Two Weeks Without Electricity + Hiking To A Secluded Beach


We’re still living without electricity, and I’m dying to give you all an update. I know this is not what I would usually write, but, not being able to use the computer at home and paying a fortune to the local Internet cafes, I’ll try to at least share the last week or so of my life through pictures. I hope you’ll still enjoy them even if it’s not exactly tips or useful things.

By the way, we’ve learned a lot from this experience of living without electricity and I’ll surely write about all of the things we’d like to keep doing once we are powered up again. It’s been a spiritual and very valuable experience. Everything happens for a reason, right?

We also got to take some deserved rest, which we probably wouldn’t have done otherwise.

By the way, our pets have been becoming really good friends lately, so I thought I’d throw in a picture of Giulietta The Dog trying to convince Mr Jimmy and Sirena to leave her bed.

Pets sharing a bed

Every time we go out with Giulietta, they occupy her bed. Every single time. And the poor dog is often too respectful to send them away, so she lies on the cold tiles. It’s hilarious every time.

Last Sunday, we went hiking to the Anaga mountain range. It’s greener than ever due to all the crazy rain we’ve had this year and it was even more beautiful than the last time we went there. We decided to hike to a secluded beach down a beautiful ravine. The hike was a little challenging, but it was great. Just what we needed. The weather was awesome. too. Apart from the last 200 metres when it started pouring down with rain. πŸ™‚ All good – it was part of the exhilarating experience.

On the way to the mountain range, we had to stop in a small local town because Giulietta was about to throw up (poor dog, but she’s getting better at it). As I got out of the car, I noticed a small super old-fashioned cafe and we just couldn’t resist the temptation. I don’t know why, but super old cafes with old people playing chess inside always attract me. It’s like stepping back into the past! Coincidentally, they’re also always cheap and delicious!

We went in to try two things: churros and arepas. I know that churros are probably the unhealthiest thing in the world, but I’ve heard people talking about them all the time and I really wanted to try once. I was pleasantly surprised that they weren’t sweet andΒ  they were nice. Once. But I don’t think I would have them again. Not my cup of tea.

However, the arepas were amazing. We had one with shredded beef and it was amazing! I can’t believe we totally forgot to add some homemade guacamole, but it was delicious anyway.

I really wanted to recreate them at home, so I went on the lookout for some arepa flour in the shops. I found it, but had to leave it by the till. Guess why? It was genetically modified. I guess no arepas for me for now. Once I have the electricity back, I’ll try to make the flour myself by soaking it, cooking it and dehydrating it.

After the little brunch, we noticed that the clouds cleared a little and we got to see the glorious Teide volcano. It’s all covered by snow right now and it’s my favourite thing at this time of the year. Having warm sunshine and palms at the same time as snowy mountain tops is priceless.

Snowy Teide In The Distance

Spring has oficially arrived in the Canary Islands because almond trees are already flowering! They usually start around the middle of January, but this year everything is weird. We had a super warm autumn and now a super cold winter (by super cold, I mean 16 degrees during the night and around 21 during the day).

Flowering Almond Trees

This is the view from the Anaga mountains towards La Laguna, which is quite a big city next to the capital with universities and most of the culture. This place is ideal for living because it’s super close to the forest and mountains, yet it’s only 10 mins away from the capital. It is a bit cooler andΒ  rainier, but then it’s also much easier to grow things for food. We’ve both decided that we’ll try to move there in the future. We’ll see!

Anaga and La Laguna

I would totally live there. With all the green meadows and perfect colourful houses, for me it’s heaven on Earth.

The place where I would live

This is the view from a viewpoint at the highest point of the Anaga mountains. I can’t believe how green the mountains are.

Anaga mountain range

Giulietta was a perfect hiking companion and she’s getting better and better with each passing day. Can you see the love and loyalty in her eyes? πŸ™‚

Loyal dog

It was amazing seeing Giulietta in her natural habitat. At the end of the day, she’s Canarian and made to hunt in the wild, so this is pretty much like coming back to her roots. She was so happy!

Giulietta dog in her natural habitat

This was the beach at the end of the hike. We got there just before sunset and the lighting was incredible.

Perfect beach during golden hour

I think Giulietta enjoyed the beach the most. Look at all the paw prints on the sand. πŸ™‚

Secluded beach in Anaga

perfect hiking companion

And these are the guys we hiked with.

Hiking in Anaga

It was such a magical day, and if it wasn’t for the lack of electricity, we probably wouldn’t have ended up there. Sometimes taking a step back and resting is so important. I feel refreshed and inspired. I have a hundred ideas, and I can’t wait to get back to blogging.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and thanks for being patient with me! I promise I’ll be back as soon as the electricity guys let me!

Missing you lots!

Vita xx

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  1. Hi Vita,
    Hope u get sorted with electric soon love reading your posts.
    Just wondering do you have any children or are the lovly cats and dog your children

  2. Wonderful and beautiful!

  3. Hi, Vita: I hope you are doing well and hopefully the electricity will be back soon! We went through a similar experience on the east coast of the U.S. When superstorm Sandy hit, no electricity for 10 days, plus it was very hard in the beginning to find fuel for the car. Looking back I do see the many gifts and lessons in the experience, but while you are going thru challenges it requires much so much strength and patience, doesn’t it?
    Thank you for your beautiful blog and photos, much needed in the gray cold northeast! Love all the youtube videos as well, I do not have a channel, so cannot post replies, but your channnel is among my favorites.
    Be well!
    Mary in NJ

    • Hi Mary, thanks for all of your support! I really appreciate it. We’re still without electricity, but a TV crew is coming tomorrow afternoon, which hopefully will start moving things for us. It’s been a true nightmare! I’ve learned a lot from the experience and I really value it, but I’m ready to get my life back. Hopefully soon! So glad you’re enjoying my channel! Thank you thank you thank you! πŸ™‚ xx

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