Why All These Videos? – New Upload Schedule

In the last three weeks, I’ve completely overhauled my YouTube channel and I really wanted to give you an update on what you can expect on each day during the week. My current schedule is five videos a week! Let’s see where this challenge will take me and thanks for joining me on this journey of growth!

This change was inspired by The Miracle Morning challenge, which I started 25 days ago. It literally changed my life. I talked about it here.

Here’s what you can expect on my YouTube channel from now on:

  • Monday is a day for vlogs (if we’re hiking, travelling or doing anything interesting) or for rants (talking about topics that I have a strong opinion and feelings about). Last week, I talked about the worrying food trends on YouTube.
  • Tuesday is a day for health or healthy lifestyle related videos. For the last four weeks I’ve been posting videos for my Birth Control series.
  • Wednesday is a day for beauty related topics: hair care, skincare, DIY beauty, hauls, monthly favourites, etc.
  • Thursday is a day for Q&A videos once a month and then during the rest of the weeks I’ll either answer a good question that I’ve been asked during the week or I’ll be sharing life, healthy mind, and positive thinking tips.
  • Saturday is a day for What I Ate Today videos and recipes. I’ll alternate between those two every week, so what it means is that there will be a new What I Ate Today video every two weeks.

I’ll be posting videos in the evenings from Monday to Thursday, and then in the mornings on Saturday. I wish I could give you an exact hour but with the slow internet that I have, I really can’t commit to sticking to a very narrow time-frame.

I’ll also try to post a blogpost or recipe on the blog in addition to the videos whenever I can.

Thanks so much for watching! Love you all lots! And I hope you’re as excited about my new schedule as I am!

If you’d like me to make a video about a certain topic or if you have a question for me, let me know in the comments. Although my video ideas list is a mile long, so I don’t think I’m going to run out of video topics any time soon. 🙂

Simply yours,
Vita xx


  1. I love your new schedule and I am looking forward to watching your new videos. Thanks for your hard work and effort.

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