From Luxury Fashion Career to a Simple Island Life: My Story

I live a very simple hermit-like lifestyle on a tiny subtropical island today, but it wasn’t always like this. In my previous life, I was a glamorous Harrods fashion manager. Even though I eventually realised that luxury retail wasn’t a job that truly fulfilled me, I’ll always be grateful to my previous workplace for teaching […]

My Weekly Cleaning Routine + A Mini Tour of My Apartment

So many of you wanted to see my weekly cleaning routine, so here it is! I personally really love watching cleaning routines and I often re-watch the same one over and over again whenever I need some motivation to start cleaning. Hopefully mine will inspire you, too! The video morphed into a little house tour […]

Miracle Morning Changed My Life – Day 60 Results (Tweaking It To Keep It Fresh)

The Miracle Morning keeps changing my life. I still see so many things to improve, but I understand that progress doesn’t happen overnight. As long as I keep moving in the right direction, no matter how slow, I’ll keep going. So overall I’m still enjoying The Miracle Morning a lot, but I also must constantly […]

My Experience with Law of Attraction – Five Powerful Examples of Law of Attraction

Even though I wasn’t even aware of the term “Law of Attraction” at the beginning of my life, I always instinctively felt that it existed and I used it to achieve what I wanted in my life. At some point, I lost that belief in myself and in the law of attraction, and that’s what […]

I’m Not Just Black and White – There’s More To Me Than Labels

No matter how much the society tries to put a label on me or tell me that I’m contradicting myself by wanting to be and do so many seemingly completely opposite things, I refuse to become black and white. There’s much more to us than labels! We don’t have to either be natural or like […]

How To Attract Money (Regardless of Your Current Income)

Sometimes I think it’s kind of ironic how the more people earn, the less money they actually have because appetites grow while eating, right? When you get a better job, you’re tempted to buy more expensive clothes, cars, homes, holidays, etc. until all you’ve got left is the fear to drop out of the rat […]

The Miracle Morning Changed My Life – Day 30 Results (Beyond My Wildest Dreams)

Nearly a month ago I boldly claimed that The Miracle Morning changed my life after just 7 days. Today is Day 31 of The Miracle Morning challenge and I’m still going to say the same. It’s been a truly life-changing experience so far: from growing my channel and feeling happier and happier to improving my […]

Q&A: Giving up Job Security, Living on a Tiny Income, Why I Started YouTube, Tips for UTI’s

Hi guys! You had some questions for me, so I thought I’d answer. The majority of them are about life: quitting a steady job, exchanging security for uncertainty, taking risks, living on less than one income, and of course chasing my dreams! I also briefly talked about some tips for those with chronic urinary tract […]

Miracle Morning Challenge Changed My Life – Day 7 Results (I Challenge You to Try It!)

Today is Day 7 of The Miracle Morning Challenge and it’s one of the best things that have ever happened to me. I’m becoming the best version of myself every single day consistently. My actions are finally in line with the vision I have for my life, and that makes me immensely happy and at […]

Meet My Husband Tag – Just Because It’s Our 8th Wedding Anniversary

I thought I’d share with you this fun tag that my husband and I filmed while we were celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary in the neighbouring island of La Gomera. Hope you enjoy it! Simply yours, Vita xx