Finish Line? – Hashimoto’s Healing Update #7

Finish Line? - Hashimoto's Healing Update #7

Time for another Hashimoto’s Healing Update! It’s been 6 months since the last one I did. In this blog post, I’m going to talk about my current supplement routine, what helped me the most in my journey, what improvements I’ve seen, my experience with Natural Desiccated Thyroid so far, what my eating habits are like, and whether I’m still taking extra copper. Hope you find this helpful!

My Current Supplement Routine

I find that as my health improves, I need progressively less supplements to support my body. I tend to gravitate more towards herbs because they have been extremely helpful in my healing journey.

So here’s what I’m taking at the moment:

  • Vitamin C – I take 1,000mg twice a day and I love this Time Release Vitamin C from Natural Factors.
  • EstroSense from Natural Sources – it has DIM, Calcium-D-Glucarate and a few other ingredients that improve liver function, so it’s a fantastic supplement for estrogen dominance.
  • Dandelion root – it’s amazing for supporting liver, helps flush out excess estrogen, and gets rid of water retention. One of my viewers told me that dandelion root got rid of her period cramps, so I thought I’d try it.
  • Not every day, but if I’ve been exercising a lot or if it’s very hot outside and I’m sweating like crazy, I’ll also take some magnesium malate and potassium chloride powder.
  • I also still love Tulsi (Holy Basil) tea. I take it in the evening most days.

My Experience with Natural Desiccated Thyroid

I took it for around 6 months and it was a huge help, but lately as I’ve been tackling my estrogen dominance, I felt that perhaps I was ready to ditch it. So far I’ve been off it for a week or so and I feel fine, but I won’t know for sure until I do a blood test in a few weeks. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Improvements I’ve Seen in My Health So Far

What stands out the most for me is the quality of my workouts. I’ve seen so much progress: more stamina, more power, more energy after my workouts. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed exercising this much. My lower back doesn’t hurt anymore at all. I don’t lose my breath.

Recovery is also insane. I used to need a few days to recover after exercising, but now by the same afternoon I’m ready to do it again (but of course I don’t because muscle recovery is just as important if not more important than exercise).

Thicker hair – when I put it into a pony tail, it does feel much thicker.

Better sleep – I sleep deeply, wake up rested, and fall asleep easily.

More stable energy – actually, very stable compared to the past because now I’m functional every single day.

My skin on my face, feet, and everywhere feels very soft and nourished.

Much more even and more positive moods – I hardly have any depressive thoughts anymore.

My basal body temperature is in the normal range now.

My periods are much lighter and shorter. Now the last problem I have left is period cramps, but I’m working on it.

I can eat anything I like with no digestion issues at all.

What Has Helped Me the Most So Far

Talking about the most helpful things, I feel I must mention two things: fighting estrogen dominance and getting rid of H. Pylori.

For estrogen dominance, the EstroSense supplement that I mentioned above has been a godsend for me. It’s definitely one of the best things I’ve ever tried in my thyroid healing journey, and it’s possibly the main reason why my thyroid has been working so well recently.

For H, Pylori eradication, I have two heroic supplements: mastic gum and wild oregano oil. I took a course last year and it’s the reason why I’ve been able to eat anything I like in the last 12 months, but unfortunately at that time I was really short of money and I didn’t complete the full course. Slowly, my symptoms started coming back until I realised it was time to do another course, and this time to do it properly. I took 2 capsules of mastic gum for 2 months, and now I’m taking 1 capsule for two more months to make sure H. Pylori stays in control. I also took three courses of two weeks of wild oregano oil. My adrenal issues really calmed down when I started treating H. Pylori once again.

What My Diet Is Like Nowadays

No changes there. I still eat everything. I’m still eating intuitively, listening closely to what my body needs and wants. It’s really hot nowadays, so I don’t eat a lot of meat, mostly just tiny amounts of all natural, local chorizo in soups, pastas, an frittatas to enhance the flavour. I’m eating lots of fruit because it’s so cooling, but I stay away from sour fruit because I don’t like them at all. So I eat mostly sweet fruit like bananas, figs, melons, watermelons, pears, and peaches. I still adore my oatmeal and homemade sourdough bread. I eat lots of beans and lentils (I adore those!).

To sum it up, I eat everything in moderation and it works brilliantly for me.

Am I Still Taking Extra Copper or Liquid Chlorophyll?

So many people have asked me this question recently. No, I’m not taking any extra copper at the moment because it seems that I’ve fixed my copper deficiency and now I just make sure I get plenty of copper from food. But if I ever need it again, I’ll surely turn to my trusted chelated copper and liquid chlorophyll.

Watch the video version of my Hashimoto’s healing update here:

Thanks for watching/reading, and I wish you lots of healing in your own journey!

Simply yours,
Vita xx

Disclaimer: My videos aren’t meant to give medical advice, treat, or diagnose. All I do is share everything I learn during my own healing and self-improvement journey. Please do your own research before trying anything and remember to always make well informed decisions because knowledge is power. This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. I only recommend things that I absolutely love myself and feel certain that you would love them, too. If you shop using my links, you will help keep this blog running. Thank you so much!

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