Make This Year, Your Year: What’s Your Life’s Design?

Make This Year, Your Year - What's Your Life's Design?

A couple of weeks ago, I received an e-mail with links to three videos about creating a life’s design. I liked them so much that I was convinced I had to write about them here. It’s such a wonderful exercise for the subconscious mind that I believe everyone should be practising it.

A couple of months ago, I came across the website of A Bug Free Mind. I don’t even know how, but I found some of Andy Shaw’s (he’s the author) videos online one day, and I was intrigued. Frankly, I wasn’t tempted to spend £50 on his Bug Free Mind books, and I still wouldn’t – it seems a little over-priced to me, at least at this point in my life.

But I did sign up for his newsletter, which means I received the first 5 chapters of each of Andy’s books for free. The ideas were very similar to those of Eckhart Tolle, but they were much more practical and easier to read. I absolutely loved them.

Then, just after New Years’, I received an e-mail with links to those three videos I mentioned earlier… and I loved them even more! I’m always on the lookout for cool mind (or subconscious if you like) exercises, so I was excited to give it a try.

Wandering around aimlessly without a life’s design

According to Andy, most people wander around their life aimlessly without a certain design for their life. So it’s no wonder that they don’t get anywhere! I love how he compares our subconscious to a team of amazing workers, all at your disposal, who will do anything you tell them to do. Now, if you don’t give them clear instructions, or if you dwell on your self-doubts and low self-esteem, they won’t do a good job.

It was exactly like that in my past in the management background. I met a lot of wonderful colleagues who were brilliant at leading their teams, and others were really rubbish. You know what united all the great leaders? They were extremely good communicators, and were brilliant at setting clear goals for the team. The same applies for our subconscious – if we don’t set clear goals and communicate them clearly, it won’t act!

Sending mixed signals

A very similar thing happens when we are absorbed by self-doubts – one day we feel like we’re perfectly capable of achieving whatever we want, the next day someone says something or we face the next obstacle, and we start doubting again. What does this mean for our subconscious? We’re sending it mixed signals. Bad management!

More motivation to get the things you really want?

Finally, it’s widely accepted that if you want something in your life, you need lots of motivation to work towards it. I never thought of it before like that, but it REALLY is rather silly! How will your subconscious mind interpret your wish for more motivation? It will probably give you more reasons to be motivated. But not the actual success!

Let me give you an example. If you want to start a successful business but you are still in a regular job, it’s very likely that you’ll be praying for more motivation to start a successful business. And what will the subconscious do in response? It will probably give you more reasons to want it more – it might make your boss so unbearable that you’ll be forced to quit the job or it will make you redundant. Now that might be a great reason for a lot people to jump into business, and a lot of them could be very successful. But very often those kind of situations create a lot of negativity and self-doubt, or even hate for your boss and wishing to prove him wrong – that’s all great, but I don’t believe in creating great positive things from very negative foundations.

In order to create something positive, start with positive foundations

All I’m trying to say is that in order to create a great life, it’s important to start from positive thoughts – or in other words, from your life’s design. And it has to be very detailed and realistic. Something that will make your bright future more and more reachable with every single day. I swear this kind of thinking works. I use to always achieve everything I wanted in life – probably because I always had the ability to day dream (and that’s a very powerful tool). And I was so passionate about those things that it seemed only natural that I would get them in my life.

Until something changed inside me. I started becoming more and more negative in my life, I started having doubts, and I noticed myself becoming an energetic vampire. I didn’t like myself at all. But it’s not an easy situation to get out of. Not surprisingly, as I got into such a mindset, I lost the ability to make things happen, I started to feel more and more “inadequate”, and I lost my “pink glasses”.

By the way, exactly 8 years ago, a friend of mine said, as an insult, but for me it was a compliment, that I looked at life through pink glasses. It had been true then, but suddenly it all changed. I couldn’t recognize myself and I didn’t like the person I was becoming.

Making a detailed life’s design

Andy’s video stressed the importance of making an exact and detailed design for your life, but write it as if you were already living it. So that’s what I did. I sat down, closed my eyes for a couple of minutes, had a very clear vision of the life I wanted to have, and wrote everything I saw around me… everything I felt… everything I felt grateful for. I felt such an incredible warmth in my heart doing this little exercise. And when I finished, I had an ear-to-ear smile on my face.

I swear, at that moment, my dream seemed much much closer, and perfectly achievable. I’ve promised myself to read it to myself a couple of times every day, then close my eyes and dwell in my dream for a couple of minutes. I’m sure it will have a massive impact on my mood and positivity. I’ll come back in a few years’ time and let you know if my dream has come true.

But for now, I’d really like you to try it for yourself. It will relieve anxiety, self-doubt or destructive thoughts. It’s kind of like meditation, but better! And it will bring you closer to your dreams!

I’m so grateful for the life I have

I’m going to end by sharing my own life’s design. Just to give you an idea of what it could look like, and hopefully to give you a nudge to sit down and do the same! ( I also hope I’m not jinxing it for myself by sharing it with you – not sure if I believe in superstitions…).

We live in a beautiful blue house overlooking the sea. We have dinner on the terrace every night, watching the sunset and sharing our highlights of the day. We value our quality time together, and take the most out of it every time.

We grow our own mangoes, papayas, bananas, strawberries and tomatoes,. I enjoy getting up early and looking after the plants – after all, I’m feeding my family home-grown produce, and that’s priceless. The air is filled with laughter as our son and daughter run around the garden chasing our doggy. The kitties are relaxing in the sun. Our home is filled with laughter and joy.

Every weekend we hop in the car and go hiking in a new location. We feel refreshed and inspired every time. Occasionally, we hop to the neighbouring islands. Every year we travel to a faraway location for a family holiday – it always gives us a different perspective on life and endless new ideas.

We start every morning by training, and we have a huge sense of achievement when we see our strong bodies in the mirror. We also feel more and more powerful every day. We are healthy, and our bodies work like well-oiled machines. We wake up full of energy and get lots done. We work hard and then we play hard, too.

I’m blessed to have such a beautiful life with a wonderful husband and amazing kids. We don’t have to worry about money. We do what we love by helping other people, and we are rewarded generously. This is our way to better the world, and were starting it by first bettering ourselves. I feel infinitely grateful for my life.

I hope you’ve found this inspiring rather than boring. It’s slightly different from what I generally write, but I felt it was a very important message to pass along. There is so much negativity and sadness around, and I feel like this could really help.

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If you try this little exercise, let me know in the comments how it felt! Or do you already do something similar? What’s your favourite way to keep or regain a positive mindset?

The three videos can be found here:

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  1. Hi Vita! I’ve been browsing around your blog and just came across this post. How inspiring – I ve recently been doing a lot of soul searching and am on a mission to start chasing my own day dreams- live my life with more intention and mindfulness. I really commend you for sharing your own vision- it’s truly lovely – and much like my own!! I wish you the best of luck on your journey in this life! I’m so glad you’ve decided to share it. What has your experience been in the blogging world? I am really feeling called to share my own story and life somehow, and hopefully help someone else in the process, but it is a scary leap! Cheers!

    • Emily, thanks so much for your kind words. I felt a bit apprehensive sharing my life design so openly, but then I thought perhaps it would help someone in their own designing process. My perfect life is very simple, I don’t need much. Just to be independent, and have my family close to me, happy and healthy. That’s what makes a person rich, not all the money in the world. Soul searching is great, and life designing is even better. With lots of perseverance and courage everything is possible. You should definitely start a blog if you feel like you’ve got a lot to say. I always felt like that but I was also shy and doubted myself a lot. I didn’t think that anybody would be interested in what I’ve got to say. I’m glad I finally got over my fears and jumped into the blogging world. It’s hard work, but it feels great knowing that I’ve changed some people’s lives for the better. If you ever start, please send me a link to your blog! xx

  2. Thank you for sharing your life’s design. It was very meaningful to me, to read another person’s future life. I’ve done one of these before, but always felt it was too far-fetched. Now I know that it isn’t, and that it’s perfectly right.

    • The more crazy good it is, the better! We should not set glass ceiling for ourselves or our lives. Good luck making yours a reality! It’s so much fun and it puts a smile on my face every time I look at the plan. xx

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