Week 18 Pregnancy Update – I Felt the First Movement!

I’m almost half way through my pregnancy, whoohoo! And now it’s truly a breeze. While at the beginning it felt like time stood still, now it’s flying and I can’t believe there are just a little over 20 weeks left until we meet our little one.

This video is a little recap of the weeks 14-18 in my pregnancy. I’m a first time mum, so everything is so new and exciting for me. From the first movements called “quickening” to hearing the heartbeat at my midwife’s, everything is just one very special experience.

Even though I optimised my thyroid function and got rid of Hashimoto’s antibodies before trying to conceive, when I fell pregnant and struggled so much with all-day nausea, my thyroid slowed down quite a bit. Pregnancy nearly doubles the body’s requirement for iodine, and I strongly believe that’s the real reason for the rise in my TSH in the first trimester.

My doctor told me to take extra iodine as soon as I announced my pregnancy, but I didn’t listen (I wish I had, perhaps the first trimester wouldn’t have been as dreadful). When I finally listened to her and added some kelp around Week 14, I haven’t had any more issues. I’ll re-test my thyroid levels in February and will let you know.

But the half moons on my nails are growing nice and big, so I’m pretty sure that my thyroid is doing just fine now.

By the way, this is the kelp powder I’m taking for extra iodine. It’s done wonders for the way I feel, as well the quality of my nails, cuticles, skin, and hair.

Lesson definitely learned for the future: living by the seaside doesn’t insure you against iodine deficiency. It all depends on what you eat, and I definitely didn’t eat a lot of iodine rich foods in the past. Now I’m making more of an effort.

Thank you so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed the video!

Let me know if you’re pregnant as well! Was your second trimester anything like mine?

Simply yours,
Vita xx

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