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Cool, unusual, and funny holistic living tips from the random dude (aka my husband) Luca!

You CAN Improve Eyesight Naturally with 6 Simple Exercises

Want to know how my husband and I halved our prescription in just a few months? If it’s possible, why do people still wear glasses? Let me tell you this: you CAN improve your eyesight no matter how old you are or how bad your eyesight is.

Cast Iron Cookware: Why It Rocks And How To Make It Last For A Lifetime

Cast iron cookware is just one of the many things we discovered when we went Paleo. We used to buy the cheapest non-stick pans and not think twice about it. But since the beginning of our Primal diet, the core thing we understood straight away was that this diet wasn’t really a diet. It’s more of a lifestyle, where we try to avoid anything with potentially dangerous materials or ingredients.

Pick Your Blade: The Ultimate Guide To Essential Kitchen Knives

Now that you already know how to use a knife without injuring yourself (and if you don’t know yet, read this post), which kitchen knife would you use for the various cooking tasks? They come in different shapes and sizes, and each of them has a different scope. Often, people use only one knife to slice or chop all the foods, or even worse ‑ they pick a random one.

Safety In The Kitchen: Become One Of Those Amazing People Who Use Their Knives Properly

I’m so excited to introduce the first blog post written and illustrated by my amazing husband Luca! He has recently expressed his wish to become a regular writer on VitaLivesFree – I think it’s because there are some topics that he’s very passionate about and he needs an outlet for his thoughts. Safety in the […]