Plant a Patio Garden with Me – Starting from Herbs in Pots and Containers

I don’t have a proper garden with soil but I do have a little terrace and some pots and containers, so it’s time for me to start a little patio garden again. This time I’m planting all the herbs I’ll ever need for cooking, plus a couple of ornamental plants. Not only is growing your own herbs in pots fun and looks beautiful, but it saves you money in the long term as well. I don’t know how about where you live, but here you can only buy big bunches of herbs and you can’t really buy more than 2 or 3 different kinds because then you’ll just end up throwing them away. So having my own herbs gives me an incredible variety of fresh herbs to use for cooking.

Gardening is also the greatest stress buster. It’s so relaxing!

Hope you enjoy the video! Thanks for watching.

Simply yours,
Vita xx

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