4 New Holy Grail Haircare and Bodycare Products (Super Affordable Green Beauty)

4 New Holy Grail Haircare and Bodycare Products (Super Affordable Green Beauty) | vitalivesfree.com

I’ve recently discovered four new hair and bodycare products that have quickly taken a prominent place in my bathroom. I found a replacement for my old styling gel (here’s my previous haircare and styling routine), a leave-in conditioner (I’ve been looking for one forever), a nourishing curl oil, and a super natural, yet light body lotion (here’s my current skincare and bodycare routine).

The best thing out of all is that I only paid $6 for all of these products with the amazing reward program from eVitamins. You get $2 credit for each review you write for a product you bought previously, so I sat down one afternoon and wrote reviews for everything I bought, which meant that I had $22 of rewards money. Who doesn’t love amazing deals? I surely do, and I would repurchase each of these products within a blink of an eye. They’re awesome!

You can find all of the products on eVitamin and if you make a purchase using this link (or by entering my referral code vitalivesfree), you’ll get $5 off your order and I’ll get rewards for referring you, too! You can do the same by getting your own referral code and recommending the site to your friends and family. Sharing is caring, and this company deserves it!

These are the products I talk about in the video:

On another note, the sauerkraut is bubbling up happily. Three more days and it will be ready, so look out for the video soon! 😉

Simply yours,

Vita xx

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