How To Raise Low Estrogen Levels Naturally

I have experienced both estrogen dominance and low estrogen levels during my healing journey, and while I covered high estrogen dominance in the Hormonal Balance Series, I completely overlooked the other side of things.

The truth is that so many of you are dealing with it as well, so in today’s video I’d like to share with you

  • all the different ways you can raise estrogen levels naturally
  • what low estrogen symptoms feel like
  • its causes
  • my personal experience with it
  • and what worked for me, etc.

Hope you find this information helpful! And if you know anyone who needs help with their estrogen levels, please share this video with them! Thanks so much for watching!

Simply yours,
Vita xx

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a licensed practitioner. My videos aren’t here to give medical advice, treat, cure or diagnose. All I do is share everything I learn during my own healing and self-improvement journey. Please do your own research before trying anything, talk to your health practitioner, especially if you take medications or are pregnant, and remember to always make well informed decisions because knowledge is power.

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