10 Incredible Benefits of Cold Showers + Yin & Yang Stimulating Shower I Take

10 Health Benefits of Cold Showers + Yin & Yang Stimulating Shower I Take

If somebody told me that I would soon be taking cold showers, I wouldn’t have believed them in a million years. But when a few months ago, my husband and I went to a spa, it dawned on me that at least half of the things on the spa circuit were out of reach for me. Why? Because they involved cold water. I was notoriously afraid of it, and it wasn’t something I was proud of.

The truth is I want to enjoy all the spa treatments in the world. I want to swim in the ocean all year long. I also want all the health benefits that cold showers bring. Who wouldn’t?

So I went on a quest to get myself used to cold water.

And I succeeded!

This post is about the 10 incredible health benefits of cold showers, and I’m also going to tell you about a Yin & Yang stimulating shower I’ve been taking every single morning for the last few weeks with great results.

The 10 Incredible Health Benefits of Cold Showers

  1. Cold showers improve blood circulation, which apart from being very good for the health of all your organs, also makes your skin glow all over. I’ve seen it happen to me, too!
  2. Cold showers improve your immunity, so you’ll be less likely to catch colds. Our bodies react to stimulus. A small stimulus or irritation will make our bodies stronger. Give them a too big stimulus, and they might weaken and die. Quick cold showers are that perfect little stimulus. If you’d like a more scientific explanation, cold showers increase the levels of T lymphocytes.
  3. Cold showers improve temperature regulation, so no matter whether it’s hot or cold, you will simply feel more comfortable.
  4. Cold showers cultivate willpower, and that feels amazingly good. When you know you can force yourself to switch that handle to cold and point the shower head at yourself, even if you’re scared, you know that you can do the same with so many other things in your life that you’ve been procrastinating about or scared of.
  5. From the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) point of view, cold showers stimulate and balance Yin and Yang. (I’ve been very interested in TCM lately, and I even had a truly life-changing acupuncture treatment a few days ago).
  6. Cold showers make you more energetic. Have you ever noticed how warm baths make you tired and relaxed? It’s because the body has to work hard to cool you down. Cold showers make you full of energy, but still very relaxed. That’s because a short exposure to cold uses much less energy than a longer exposure to heat.
  7. Cold showers promote”hardening”increased tolerance to stress and disease. There was a study that showed increases in glutathione and decreases in uric acid when people were exposed to icy water regularly.
  8. Cold showers help you lose weight by boosting the production of brown fat cells – those are the type of fat cells that create warmth and burn energy, so effectively make you loose fat faster.
  9. Cold showers improve mood and could help fight depression. And if my anecdotal evidence means anything, I feel exhilarated every time I get out of the shower.
  10. Taking cold showers after exercising diminishes muscle soreness for a few days after the session and speeds up muscle recovery. I’m very prone to sore muscles, but they’ve almost completely disappeared since I started my little cold shower routine.

The Yin & Yang Stimulating Shower I Take Every Morning

A friend of mine has been trying to convince me to try cold showers for many months, but I kept coming up with excuses. Until I came across this article by a wonderful acupuncturist in the UK. It provided very clear guidelines and somehow it seemed more doable than just “switch the handle to cold and pour it all over your body” which people generally tell you to do.

The idea is very simple: the back is the Yang area of the body. The front, and especially the pelvic region, is the Yin area. It’s important to generate Qi (energy) with a special kind of breathing and start directing the cold stream to the Yang areas of the body first before finally moving on to the Yin areas. In this way, Yin and Yang get circulated evenly throughout the whole body.

So here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Have a regular warm shower, wash your hair, and do whatever you normally do in the shower.

Step 2: Start taking deep but very quick, forceful breaths, inhaling and exhaling through your mouth. If someone was in the next room, they should be able to hear you. This generates Qi (or energy) which will help your body cope with the shock of the cold water.

Step 3: After maybe 20-30 seconds of this kind of breathing, turn the shower handle to cold (if it’s winter where you are, you might want to start from midway to cold and then gradually make your way up) and start the cold shower while continuing the forceful breathing. You will need to keep directing the water at each area for 10 seconds (you can start from 5 if you’re just starting out, or increase it to 20 seconds as you’re getting more used to it). These are the areas in the right sequence:

  • Top of the head (if you washed your hair. If you didn’t, just skip – that’s what I usually do because I wash my hair every four days.)
  • Upper back
  • Lower back
  • Left shoulder
  • Right shoulder
  • Bottom and upper thighs
  • Back of the legs
  • Then move on to the top of the chest
  • The bottom of the chest and the pelvic region
  • And then finish up with the upper back as you started

That’s it!

Dry yourself while rubbing vigorously with a towel, and enjoy the newly found energy and great mood!

Jonathan, the acupuncturist whose website was the inspiration for my experiment with cold showers, also says that cold showers shouldn’t be taken by pregnant women (unless they’ve already been taking cold showers before falling pregnant and they’re used to them), and people who are sick or feeling cold and fatigued.

Taking a cold shower in the evening before bed is also not a good idea because extra stimulation isn’t conducive for a good night’s sleep. Morning, especially after a good workout, is the best time for a cold shower like this.

For more information, definitely visit Jonathan’s website, it’s a treasure trove of information.

So next time you take a shower, will you dare try this Yin & Yang stimulating shower? Or perhaps you’ve been taking cold showers already but wanted to be reminded of all the incredible health benefits? In either case, may you enjoy great energy, moods, and health!

Thank you so much for reading/watching!

Simply yours.
Vita xx

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