Is Folic Acid Causing Your Acne? + Why So Many Americans Are Gluten Intolerant

Hi guys! This video is all about folic acid, methylfolate, MTHFR mutation, and all of my experiments with folic acid containing supplements. I’ve been trying to find a multivitamin or B complex that wouldn’t break me out or wouldn’t give me anxiety, but it took me two years to find out why none of them were working.

Folic acid is vile, people! If you have acne, go and check your supplements right now. Replace anything with folic acid for methylfolate and see if it makes a difference. It made a massive difference for me. I’m finally able to take a prenatal multivitamin and a basic B complex with incredible results. Thank goodness!

The two brands I recommend for supplements with methylfolate are Thorne and Pure Encapsulations.

In the US, most flour-based and grain products are fortified with folic acid, which makes it even more important to consume only organic, non-enriched grains and make your own sourdough bread. This is also a very likely reason why so many Americans are gluten intolerant but are able to eat bread without any problems in European countries. That’s because food isn’t enriched with folic acid here (let’s hope it will never change).

I hope this information will be life-changing for you like it was for me. I can’t believe how much better I feel with proper form of folate in my life.

Simply yours,
Vita xx

P.S. I’m not a doctor and this is not medical advice, so please don’t take my words for granted and do your own research. I’m only sharing what has worked or hasn’t worked for me.

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  1. Hello Vita, I stumbled on your link one day and I am so grateful that I did! I have struggled with moderate acne most of my life. I am approaching 60 years of age. I was still getting breakouts thinking this is so unfair to have wrinkles AND pimples! I have since eliminated all products with added B vitamins and have consistently clear skin.
    A cereal product caused a relapse for me. They didn’t list the fortified nutrients in the ingredients. Now I know to check the level of B vitamins listed in the nutritional break down. If high, then I know folic acid was added.
    Once again, thank you for sharing your discovery,

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