Shaking Off Orthorexia by Relaxing My Relationship with Food

Shaking off Orthorexia - Relaxing My Relationshp with Food |

Lately, I’ve been focusing on relaxing my relationship with food. I’ve started eating sourdough bread again and I’ve made huge gains since the orthorexia-like grips of the Paleo diet, but I still felt that my attitude to food needed some more work. I needed to stop labelling foods as inherently good or bad. I also had to stop being afraid of occasionally eating foods that would normally be on my “bad foods” list.

This entire process culminated when we went on a mini-holiday 10 days ago and I promised to myself that I would eat whatever my heart desired and I would not stress about it. No more visualizing my skin breaking out the next day. No more depression and low energy for a week after. No more negative thoughts related to food.

A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

I truly believe that our minds are much more powerful than we think and they are capable of either making food good for our body or making it an enemy. If we eat foods with fear imagining all kinds of sad consequences, we pre-programme our experience. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It was time for me to stop obsessing about foods and about how they made me feel. Of course, I still eat and will always eat real, unprocessed foods. Yet, I must be able to eat freely when I’m travelling and want to fully immerse myself in the place’s culture and food. Or when I simply want to grab my husband and take him out for dinner without worrying about what’s going to happen to me (these kind of thoughts really kill any kind of romance, you know?). Having to interrogate the poor waiters with a hundred questions and often still ending up feeling bad isn’t my definition of a perfect date night.

Have I Lost the Feeling of Living Free and with Joy?

It’s easy to lose enjoyment of life with so many restrictions. I just feel that life should be taken much less seriously than I had done for a long while. There should be more fun. More spontaneity. More child-like joy.

After all, my blog is about me living free, so that’s what I should be doing. Instead of coming up with more and more restrictions, I should find ways to free myself from them.

A Promise to Myself

I’ve finally started meditating, visualizing, and journaling, which all have given me clarity of mind. One of the first things I understood was this:

I’m determined to set myself free from food fears, restrictions, and reactions, from constant obsession with the way I feel, and from reading health and diet books.

No more! I’ve decided to spend my time and energy on self-development instead and I’m starting it with The Miracle Morning and Think and Grow Rich .

Baby Steps To Freedom

Yesterday, I made pasta with meatballs. No, not gluten-free pasta. An actual organic durum wheat pasta. And I felt perfectly fine. Before I started eating it, I said to myself that it was going to nourish my body and that it was perfectly safe. I felt immense gratitude for that meal, and it worked!

Our thoughts are energy. Our bodies are energy, too. It’s logical to think that our negative thoughts and fears would be able to affect our bodies.

Therefore, from now on I choose positive thoughts and an open mind.

No more fears. No more limitations. No more obsessions that don’t improve me or my life in any way.

So these are my thoughts of the day. For some reason, I felt so driven to sit down and type out these thoughts today (must be the Miracle Morning). Some things just can’t be expressed well on a video, so I really need to start writing here again.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

Simply yours,

Vita xx

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  1. Wow. I suffered from this last year and didn’t know it had a name! I have been vegetarian for a few years now and went vegan practically overnight from Sep 2015-Sep 2016. What I thought were healthy choices (let’s not open the can of proverbial worms on meat vs no-meat!) actually gave me OCD behavior every time I got hungry. I might have kept a cool, brave face with friends and family, but inside I was consumed with removing every.single.trace of animal products from my meals. I would look at menus before dining, ask a ton of questions, and still feel guilty if my meals weren’t perfectly vegan. I knew I had a problem, I just didn’t know it was orthorexia. I knew the breaking point was this past September when I kept having dreams about milk and eggs. OMG! Milk and eggs! I confided in a Chinese co-worker and she said my body was trying to tell me I was deficient in nutrients- that’s why I kept having these dreams. She practices Chinese medicine and I am grateful for her advise because Western culture usually writes off alternative views. Anyway, just wanted to share my experience and thank you for sharing yours 🙂

  2. Oh I am so guilty of obsession with health, diet and solutions. Looking for my miracle and never knowing I hold the power within me. I am so very weak and do not believe that I do. My head is filled with doubt and of course old school thinking; we are helpless and need someone to show us and teach us what we have failed to do for our selves. Why the doctor in our lives has been sat on a pedestal. Why we seem to ask others, what they do for a living, so we can judge their ability to entertain us or provide for us some benefit we have predetermined through importance and ability. Never wanting to be controlled by another, I have sought out and ran to so much through those diet and health books. To be free, is something I so desperately want, no need in my life. I do believe so many of us have been strapped with something that detours us from our potential and mine is my health and weight. Which go hand and hand. Others may have a shopping problem, or a drinking issue. To find the root of these issues is to truly find freedom and growth within ones self.
    I love looking in on your journey and hope through these sharing moments I too will get to where I need to evolve.

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