Post Vita, And i am totally agree with you. I never hear about vitamin D blood test, it’s really Surprising for me and also most of people. Many people facing vitamin D problem but they not aware about these type of blood test, so this innovative article for these type of people.

  5. Great Post !

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