Real Life What I Ate Today (Including Chicken and Mushroom Risotto) + Hiking in Garachico

Here’s another What I Ate Today video! It’s a little random because we generally don’t eat this much meat, but we were given some sausages to try for free in addition to what we already had (and I thought it was a good opportunity to reintroduce pork again), so this was a day of stocking up on protein.

These particular sausages are from the farmer’s market and they are fully pastured, plus they are a local Canarian breed called “cochino negro”, which is very highly regarded in the whole Spain. Of course I couldn’t say no to the farmer, especially when he took a handful and placed them under my nose to prove that they were amazing quality. Trust me, it wasn’t difficult to convince me because they smelled amazing!

I still don’t eat processed meat and try to avoid any grain-fed animal protein. It definitely pays off as it makes me feel so much better and strangely it fills me up and satisfies me more.

I like variety in my diet and I think it’s important to show you what I really eat on any given day, not just perfectly staged manicured meals. Frankly, who has time for that? As long as it’s homemade food made with great quality raw materials, even if it’s very simple, I’m pretty happy with that!

On another note, on Saturday, we went hiking in the mountains above Garachico and I couldn’t help but film our day. The views were so gorgeous! We ended up hiking up steep mountains and walking endlessly for 7 hours, and guess what? I was perfectly strong and I didn’t have even a tiny soreness of muscles that evening or the next day. In fact, my hubby was completely “hecho polvo” (Spanish saying for exhausted), but I was energised! I’m so grateful for this healing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Here’s the video of our day if you’d like to watch:

Hope you enjoy the videos!

Simply yours,
Vita xx

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  1. I would be very interested to know how you make your sauerkraut. I purchase mine at the health food store, but it very expensive. Do you think you might share your recipe?


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