Health Update: Detective Skills, Uncovering Food Sensitivities, Thought Process

Health Update, Uncovering Foor Sentitivities, Thought Process

I’m back for good, my beautiful friends. Electricity supply is restored. Life is back to normal, which means I can get back to making videos and writing blog posts again. Time to continue my detective work on food sensitivities.

I did one final experiment with gluten and dairy recently and I owe you an explanation. Around Christmas, as I was taking digestive enzymes and thought that my digestion was stronger, I decided to reintroduce gluten, in the form of spelt and see if I was still sensitive to gluten. Bad mistake! As the weeks passed, I found all of the issues coming back, such as blotchy skin, acne, fatigue, bloating, stomach cramps, depressions, and finally peeling nails. I don’t think I need any more proof – gluten is extremely evil for me.

Am I casein intolerant?

I also came back to the conclusion that I have food sensitivity to casein. 50% of Celiac disease or gluten intolerance sufferers are dairy intolerant, so I have a pretty high chance. As my blood tests were inconclusive and I have no way to do an endoscopy, I prefer to treat myself as a celiac. My sister has it, I have the genes, I was a very sick child, gluten nearly killed me again now that I reintroduced it for 4 weeks – that’s enough proof, right?

Now, how did I come to the conclusion that I’m sensitive to casein as well? Just after Christmas, I started buying raw goat and sheep milk from a local farm because I wanted to see if it would help heal my gut. Raw milk is amazing for sealing the gut and re-establishing the gut flora. Of course, only if you don’t have lactose, casein or any other dairy intolerance or allergy.

Or is it my fructose malabsorption (thanks to Christmas indulgences)?

When I started drinking the milk, I felt amazing for the first couple of days, but then I ran into troubles. I developed a sort of chest infection, which wasn’t really an infection, but I had so much mucus in my chest and I had an annoying, wet cough. My first thought was that it was due to the milk, but thinking about it a little more, it could have also been the extra fructose I was getting during that time. It was around Christmas and we had friends staying over, so I had more fruit and especially more dates and dried figs than ever. They are real fructose bombs and eventually I had to run into troubles knowing how sensitive I am to fructose.

So what’s the point where my thoughts are at right now? I think it was gluten and fructose all along. I thought fruit was alright because I was eating mostly bananas, melons, and berries for the last few months, which are OK for a fructose malabsorber (up to a certain amount of course). But as soon as I added dried fruit, I started experiencing issues.

My final confirmation came a few days ago when I was already off dairy for more than a week and off gluten for 3 weeks, so I was supposed to be feeling much better. I ate half an apple and one pear in one day and I felt absolutely awful. At that point, I hadn’t eaten apples or pears for many months and I had forgotten what they always did to me. They have much more fructose than glucose in them, which is impossible to absorb and causes havoc to someone like me who has fructose malabsorption.

So now I’m off all the fruit, apart from one banana in the morning on most days and an occasional date in my gluten-free cookies (I’ll be sharing the recipe with you soon). I feel great again. I even felt brave enough to eat some raw mature goat cheese again yesterday and I was absolutely fine. No rumbling, no bloating, no headache, no acne. It went down perfectly.

So what’s the verdict? It was fructose and gluten all along.

I must face the truth: gluten needs to go, for ever (or at least for a long time). This isn’t a joke. I must find the motivation within me to stick to a gluten free diet patiently long-term if I want to experience true healing.

I recorded the video below a few days ago when I was still convinced that dairy was bad for me. I’m not so sure about my sensitivity to dairy yet (more experiments will follow), but I do know for sure that fructose is a massive issue. I guess you can just see how my thought process works and what the natural progression works in this video. I will eventually get down to every single root cause. Just stay with me.

Uncovering food sensitivities and healing isn’t an easy or quick road, I know. I’m just so desperate to feel healthy. I’m sure those of you with autoimmune issues can relate to the need to just feel normal, like everyone else. If you are going through something similar, I’m sending you hugs and I’m always here if you need to talk.

Goodbye gluten and excess fructose! We had a good time together, but you aren’t good enough for me. 🙂

Do you use any tricks to help motivate yourself to stay off gluten and excess fruit? If you do, I’d love to hear from you.

Lots of love,

Vita xx

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