Natural Birth Control Method I Use – Fertility Awareness Method – Prevent Pregnancy Naturally

Natural Birth Control Method I Use - Fertility Awareness Method - Prevent Pregnancy Naturally

This is Part 3 of the Birth Control Series and in today’s video I’m sharing with you the natural birth control method that convinced me to get off the birth control pill 4 years ago. It’s free, safe, and extremely reliable. It has kept me pregnancy-free for the last four years.

All you need to make this birth control method work is communication with your partner and a little bit of discipline. And you know what they say? That when you know you can’t get something, you want it even more! 🙂 This method is surely great for keeping that fire burning in any long-term relationship.

The Natural Fertility Awareness Method is based on three different parts:

  1. Tracking your Basal Body Temperature (your waking temperature before you get out of bed) – this will tell you exactly when your ovulation has taken place and when it’s safe to make love between the ovulation and your next period.
  2. Using formulas from the Rhythm Method to calculate safe days between your period and the ovulation.
  3. Monitoring your cervical mucus – this works like an ultimate safeguard to make sure that your formulas and body temperature charts are on track.

Watch the video to find out more about this natural birth control method:

Any questions, let me know! And if you find this video helpful, I’d really appreciate it if you shared it with your girlfriends, family members, or wives. There isn’t enough awareness about natural birth control methods and I really need your help spreading the word. Thank you!

Make sure you read the book I mentioned in the video before trying this method or any other more modern book on this topic. You really need to understand the method thoroughly before starting because birth control is no joke: Getting pregnant when you aren’t ready can completely turn your life upside down.

Here’s a free blank fertility chart that you can use to track your temperatures and cervical mucus.

If you’ve missed the previous parts of the Birth Control Series, in Part 1 I talked about all the reasons why hormonal birth control pills are evil and then in Part 2 I talked about my experience with taking the Pill for 10 years.

And please remember that I’m not a doctor. I’m simply another human being like you who is sharing her learnings, so do your own research and be responsible with your choices. Above all, please respect your body.

Simply yours,
Vita xx

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