DIY Haircut: Success (And Why I’ll Probably Never Visit A Hairdresser Again)

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I’ve always loathed going to the hairdresser. Luckily, I have long wavy hair and have always been perfectly fine with a bi-annual trim. Of course, they say one should get the ends trimmed every couple of months to help grow hair faster, but somehow I never found it true. Recently, I read somewhere that it’s another myth. To be honest, my instincts always told me it wasn’t true. That’s why I postponed the trip to the hairdresser as much as I could.

Until I couldn’t stand my hair anymore. Literally.

But a record was made last year when I moved to a foreign country and avoided getting a haircut for 1 WHOLE YEAR. At the beginning, the language barrier was holding me back. Then I didn’t want to waste money. Then I found many more excuses… Until one day I got an idee fixe: I’M GOING TO CUT MY OWN HAIR.

How it all started

I came to it gradually, but the catalyst was definitely the Primal Diet (it changed every single aspect of my life). Once I started eating clean, I wanted to use clean products on my skin and hair, too. Then I started becoming more and more frugal in my household, trying to simplify our life wherever I could.

So, naturally, I didn’t like the idea of paying a visit to the hairdresser. Here’s why:

  • I have no clue how much a haircut could cost these days where I am, but I reckon it would be around 25-30. I think I have a hundred (or maybe even a thousand!) better ways to spend that money.
  • I don’t know how about your hairdresser but mine always insists on washing my hair before cutting. What would her reaction be if I told her not to use shampoo on my hair? I bet she wouldn’t understand. Last time my husband asked to wash his hair with water only, he was talked into using shampoo. I know one occasion wouldn’t do a lot of damage, but it’s more a matter of principle for me. I’ve worked hard to achieve a healthy scalp, and I’m not going to risk it!
  • I really dislike the smell inside hairdressing salons. Am I the only crazy one here? I hate it almost as much as the smell in hospitals or at a dentist’s. Luckily, I never wanted to become a hairdresser!
  • I feel so awkward sitting in that hairdressing chair every time with my hair wet, looking ridiculous, and not knowing where to look. Somehow, I’ve never felt comfortable looking at myself for extended time. So if I’m sat in front of a giant mirror for an hour, where the heck do I look? If I tried to look at the hairdresser, she would complain that I’m not holding my head straight! Where do you guys look? 🙂
  • I guess I’m a bit of a control freak, so not knowing how my hair is going to come out every time is a little stressful for me. If I mess it up myself, at least I’ll know I’ve learned something for the next time.

The DIY haircut experiment begins

So armed with these reasons, I headed to the shops to buy hairdressing scissors for my experiment. Then I spent a couple of hours sorting through various articles and blog posts about DIY haircuts.  Finally, I settled on Paula’s easy five-minute layered haircut. Probably because it was the easiest one out of all, and I thought it would be great for a first timer.

I’ve always gone for a layered haircut without ever really understanding what it meant. I didn’t realize it would mean that there would be much less hair towards the ends. Which means that braids would look very thin. Here’s what I mean:

I love Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) - Bye-Bye Acne, Hello Radiant Skin

DIY haircut: mission accomplished!

So I wasn’t entirely happy with my first DIY haircut. The ends really looked too wispy. I waited for a few months until my hair grew back, and braced myself for trial number two. This time, I decided to go for Feye’s instructions for a DIY haircut. I’ve always gone for the V-shaped trim, but this time I decided to try the U-shaped one, and I’m in love! The whole process took me no more than 5 minutes, and I did it with dry hair.

I think the U-shape looks so flattering on my type of hair, it looks great in a braid, and even better in a pony tail. I’ve no idea why I never got the idea to try the U-shape trim before. It’s brilliant!

Here’s what my DIY haircut looks like from the back.

DIY Haircut Success: Results

And this is my DIY haircut from the front:

DIY Haircut Success: Front View

So if you have long hair, I highly recommend trying this DIY haircut. It’s fun, saves you money and feels great. The sense of achievement was incredible when I was done!

Once my hair needs another trim, I’ll definitely record a video of myself doing it. And for now, I’ll just focus on keeping it healthy.

By the way, if you’re wondering, I’m still in love with the no-poo method, and my hair is getting stronger and healthier every day. If you haven’t tried it yet, read more about it here.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend! And tell me what you think of DIY haircuts? Will you try it yourself?

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  1. I am finding more people coming out and saying they absolutely hate going to the salon. I absolutely loathe it while my mother tells me it is a wonderful experience being pampered. To me it is worse than the dentist office. Thankfully I don’t go anymore. I was sharing my disdain for salons, but that I needed a haircut with my then new boyfriend, and he told me he could cut it for me. I said ok and the next morning I was sitting on a stool in his kitchen wearing a old t-shirt, while he cut my hair. I was a little nervous I admit when I realized I was letting my boyfriend cut my hair. But he said he had given dozens of haircuts to women before, girlfriends and female acquaintances, to include fixing the mess made by salon stylists on a number of occasions, so I felt he must have idea how to cut hair. An inch and a half he cut off, exactly what I requested. After he swept up the clippings, I dashed to the bathroom to inspect his handiwork. He did a great job! He has been the only person I will trust with the shears near my tresses ever since. The price is right, he does exactly what I ask him to do, no hassles of making an appointment, I ask him to give me a haircut and he does. If for any reason he could not cut my hair for me, I know I would be checking out videos and becoming a DIY hair cutter as you have. And being he cuts mine, I watched a few YouTube videos and told him it’s my turn to wield the shears to pay him back for his services. He was brave and let me.

    • Oh my God, you’re so lucky! I should try and teach my hubby to cut my hair, too. I actually had a haircut a couple of weeks ago at a salon, but only because I wanted to have quite a bit trimmed off for the summer, and it was difficult for me to do it by myself. I actually quite enjoyed this trip to the salon because it was super quick (only 10 mins including washing hair) and it only cost me 10 euros. I could get used to it! 🙂 I did try to cut my hubby’s hair last time, and it was really fun. It was quite a good bonding exercise but I did cut his ear a bit and there was lots of blood… I don’t think he’ll let me do it again. 🙂

  2. Ouch, cutting ears is not a good experience. I have not cut my boyfriends’ ears and he has not cut mine. So I guess we are doing pretty well

  3. Wow, great job! Thank you so much for sharing. I used to have one to two haircuts a year in a salon. I now ask my husband to do regular trimmings (he’s great!) but I must say that your haircut looks amazing and I am going to try the U shape in a few months!

    I started detoxing my beauty regiment last year by switching from salon hair colour to an organic mix of cassia, henna and indigo. It took me a while to research and feel comfortable that I would achieve the results that I wanted. It paid off as my hair feels so much better for it after just one year.

    I already use healthier commercial shampoos (no SLS, etc) but I felt I could do better. So I wanted to thank you for the soap nut posts too. I am going to explore this option for washing my hair (and my clothes)! I follow a lot of blogs and had never come across the soap nuts… Thanks a bunch!

    • Hi Elsa, so sorry I’m replying so late. Just got my electricity supply back and I’m catching up on emails. Finally! You’re so lucky that your hubby is able to trim your hair. Mine is so scared to do it wrong that he doesn’t touch my hair. 🙂 Indian herbs are so good for your hair, I agree. Now that I have warm water again, I’ll be getting back to my henna gloss treatments as well. Can’t wait! Hope you’re going to enjoy the soapnuts! Happy New Year! xx

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