What I Ate Today (Low FODMAP Edition, Simple Real Food)

Hi guys! It’s time to share another What I Ate Today video. I haven’t filmed one for ages! Some of you asked for a Low FODMAP edition, so here it is!

This was really just a relaxed Saturday where I didn’t feel like spending too much time cooking, so we ate some super simple, yet delicious and nourishing meals. To be honest, we eat like that most of the time. Nothing fancy here!

If you’ve no idea why I’m eating gluten again, here’s my explanation.

Also, if you have no idea what I’m talking about when I mention Low Fodmap foods, here’s a video I made about the Low FODMAP diet.

Hope you enjoy the video and give it a thumbs up if you want more! šŸ˜‰

Simply yours,
Vita xx

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  1. Wow! Those foods are so delicious and at the same time healthy! Please make some video tutorial on how you cook those especially the tomato with olive oil. Iā€™m a vegetarian and I think that would really fir my lifestyle and I would definitely recommend this to my friend who needs Low FODMAP food! Thank you!

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