What A Minimalist Buys In The Summer Fashion Sales (Capsule Wardrobe)

What A Minimalist Buys In The Summer Fashion Sales (Additions To My Capsule Wardrobe)

This is my first foray into fashion videos (with a minimalist twist). Hope you like it! I used to work in the luxury fashion field and clothes were a huge part of my identity then. Not that much anymore, but I’m still a woman and of course I like looking good. Who doesn’t?

I only shop twice a year and buy items always keeping my capsule wardrobe in mind. Everything has to work well together and pieces need to last for a few seasons. I don’t care about trends, I care about style.

If I had more money, I’d love to buy organic, ethical trade fashion – they tend to be pricey! But for now, Mango and Zara are perfectly good for me, especially as they are affordable, beautiful, and local!

The summer sales are still going on, so if you like anything, hurry up to the store!

But remember to be frugal and think well before you buy anything. Don’t buy things just because they’re cheap!

What did you get on sale? Anything I might be interested in? 🙂

These are the things I got (the links aren’t affiliate, I simply found them to make it easier for you):

If you like my first fashion video and want to see more videos like this next time I make my bi-yearly purchase, let me know in the comments!

Have a wonderful, brilliantly sunny weekend!

Lots of love,

Vita xx

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  1. I adore your videos! All of us need to become more ‘minimalist’ & stop filling our closets with clothes we don’t need & seldom (if ever) wear!

    You are a treasure!


  2. Hello Vita,
    Never heard of Mango and Zara will have to give them a try. Love the yellow shirt and navy sweater.

  3. Hey Vita,
    Absolutely loved this! I hope to see more of this !!! Very helpful and interesting! I am not very good when it comes to fashion and colour matching and the connotation you give depending on what you wear. It would be awesome if you would do some videos like that!(ie. Colour matching for different skin tones, eye colours, hair colours ect, and how to make the most out of your wardrobe by mixing and matching to get many different outfits with the same pieces!) I’m a minimalist too and would find that very helpful! You would be awesome at it since you also have experience with fashion! Thanks a lot! Keep it up! Lots of love and appreciation from Canada!


    • Hi Miriam! I’m so happy you enjoyed my first fashion video! Honestly, it’s my favourite video of all times as well. It was so much fun to film, so I’ll definitely be incorporating fashion videos into my blog/channel. I’ve wanted to start doing something about fashion forever, but never had the courage. For some reason, staying away from the fashion world for 4 years has taken away all of the confidence from me. But I’m getting it back, so keep an eye out! 🙂 Thanks for great video ideas! I’ll definitely make something like this. xx

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