I’m Back With Lots of Clarity and Fully Inspired: So Many New Things to Share in 2017!

  After taking some time off for recharging my batteries, lots of contemplation and lots of quality time with my husband and furry friends around Christmas and New Year, I’m ready to come back with lots of videos. I’m so excited to share all of the things I’ve learned recently! And if you’re wondering what […]

Q&A: How I Develop Health Theories, Tips for Starting YouTube or Blog, Ever Too Late to Start Over?

You asked me very interesting questions and I enjoyed answering them A LOT! You asked me whether it’s ever too late to start over again (my hubby and I started over quite late as well so of course not), whether I find it difficult making videos in English, how I find information and develop my […]

Why All These Videos? – New Upload Schedule

In the last three weeks, I’ve completely overhauled my YouTube channel and I really wanted to give you an update on what you can expect on each day during the week. My current schedule is five videos a week! Let’s see where this challenge will take me and thanks for joining me on this journey […]

Our First Trip in 4 Years – Celebrating Our 8th Wedding Anniversary on the Island of La Gomera

After four years with zero travelling while we built our new life in Tenerife, Luca and I finally went on our first mini-trip to the neighbouring island La Gomera for our 8th wedding anniversary. It was heavenly! La Gomera is only 40km away from Tenerife and the ferry only takes one hour, so I’m sure […]

Q&A: Losing Belly Fat, Favourite Books, Stopping Tooth Decay, Why Tenerife, 5 Countries To Visit

I had so much fun filming this video. Hope you guys will enjoy getting to know me a little bit better! If you have questions for the next Q&A, just leave them down in the comments. Things/websites/people I mentioned in the video: • How To Make Magnesium OIl • My favourite magnesium supplement • My […]

Kitten Mikey Has Gone To Heaven, But Life Goes On In Unexpected Ways

There is always sunshine after every single storm. Just wait it out with a heart wide open. Mikey went to heaven 10 days ago and it was the most difficult time in our lives. Not only did we have to accept our defeat in trying to cure him, but we also had to deal with […]

Pharmaceutical Industry Poisoned My Cat + Tips For Natural Flea and Tick Remedies

Hello guys! Long time no see! Can I just say this electricity situation is driving me nuts? I can’t deal with it anymore. It’s been exactly 6 months and we still have at least a few weeks to wait. I’ve posted a new video a couple of days ago and I really wanted to post […]

A Crazy Corruption Story, Two Months Without Electricity + DIY Fridge Tour

  I thought it was time to record a new video. A little uIt’s been two months! The electricity hasn’t come back, but I simply can’t wait any longer. I don’t want you, guys, to forget me completely, so here I am! Brace yourselves for the reality of living without electricity in the 21st century. […]

Two Weeks Without Electricity + Hiking To A Secluded Beach

  We’re still living without electricity, and I’m dying to give you all an update. I know this is not what I would usually write, but, not being able to use the computer at home and paying a fortune to the local Internet cafes, I’ll try to at least share the last week or so […]

Living Without Electricity And How Strangers Help When Friends Don’t

    Yup, this is what my office looks like right now. And no, it’s not glamorous. We’re still living without electricity, and it’s been 10 days now. It’s not as hard as I thought it would be, but it’s freezing washing ourselves with cold water and I hate not being able to work. Both […]