First Impressions: Kefir Hair Mask on Itchy Scalp and Curly Hair + Face Mask?

I’ve been on such a natural DIY kick lately. I am inspired to ditch the last remaining hair care products and to truly go DIY again. I’ve been having a little itchiness in my scalp, which I think is caused by one of the ingredients in my conditioner and styling gel. But as I’m not totally sure yet, it’s still an early testing stage, I’ll keep the guesses to myself for now.

Anyhow, I woke up with a really itchy scalp yesterday, and I decided I was going to give it some extra love. Then something popped to my mind: a wonderful viewer of mine mentioned the kefir hair mask a couple of weeks ago. My mum used to always talk about it, too. Apparently, that’s what girls used in the days of her youth to achieve glossy hair. She keeps mentioning eggs, too. So guess what’s going to be the main ingredient in one of my future DIY’s?

The older I get, the more convinced I get that mums are always right. Except from a few insignificant instances when they are not .

I did a little research and realized that the kefir hair mask is one of the best natural remedies for itchy scalp. It’s also great for curly hair. Perfect! So I opened my fridge and grabbed the dairy champagne, aka kefir.

I even slathered it on my face for a double pampering session!

Intrigued? Watch the video to find out what went through my head before, during, and after the experiment.

Have you tried kefir in your beauty routine? What are your favourite ways to use it?

Lots of love,

Vita xx

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  1. Hi Vita, excellent blog! I really love your posts about your skincare routine:) your skin looks really lovely now! Seaweed is also an excellent natural shampoo and conditioner if you want to try 😉

    • Hi Ami! Thanks so much! Wow, never heard of seaweed being used like that. How do you use it? Soak it and then blend it? xx

      • Vita, my skin is very sensitive so i had only tried the powder seaweed. It just grounded seaweed then i mixed with water. I bought it from the website wawaza it left hair so silky and smooth! You won’t need any additional conditioner 🙂 i only used it twice a week and risen with water on the other days. So it pretty cost effective. I’m sure it will be the same if you boil seaweed and use that water to wash. I havnt try that yet. If you try let me know! Otherwise wawaza website is very informative and their products and customer service is one of the best out there! I can say that bc i shop alot lol i had been on the same journey as yours while trying to save my skin! Btw i tried your soapnut recipes, it really good but i still need additional conditioner that when i decided to try seaweed. Keep up the good work! Sorry for the long post -.-‘

        • Wow, that’s a very interesting idea. In fact, now that I think of it, a lot of natural shampoos contain seaweed. I might try to boil some soon. Thanks for the recommendation regarding! xx

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