How I Budget with EveryDollar App + I’ll Show You My Personal December Budget!

Making a budget with the EveryDollar app every month and sticking to it has literally transformed our life and secured our financial feature. It’s also brought us peace knowing that our income and expenses are taken care of.

With this video, I’m hoping to inspire you to start budgeting and to stick with it because trust me, the future will be so much brighter when you tell your money where to go in advance.

If you’d like to jump to a particular topic, just fast forward to the following minutes:

  • 00:45 Our main financial goal at the moment
  • 01:15 Our main financial principles
  • 03:13 How I got EveryDollar app even though I’m in Europe
  • 03:52 The reality of being self-employed
  • 04:31 December income
  • 05:12 Savings
  • 06:46 Housing
  • 08:47 Transportation
  • 09:58 Food
  • 10:55 Lifestyle
  • 15:44 Insurance & Tax
  • 16:29 Debt
  • 16:51 Self-employment costs and taxes

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Thank you so much for watching! I hope you find this video helpful, and if you’re already budgeting, how do you do it? Do you use any app or just an Excel spreadsheet? If you haven’t started yet, what negative beliefs are holding you back? Let me know in the comments!

Simply yours,
Vita xx

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