Ayurvedic Health and Beauty Haul – Ancient Wisdom for Healthy Hair and Teeth

I’m back with something that’s quite different from what I usually talk about. This is a haul! But not just a simple beauty haul that nearly everyone and their dog does. 🙂 This is an Ayurvedic health and beauty haul!

Troubleshooting the No-Poo Method – How To Make It Work for Any Hair

It’s been almost a year now since I started my experiment with the no-poo method. I’m happier than ever, and my hair is still getting healthier and prettier every day. So I believe it’s the perfect time to share my best tips with you on how to make the no-poo method work for any hair. And yes, that includes yours!

What’s In My Primal Bathroom? – Paleo Hygiene and Beauty

I’ve previously invited you to take a look at my kitchen cabinets and my fridge. Today, I’m going to take you for a little tour of another controversial area – my primal bathroom! It might shock you. It might inspire you. Or it might be simply educational. You might think I’m crazy. But I’m proud of my crunchy bathroom and the little routine I have going on, so why not share it?

DIY Haircut: Success (And Why I’ll Probably Never Visit A Hairdresser Again)

I’ve always loathed going to the hairdresser. Luckily, I have long wavy hair and have always been perfectly fine with a bi-annual trim. Until one day I got an idee fixe: I’M GOING TO CUT MY OWN HAIR.

Water Only Hair Washing Experiment – Final Update

First of all, let me apologize for taking forever to write my final update. I’ve been on the fence for quite a while – couldn’t decide if it was worth continuing or if I should just go and try something else. The final push came when I finally flew to see my family.

Water Only Hair Washing Experiment – Day 20 Update

If you have seen my No-Poo Method video and/or blog post, you probably already know that I ditched conventional shampoo and conditioner around 6 months ago. I reverted to using baking soda and apple cider vinegar. It went great, but my hair was getting less and less oily, I was able to go longer and longer between washes, and lately I’ve started toying with the idea of taking the next step – going with the water only method!

No-Poo Method for Beautiful Hair and My First Video

Today is a special day worth popping a bottle of sparkling wine open. I have finally uploaded my first YouTube video! I really hope that I’ll be able to inspire someone in the world to try this method and get a step closer to a primal lifestyle. Trust me, it’s all worth it when you start seeing positive changes in your body, and, of course, in your wallet!