Kitten Mikey Has Gone To Heaven, But Life Goes On In Unexpected Ways

My Kitten Has Died But Life Continues

There is always sunshine after every single storm. Just wait it out with a heart wide open. Mikey went to heaven 10 days ago and it was the most difficult time in our lives. Not only did we have to accept our defeat in trying to cure him, but we also had to deal with the guilt.

Putting a beloved pet to sleep is never easy, but it was the most loving and humane thing we could do for Mikey. He didn’t stand a chance and he would have suffered so much more.

On a more positive note, God always has a plan. Watch this video until the end to find out what kind of plan he had for us.

I promise it’s not all gloom and doom. Life is truly beautiful, even through the tears.

Love you all lots! Thanks so much for all the support and love you’ve been sending Mikey’s way. We appreciated it more than you know.

If you didn’t see the original video about Mikey’s story, here it is.

Lots of love,

Vita xx

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  1. i almost cried. {{{Hugs}}}

  2. I was really touched by your story… but I think you were very lucky to get to know him and he was very lucky to spend his two last months of life in your loving hands. He couldn’t have asked for better family to take care of him, nurture and love him, I’m sure.

    I hope you find a good family for the kittens. They’re the cutest little furry babies.

    And yes, God always has a plan. Almost two years ago I went through the most harsh experience of my live and not only survived, but I became a new person. Since then, I’ve met the most beautiful, wise, enlightened people and I’ve learned more in two years that in 21 years of previous life. Everything happens for a reason and I’m grateful equally for the good and the bad things, specially the one that happened to me on 15-08-2013 (which was horrible). You have to experience the dark before you light. I was reborn and now I feel alive and connected to myself and to the Universe every single day. I love life, no matter how hard can be sometimes.

    All my love and best wishes to you! Big hug.

    • Hi Gina, thanks so much for your words. it’s incredible how much support from all over the world Mikey has received and we have done as well. Thanks for that! I’m glad to hear that you have managed to see a positive side of the negative event in your life. I really believe that if you don’t experience the dark, you’ll never be able to see the real light. Love and best wishes for you, too! xx

  3. After reading your story I am really not feeling good and my eyes are wet. I have one cat and now I think that I should going to be more caring for her.

  4. Heart touching !

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