Fructose Malabsorption Practical Survival Guide – Banish Bloat and Keep Digestion Running Smoothly

In this part of the Fructose Malabsorption series (here’s Part 1), I talk about the practical details of living with fructose malabsorption: what to avoid, what is safe, how to make things taste good, what to do if you’ve overdosed on fructose, etc. These are all of the tips that helped me go from constant bloating and indigestion to nearly perfect digestion consistently.

Hope you find this video helpful and interesting. If you know anyone who you suspect has fructose malabsorption, send this video to them. Who knows? You might change their life and become their favorite person for ever.

In the video, I mentioned mastic gum as one of the best and fastest remedies for those moments when you’ve overdone your fructose. This is the one I have and recommend.

I also mentioned this awesome phone app for the most up-to-date food lists. It’s a godsend!

If you’d like to learn how to make sourdough bread at home (because it’s safe for fructose malabsorption), here’s my personal favorite recipe.

Thanks so much for watching!

Simply yours,
Vita xx

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