My Husband and I Try Henna For the First Time – Attempting a Review

My hsusband and I try henna for the first time

If you read my Ayurvedic Health and Beauty Haul, you’ll know that I got some henna recently. I was really curious to try it, and my husband plucked up the courage to join me. Poor guy! He really struggled, and I laughed so much watching him apply it (no, I’m not mean, it was simply hilarious).

Here’s the video of our henna shenanigans:

My experience with Neutral Henna (Cassia Obovata)

I tried the neutral henna (or Cassia Obovata as it’s officially known) and I think it’s made my hair a little more golden and shiny.

But I made one major mistake: I followed the directions on the pack and added 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Wrong! A pea-size amount would have been more than enough.

Perhaps, if you use conventional harsh shampoos, you’d need that much nourishment, and the shampoo would cut right through the grease anyway. But in my case, as I used soap nuts and then baking soda with apple cider vinegar to wash it off, it was way too much.

I’ll tell you the truth: I had to wash my hair on three consecutive days (when I normally wash it once every 5-7 days) just to get all the oil out. And it’s still a little oily!

What I’ll do differently next time I use henna

I think henna is fantastic, and I’ll definitely give it another try, but I’ll surely do three things differently:

  • I’ll put no more than a pea-size amount of coconut oil.
  • I’ll use a teaspoon of traditional henna to give my hair a bit more of a warm colour.
  • I’ll probably use half of the pack rather than the whole thing (50g instead of 100g) because I feel like I wasted too much product piling on more than what was needed. Neutral henna is also quite pricey, so that should make my wallet happier.

My husband’s experience with henna

My husband’s grey roots turned kind of blonde… OK, not blonde but light brown. We don’t blame the henna though. He’s always been convinced that his hair is dark brown even though it’s black (don’t tell him that though). 🙂 So when we went to the store to get the henna dye for him, he grabbed it in chestnut brown colour. I guess that explains why his grey roots turned out light brown.

Or perhaps it’s because he didn’t pile enough of it (or that mud, as he calls it) on. Watch the video if you want to see a poor tortured man. 🙂 I hope we’ll manage to put a smile on your face with the video!

I’ll definitely repeat the henna treatment in a month’s time, and for now I’ll keep experimenting with all my Ayurvedic herbs. Stay tuned for more news!

Have you tried henna? What do you think of it? Any advice for those trying it for the first time? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. So cool! Fun video! I don’t color my hair anymore (I used to ALL the time). But as soon as I get any grey hair I plan to. This would be a great alternative to chemical dye. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Definitely! I only use it for its hair repairing and conditioning properties. But if I get grey hair one day, I’ll definitely use henna with proper colour, too. xx

  2. Hello Hello
    I use the red henna and when I mix it I used coffee mainly or lemon juice- something acidic. This is mainly to bring out the color more. I am curious the effect with the neutral henna? Also, I do not use any oil. I have amazing results and use this on my clients at the salon.

    • Yes, you’re totally right. Thanks for the tips! I read about it online before trying but the instructions on my pack didn’t say that I should do it, so I decided to stick to them. Wrong! 🙂 I don’t know if I’ll manage to convince my hubby to try again though. The neutral henna is supposed to be really conditioning for the hair. I’ll definitely try again but without oil. I read it’s great mixing it with yogurt as well to add more protein to the hair. Indian remedies are amazing, aren’t they? xx

  3. I am 45 and totally silver. I started going gray when I was 28; colored for a while, but got tired of it and spending the money so I let it go au natural. I have women who want to rip off my hair and take it for themselves, so I guess its not so bad. However, when my hubby and I went to the movies one time the youngster behind the cash register tried to give me a senior discount! I put him on the spot. I kind of laughed and said “how old do you really think I am?” I embarrassed the poor little dude and then I told him my age, but I told him if he wants to give me discount I would be more than happy to take it! haha… I better not do the henna I will be a redhead for sure! My hair was naturally dark brown.

    • Debs, I adore silver hair. I think it looks so sophisticated! I still remember when I was at school, we went to see a performance at a local theatre and the leading actress had long silver hair. She was probably more or less your age as well. She looked incredible! I think these days when every single woman does their best to blend in and dye their hair, it’s so beautiful to have someone like you who is brave enough to stand out and embrace it. I have so much respect for you and I’ll totally do the same when I go gray one day. By the way, there are different colours of henna, you can get dark brown as well, but please keep your beautiful colour! xx

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