April/Spring Favorites (Miraculous Cleaning Hack, Ayurvedic Soap, Unflavoured Toothpaste)

Time for my Spring Favorites! It’s quite an interesting mix this time, with a miracle cleaning product, camera, toothpaste, Ayurvedic soap, etc. Really hope you enjoy this video!

How is your spring going so far? I don’t know how about where you are, but our weather is still not very different from the normal winter weather (mind you, we are blessed with mild spring weather for most of the year, so I can’t really complain), but I’m kind of missing those warm, balmy summer evenings when you can just go out the way you are at night and take a relaxing walk before bed, and not have to fight with a chilly wind.

Summer, where are you hiding???

Let’s get back to the spring favorites, shall we? These are the things I’ve been loving to bits:

  1. Canon S120 – I got a new vlogging camera a couple of months ago, but it was faulty (it had two specks of dust on the sensor), so we had to send it back to Japan. A few weeks ago the replacement camera finally arrived, and we’re so in love! It makes me want to start vlogging and filming more. In fact, I filmed a What I Ate Today video the other day and it will be up soon. The camera we got is the brilliant Canon S120 (it’s like an older version of the Canon G7X used by all good vloggers, but almost as good). I love this camera to bits and my hubby likes it so much that he wants to get another one for himself (for photography). What I appreciate the most is a bright lens with an aperture of f/1.8, which makes it brilliant for taking pictures or filming indoors. My home is quite dark, despite lots of windows, so I appreciate this feature a lot. The sound is amazing. The videos are beautiful. The focusing is spotless and super fast. The camera can also be completely manual if you like that sort of thing. This is no joke my favorite camera of all times and I find myself reaching for the DSLR less and less often now that I have my trusted Canon S120.
  2. iGadgitz Tripod – I wanted a GorillaPod for ages, but couldn’t justify spending 70 euros on such a simple, plastic gadget. One day I started browsing Amazon for cheaper alternatives and I found the iGadgitz version. It was only ~13 euros or so, and I really can’t complain. The tripod is sturdy enough and we’ve been using it every single day since we got it.
  3. Sauerkraut – I’ve been making it and eating it like crazy. I used to hate it when I was growing up. What was I thinking??? My mum used to make the most amazing sauerkraut and I didn’t even eat it. Well, I’m trying to make up for it now. A recipe video with my mom’s authentic sauerkraut is coming soon!
  4. Auromere Ayurvedic Neem-Tulsi Soap – as I started working out every day and the weather is getting warmer, I really wanted some kind of super natural soap with neem that I could use every other day. This Auromere soap fits the bill perfectly. It smells beautifully herbal, the ingredients are amazing, and it’s made specially for Vata/Pitta types (which I am). An amazing little product!
  5. Elma Greek Mastic Chewing Gum – I used mastic gum to kill h. pylori and this chewing gum is a great way to add some of that healing mastic gum in my every day life. It’s also great for the teeth! I usually use it after lunch when I can’t rinse or brush my teeth.
  6. OraNurse Unflavoured Toothpaste – I’ve recently decided to do a little experiment. As I quit using fluoride toothpaste roughly 4.5 years, my teeth and gums started deteriorating progressively. Recently, the same thing happened to my sister who went off fluoride for a few months. That got me thinking. I decided that I was going to try using a natural fluoride toothpaste for 30 days and see what happens. If it didn’t help or if it made things worse, I would just go back to fluoride-free life. I was astonished to see that it helped me a lot, so I stuck to it. My teeth are doing great now! I love this particular toothpaste because it’s made specifically for autistic children who are very sensitive to strong flavours, so it’s unflavoured (the only unflavoured toothpaste that I could find in the whole world), non foaming, and full of xylitol. I’ll definitely be reordering this toothpaste once I run out of my two tubes.
  7. 100% Glass Cleaning Blocks – these cleaning blocks seriously blew my mind. I needed something to remove really thick limescale buildup from my toilets, sinks, and bathtubs. Nothing ever worked until I found out about this humble cleaning blocks. They look like pumice stones and erase limescale as if it was an eraser erasing pencil marks. Effortless and really quick, but best of all, without any chemicals! You absolutely must get one if you’ve never tried it.

So these are all of the things that have made my spring memorable. 🙂 I left some more for next month’s favorites, so stay tuned! Hope your spring is treating you well so far!

Simply yours,

Vita xx 

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. I only recommend things that I absolutely love myself and feel certain that you would love them, too. If you shop using my links, you will help keep this blog running. Thank you so much!

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  1. I can’t believe, just yesterday I was thinking of ordering that Auromere soap because sometimes I like to cheat on my Aleppo soap! Haha! I didn’t (just decided I’m gonna make a big order when I’ll run out of more things) but I surely will.

    Speaking of fluoride… at home I use a natural toothpaste fluoride free (and yes… a cinnamon one! my favorite along a rosemary and sage one lol) but at my love’s home I use a supermarket one (he’s kind of a supermarket cosmetic man… but he’s using aloe vera gel and coconut oil now, so I guess I’m slowly changing this aspect for the better) which of course contains fluoride, so if I use it 3-4 days a week, it’s enough for my teeth? Probably yes since I don’t notice any teeth issues.

    I’m gonna try the glass cleaning blocks ASAP!! The smell of toxic chemicals in cleaning products makes me so sick!

    Big hug 🙂

    • That Auromere is amazing. I received four of them yesterday. I thought I’d stock up because I love it so much. 🙂 I don’t know if fluoride is so important for every one’s teeth, so your experience might be different from mine. But my teeth are really happier with fluoride toothpaste. If your teeth are happy with whatever you’re doing, just stick to it! 🙂 Big hugs to you, too! Greetings to your wonderful man! 😉 xx

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