Troubleshooting the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) Part 2 – FAQs

Troubleshooting Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) Part 2

It’s time to answer some more burning questions about the Oil Cleansing Method for you. I started this mini series last week – if you’d like to read Part 1, take a look here:

Troubleshooting the Oil Cleansing Method Part 1

So without further ado, let’s make a start!

If you’d like to watch me talking about it instead, just click Play on this video:

Question 1. Can I use witch hazel instead of rose water after the Oil Cleansing Method?

I used it a few times a while ago and found it quite drying. It’s geared towards oily skin and I’d definitely suggest staying away from anything labelled for oily skin. However, everyone’s skin is different, and trying it won’t do much harm. Just observe your skin – you can always stop using it if you feel it causes drying.

I generally recommend rose water and use it religiously myself because of its soothing, moisturizing and anti-ageing properties. These two are fantastic and are very popular among my readers: Elma and Sana 100% Pure Moroccan Rose Water and Shea Terra Organics Pure Moroccan Rose Water (if you’re in Europe, check this one).

Question 2. Should I moisturize with oils every day?

You can definitely skip on moisturizing with oils on some days. Want to know a secret? I never ever put any oil (or anything else) on my face during day time. I occasionally apply some olive oil at night time (probably once or twice a week). In colder climates you might have to do it more often. You’ll just have to experiment a little.

If you don’t wash your face in the morning and just use some rose water, the oil residue from the Oil Cleansing Method the night before and the natural sebum that your skin accumulates throughout the night should be enough to make your skin feel comfortable.

It’s great to let your skin breathe on its own on some days (and nights).

I guess we’re conditioned by the industry to believe that we need to put some kind of moisturizer on every day, but that applies to those who use harsh synthetic face washes. If you want to teach your skin how to balance itself naturally again, give it a couple of weeks before you judge if using no oil works for you. At the beginning, it might feel a little dry and uncomfortable, but don’t worry, soon it will resolve itself. If it doesn’t, you probably have a drier skin than me, and you might need a bit more nourishment, so go ahead and apply some oil whenever you need it.

Update: I have been using an oil on my skin every single morning lately – I guess I’ve changed my mind about it.I know believe it’s all about finding the right oil for your individual skin. My absolute favourite oil as an every day moisturizer is pumpkin seed oil – it offers me a perfect amount of nourishment without ever clogging pores, not even in super hot weather. I highly recommend it.

Question 3. Is it normal to experience purging when starting the Oil Cleansing Method?

You shouldn’t experience anything major. A few more pimples once you start the Oil Cleansing Method are fine, but if it’s considerably more, you need to step away and think what may be causing it. In most cases, it’s over-exfoliation and excess dryness associated with it or too much castor oil. Don’t wait until it’s almost too late. It doesn’t have to get much worse before it gets better.

If you have already over-exfoliated your skin, you might find this post helpful: How To Heal Over-Exfoliated Skin: My Top Tips.

If you’re experiencing considerable purging, just stop using the Oil Cleansing Method for a couple of weeks or at least a week, cleanse your face with rose water only and try again once it’s calmed down. But this time, do it less often and with less castor oil (if it was over 15-20%).

I always stress that it’s better to start with less because you can always add more later. The same applies for the frequency with which you use the Oil Cleansing Method. Start slowly and you will reap rewards. Start at full throttle, and you’ll get burned – you might end up giving up on something amazing without even giving it a proper chance.

Question 4. How do I know which skin type I have?

Most skins are combination according to the industry, which means that they can be oily and dry at the same time. My theory is that it’s all just irritated and over-exfoliated skin. The same can be said regarding oily and dry skin types. Dryness or oiliness is often (if not always) just a reaction to something we’re doing.

I’d say whichever skin type you might have, be really gentle and stay away from products for oily or acne-prone skin. Even products for dry skin can be really bad as they often contain petrolatum and other pore clogging ingredients.

Use the castor oil ratio of no more than 15-20% regardless of your official skin type (but you might have to go even lower if your skin feels dry after the Oil Cleansing Method).

Remember, a skin type is just a label, and our skin can be so different from one day to another. Even from one hour to another. It depends on what we do to it, on the environment, the weather, the food we’ve eaten, etc. So listen to what your skin is saying and adjust your oil cleansing mixture accordingly.

In addition, stay away from drying oils, such as tea tree oil, hazelnut oil or grapeseed oil. The latter is fine if used with olive oil or avocado oil, but can be really drying if used alone. You can always add them later once you make sure that the Oil Cleansing Method works well for you.

One last tip for a successful transition to the Oil Cleansing Method

I find too often that people start trying the Oil Cleansing Method by mixing too many oils together, sometimes even changing them every single week. If their skin starts freaking out, they decide the OCM isn’t working and give up on it for ever. Please don’t make this mistake.

Start with a very simple mixture of no more than 3 oils and stick to it for at least a month (provided that your skin doesn’t get into a serious purging mode). You might have to play around with the ratios but don’t change the actual oils. In that way, if something doesn’t work out, it will be much easier to pinpoint the culprit.

I hope this will answer all of the questions about the Oil Cleansing Method that might have popped in your mind. If you have any more, just give me a shout, and I might troubleshoot a little more for you in the future.

Just please don’t give up on this wonderful method. If you’re having problems, experiment, analyse, listen to your skin, ask me for help, but please don’t give up!

Trust me, it’s amazing being able to ditch all the chemicals and instead choosing something that is great for your body, makes you look radiant and doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet.

Did you find this mini series helpful? I hope so! Let me know in the comments. VitaLivesFree Signature Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. If you click on them and make a purchase, I will receive a tiny commission. However, the price for you will remain the same.  All the products I recommend are personally selected by me because I simply think they’re great.

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  1. Your troubleshooting blogs are great! I took your advice on using olive oil for moisture (since I live in an extra dry and cold climate) and it’s amazing what a couple days has already done to help the dryness. I love just using rose water too for taking makeup off. My face is not so freaked out and has mellowed quite a bit. I’ve always hated putting so many chemicals on my face. Thanks for all the insight!

    • Yay, I’m so glad! I absolutely love olive oil, too. A few weeks ago my face freaked out after trying coconut oil for a week. It was as dry as parchment paper for some reason. So I put on a lot of olive oil at night, and the next night it was back to normal. So happy your skin has improved!

  2. My face didn’t react well to coconut oil too (unfortunately). I’ve been using rose water from mountain rose herbs but I’m expecting the rose water you recommend in the mail any day. Do you dilute that rose water? Or just straight from the bottle? One more thing…just curious really…how long does a bottle typically last you? I know you’ve said you use that quite a bit. 🙂
    Thanks again for the help! Super helpful!

    • Hi Lindsey! You don’t need to dilute the rose water, just use it straight. An 8oz. bottle will last me for around 4-6 months. Ages really! I don’t really use it to remove makeup though (simply because I don’t wear it – perhaps once in three months). I also try to use it sparingly. I soak the cotton pad enough to cleanse but not to make it completely soaked and dripping. I love the smell so much. I think I’m a rose water addict. 🙂

  3. I use 75/25 ratio of castor and grape seed oil. Have noticed more breakouts and scaring and scabs. When I first started used same ratio of castor and jojoba. Skin did great. But was reading should use less castor oil. Skin didn’t react too well. So went back to higher ratio only now with grape seed. Not really working and want to give up. So what now? Decrease castor. Go back to jojoba. Wash less. Also forgot but added tea tree oil and tamanu to this current oil treatment. Also neem oil to spot treat. Skin looking worse. Lots of cystic bumps. About to go back to Obagi!!!!! Help!!!! Want to go natural. Working on 100% paleo. Now about 80. Also I’m African American. Thanks!!! I’m desperate !!!

    • Hi Tonya! Are you doing the OCM every day? If yes, I’d definitely decrease to once or twice a week. From your description, it seems like your skin has had too much of everything. After how much time did you decide to lower the castor ratio? In other words, how long did the happy period last before it got worse? Also, did I understand right that you added tamanu oil and tea tree oil to your OCM mixture? Or do you use them as a moisturizer? Like I said in the article, yours seems like a classic example of jumping in too fast and then mixing two many different oils. I’ve been there as well, and I know it’s frustrating. What would I do if I were you? I’d probably go back to jojoba (grapeseed can be a little drying) and keep castor oil at 15-20%. Another question for you: how much fruit are you eating now that you’re going Paleo? I’ve been reading a lot about it lately and it seems like fructose is a big thing for acne sufferers. Please don’t hesitate to contact me as often as you want. I’d love to help you find your way to natural skincare!

  4. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this subject! I just happened to come across your videos while watching many others about ocm and your videos were so much more thorough and informative. I especially appreciate the info about not starting with a high castor oil ratio. Turns out I need the castor oil at only 10% and had I not found your videos, I most likely would’ve started with much more.
    It’s been less than a week and my skin already looks and feels so much healthier! I am so happy!!! 🙂 And I started no-pooing yesterday!
    Thanks again!

    • Hi Melissa, so glad you stumbled upon my videos! Even more happy that OCM is working for you. Wonder how you’ll like no-pooing. 🙂 keep me posted!

      • Quick question: I’ve been doing OCM for a week and while my skin definitely feels better and overall looks better, I noticed several tiny flesh covered bumps mostly on my forehead. I noticed them maybe two days ago and I’ve never had bumps like them before and generally don’t ever breakout on my forehead at all. The day I noticed them, I skipped OCM that night and the next morning I think they actually looked worse.
        Would you suggest cutting back OCM or cutting out an oil one at a time? I currently am doing OCM every night (I was planning on cutting back on it when my skin was normalized). In the morning I swipe with rose water and moisturize with a little jojoba oil if I feel like I need it. At night, I use OCM and afterwards moisturize with a little avocado oil (I, unfortunately, live in the desert and it’s very dry here so even though my skin feels pretty good after doing OCM, I still feel like I need extra moisturizer. My recent move to the desert actually triggered my breakouts). I’m using 10% castor oil, 2 tsp avocado oil, 1 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp jojoba oil and a couple drops of neem oil (this mixture lasts about 3-4 days).
        Not sure if I should reduce castor oil, or eliminate jojoba oil, or try doing OCM less often?
        Sorry, I guess it wasn’t actually a quick question! Thanks for your help!

        • Hi Melissa, my guess would be that your forehead broke out because of dehydration. (Mine does the same if I let it dry out too much) Maybe try doing the OCM every other day first to see if that would help. If it doesn’t, it could be one of the oils: jojoba can sometimes cause bumps, avocado as well. It’s all very individual, and you’ll need to experiment. I wouldn’t recommend starting to change the oils for now. Just try to change the frequency and see if that helps.

  5. Hi vita, In your video you mentioned you didn’t put anything Besides rose water in the morning, What about sunscreens Or do you use other ways to block the sunshine? Thx!

    • Hi Cheng, I live a primal lifestyle, so I don’t believe in using sunscreens. I believe they cause much more damage, ageing and skin cancers than the sun itself. Plus, they prevent your body from making Vitamin D. If I’m out for a few hours, I don’t mind a bit of exposure, but if I go hiking or to the beach for the whole day, I simply wear a hat. It’s the best natural protection. xx

  6. Hi Vita, I just want to thank you SO MUCH for sharing all of this! I’ve spent the last hour reading through your blog about your acne journey. It’s almost scary how close my story is to yours, haha! I’ve been struggling with acne for about 10 years, and I truly have tried everything under the sun, even Accutane. It worked awesome for a year and then my acne returned. I can’t believe all the money and heartache I’ve spent on medications, dermatology appointments, creams, exfoliants, etc. I was starting to feel hopeless once again, feeling like I would NEVER cure my acne! But somehow I found your blog, and it was such a wake up call. Reading your story truly helped me connect the dots with my skin. It all makes so much sense, and I’m so excited to try the OCM. I hope to have a good update in about a month!

    Thank you once again Vita, God bless! 🙂

    • Shelby, I was there exactly a year ago, and trust me, I felt really hopeless, too. But that’s when I stumbled on my way out. Never lose hope! All you need is to relearn how to listen to your skin again, and you’ll see how quickly it’s going to get better. Wish you lots of luck, and I’ll be waiting for an update from you! xx

  7. Hi Vita,

    I am very new to the OCM. I’ve been doing it for almost a week now with Jojoba and Castor Oil. My question is how do I know if the bumps I am seeing are from over-exfoliating or from my skin just purging? Please let me know what to do. I don’t want to give up.

    • Hi! Welcome on board! 🙂 If your skin is purging, the bumps wouldn’t be painful and there wouldn’t be much redness. It would literally look like clogs coming up to the surface but not like additional inflammation. If your pimples are sore and red, and especially if you skin feels hot to the touch and feels when smiling, it’s probably over-exfoliation or excess dryness. If that’s the case, try either to reduce the frequency or add some nourishing oil to your mix, for example olive oil or avocado oil. Don’t give up! All you have to do is analyze your skin’s behaviour, and you’ll soon work out what’s working and what isn’t. Getting rid of acne is all about regaining that connection with your skin. Let me know how it goes, and I’m always here if you have any more questions! xx

      • Hi Vita,

        My bumps aren’t sore but they are tiny and red with a little white head. Should I continue cleansing every night?

        • Try to do it every other night. The bumps could be over-exfoliation. It could also be jojoba oil clogging the pores slightly – it does that to some people. Try to do it less often first, see if it makes a difference. xx

          • Thanks Vita. Sorry I have so many questions. Last one I promise lol. When you are measuring your oils and you say a “part”, is there a specific measurement I could use? Like tablespoons or cups? I think I might be using too much castor oil when mixing since I “eyeball” it.

          • It could be! I usually just use teaspoons because then the quantity is quite small, and it’s not a pity if I ruin it and have to discard it. But if you are experimenting with only two oils, there really isn’t much that you can ruin. Just add some more nourishing oil to your mix and you’ll have less of castor oil. Try olive oil, it’s fantastic!

          • I just thought of another question. Yesterday I went to a local store that sells olive and nut oils. She was showing me alot of oils and their properties. I figured I would ask you what kind of properties you would look for in a great organic extra virgin olive oil such as polyphenols etc. She also suggested I take 2 tsp internally daily for its healing properties.

          • The one and only important thing is its age. Olive is only full of anti-oxidants up to 6 months after extraction. So the fresher you can get it, the better. I’ve also heard that Italian mainstream olive oils can be fake, i.e. mixed with refined oils even though they are labelled as extra virgin. Spanish, Greek or your local oils (if you have any) would be a better choice. Of course all the oils have to be cold-pressed and unrefined. If you can get organic ones, even better!

  8. I’ve found your videos so helpful! I started Paleo along with OCM about a month ago with 1/4 grape seed oil and 3/4 sweet almond oil. First few days my skin felt amazing and my acne flare immediately went down but then that was it. After that i’ve been having pimples, bumps and blackheads on my forehead and jaw line which I’ve never had before. I feel so much healthier on Paleo and really feel like it’s working but OCM not so much. I started with OCM every other day and then have reduced it to once a week based on information in your videos. I’m not sure what to do right now, I read about Hempseed oil working. What do you think of hempseed oil with castor oil? What proportions should i use? I’m scared of using olive oil because I’ve read some other reviews about people breaking on it. Help!

    • Hi Maddi! So glad you’re enjoying the Paleo diet. Let’s see if I can help you start enjoying the no-poo method, too! It worries me that you weren’t using castor oil in the mixture. It’s really quite necessary for the pore cleansing and soothing at the same time. Sweet almond oil can also be clogging for some individuals. I’d say try adding some castor oil to the mixture, but remember, no more than 20%! How does your skin feel? Does it feel tight, dry, hot to the touch? Are the pimples/bumps red or just white pustules without much redness? I find that blackheads almost always appear when there is dehydration. It could be that your skin disliked the OCM every night. Once it gets upset, it takes a while for it to calm down. Just try to avoid using water on it as much as possible and give it some time to rest. Once a week should probably work fine for now. Hempseed oil seems great, I have never tried it but have heard lots of positive things. Also remember not to miss too many oils at the same time. Stick to 2-3 max. and stick to them for a while. Keep me posted! xx

  9. Raissomat says

    Hy Vita!
    I’m on day 8 Of my nightly OCM.
    I used around 15%castor and the rest jojoba and almond oil (have used those before on my face so I know I don’t react badly) and at first it was great, but now I’m incredibly dry, my face has rough patches and my big dirty nose pores are back. So, too much castor, right? I would reduce the frequency also but I’m having ugly painful cysts on my jawline, that I feel the need to “clean” you know?! I don’t think the cysts are due to OCM but the dryness definitely is. Now I find it difficult to actually hydrate with oil (I can feel it) so I’m wearing some weleda almond oil moisturizer for the dryness, but I don’t like it and I’m not sure what to do..

    • Hi! It sounds totally like you’re overdoing it. Just start doing it once or twice a week. Painful cysts on the jaw and dirty pores on the nose from my experience are totally due to dryness and over-exfoliation. What kind of oil did you use to hydrate? And did you do it on damp face with damp hands? It’s very important to lock in the moisture. Next week, I’ll post a new video and blogpost about a variation of the OCM that’s brilliant for those with dryness and irritation issues (very much like yours). That should help a lot! In the meanwhile, just try do it less often. xx

      • Raissomat says

        Ok thanks dear.
        I applied jojoba, but on dry skin before leaving the house, so it probably could’nt even sink in..I will take a break today and tomorrow. Cysts are healing (yesterday I cleansed without castor, I’m not at home and forgot my oils) so I will manage to leave my face rest. Looking forward to the new post! Thanks again, Ray.

        • Yes, that’s probably why you felt so dry. Oils don’t moisturise on their own, all they do is preserve the moisture on the surface of the skin if it’s already there. That’s why it’s so important to apply oils to damp skin. Otherwise, they dry it out. Hope you’ll finally see improvements soon! xx

          • For night time moisturizing after the short Ocm, do you apply the oil while your skin is still moistened with rose water? Also, do you have any knowledge on jawline/cheek cystic acne and if it is hormonally related, and do you think ocm is effective in treating it?

          • Hi Olivia! Yes, for night time moisturizing I apply the oil while my skin is still damp, I also wet my hands a little. However, if by the short OCM you meant my Fastest Way To Remove Makeup Naturally, I don’t apply any oil afterwards, the residue is usually enough. From everything I’ve read so far and from my own experience, it seems like jawline/cheek cystic acne is either hormonally related or is due to over-exfoliation. Food sensitivities, especially to dairy and chocolate, disrupt the hormones for some people and seem to cause cystic acne in those areas for a lot of them. OCM is definitely helpful for that type of acne but you have to be very careful not to do it too often, massage too much or use very drying oils. Just listen to your skin really. And remember, skincare is just one side of the coil, nutrition is just as important. xx

  10. Hi Vita! I’m so excited for your next post… I have a feeling it will be about your epiphany about rose water 🙂 My skin problems all originate from having used proactiv for 8 years when I shouldn’t have because I didn’t even need it, all I ever got were a couple hormonal pimples around my period, but I got brainwashed into subscribing to proactiv and they’re pretty insistent about you not cancelling your orders so I stuck with it way too long. Last January I started getting concerned that my skin was looking dry and I was starting to get under-eye wrinkles and I was 25, so it made no sense. I figured it was proactiv overdrying my skin and went off it cold-turkey and started OCM with 1/5 castor and 4/5 sunflower seed oil. My skin felt amazing but I started having breakouts on my forehead, so I switched to coconut, breakouts improved, but blackheads began, so then it got so bad I started using straight up antibacterial hand soap on my face which killed the breakouts but dried my skin again, and basically I’ve been on and off OCM with several types of oils since then and after a month I give up and use something else which doesn’t help. Finally my skin was so irritated that the last time I tried using conventional products it actually burned when I applied them and I had to wash them off immediately. Then I found out that what proactiv does is basically stop breakouts pushing the toxins that would normally erupt into pimples further down into your skin. So the longer you use it the longer your skin will purge when you stop, because it’s years of repressed toxins your body can finally get rid of. So this time around I am dead-set on making OCM work for me… or whatever your new OCM once in a while+rosewater combo is. The last week I have been having major jawline and hairline breakouts, like I have never seen before, but after reading this troubleshooting article I can pretty much diagnose it as a mix of over-exfoliation (bc I started applying tea tree oil, calendula tea or witch hazel toner onto the area to reduce acne-causing bacteria and dirt) and also bc I was at the beach and therefore was applying sunscreen to my face and in the ocean water all day. I saw your post about overexfoliation today and ran to the natural food store to buy rose water and started applying only that and little to no water beginning tonight. I have high hopes! Can’t wait to see your next blog, I’m subscribing right now so I will get notified when it goes up 🙂 Thanks a million for sharing all of this on your blog, it has and will continue to help so many people who are striving but failing to get OCM to work for them.

    • Hahaha, you’re almost right, Victoria! 🙂 My next post is going to be about the fastest way to remove makeup or, in other words, a variation of OCM for those with sensitive skin who struggle with the conventional OCM. And of course rose water would be very handy in that routine. However, I used lavender water because that’s what I’m experimenting with right now. 🙂 Proactiv is really evil and I would imagine it’s going to take a while for the skin to function normally again. I guess, as long as you feel your skin is overall healthier and happier, even if it’s still purging, you’ll feel much better and will be able to wait it out. I’ve recently been understanding more and more how evil tap water is. Even if it’s soft and filtered, it’s still full of chemicals and disrupts the pH of the skin for quite a while, which makes skin feel dehydrated. I’ve been avoiding water completely lately. My skin doesn’t see a drop of tap water for a month at a time (or more). I don’t remember the last time I washed it. Rose water or any other floral water is the only water-like thing that touches my skin. And it’s loving it! An article about tap water and why we should avoid it is definitely coming soon. Good luck and keep me posted! xx

      • Thanks for your reply, Vita! It’s only been a day since I started with the rose water and already my skin has calmed down immensely. It’s still a bit pink but the bumps are disappearing and it looks like everything is heading towards normal again. I had three questions for you:
        1) is natural spring water just as tap water? or not? I happen to be lucky enough to have natural spring water (completely untreated) coming out of my tap as I live at the foot of a volcano in Costa Rica. Here I never have to moisturize, but even when I go to the city every few weeks to buy supplies and have to overnight and shower there I notice my skin is like parchment paper after showering and no amount of the natural moisturizer bars I make (bees wax, cocoa butter & coconut oil) helps for too long.
        2) lavender water: that sounds amazing, do you buy it or do you make it?
        3) no-poo method: how come you leave the ACV on for so long? I’ve previously followed the no-poo method as explained by Liz Wolfe the author of “Skintervention” and she recommends to rinse immediately bc ACV is very quick to do its job and if you leave on too long it will overcorrect the pH of your hair. I’m starting no-poo again today, after a 6-month hiatus, and I would love to test out different lengths of leaving ACV on my hair but without messing it up too much and causing me to stop using it again. Also, do you brush out your hair prior to no-poo? When I use conditioner I comb it out in the shower w/a wide tooth comb while the conditioner is on, but when I did no-poo I’d have to brush it out pre-shower bc neither the baking soda nor acv help my hair detangle, actually like you said about the “wet cat” lol it’s very much not soft in the shower.


        • Hi Victoria, glad to know rose water is helping. Last night I uploaded a new video on my channel with a variation of the OCM that’s great for those with more sensitive skin or for those who found that conventional OCM was over-exfoliating their skin. it’s also a brilliant way to remove makeup. I’ve been loving it lately. So let’s answer your three questions: 1) You’re so lucky to have fresh spring water running out of your tap! I also live at the foot of a volcano but can only dream about such kind of water. Mine is highly chlorinated and tastes awful. At least it’s soft! If you have that kind of water, it might not be drying and irritating for the skin at all, you could probably just wet your cotton pad with that instead of rose water. It should be full of minerals as well, so I think it’s awesome. 2) I buy my lavender water from a store, I don’t make it myself because I don’t have the equipment necessary to distill it at home. I wish I did! I’m pretty much obsessed with lavender oil, so lavender water is like an extension of that obsession. I love everything that smells like lavender, and it’s also very soothing. 3) All the sources I’ve read gave instructions to leave ACV on the hair for a few minutes. Some even said not to wash it off at all (tried it and didn’t like it). I guess there are as many opinions as there are people, so all we can do is try it out ourselves and find the combinations/methods that work best for our own skin or hair. Don’t you think? By the way, you’re so lucky to be living in Costa Rica! It’s absolutely beautiful. My husband and I sometimes talk about going to live somewhere else in 10 years or so, and Costa Rica is one of the main destinations in our dreams right now. How is life there? xx

  11. Hi Vita! I am so appreciative of all your advice and willingness to help and answer questions! I started the OCM about a month ago – after finding your website and reading your advice and tips on it. I basically love it and don’t want to give up on it because I see much good that has come from using this, but I have a few questions I hope you can share some insight on 🙂
    -When you suggest only using OCM several times a week in the beginning, what do you recommend on the other days? I don’t feel that rose water gets all the “stuff’ out of my pores but maybe I have a tendency to over exfoliate?
    – Is a gentle soap (like Dr Bronners Magic soap in peppermint or lavender) ok or do you recommend to stay away from it all together? I have been using grape seed as one of my oils and read in a previous post that it can be drying – I have dry skin but my pores are yuck :(…..
    -I also have hard tiny bumps on my temples and forehead that will not go away. I have had the thought that the “plugs” are just being stubborn and have tried hot hot water to hopefully open them before I apply my oil mixture….but that has not really helped very much.
    I have to admit that as much as I want to implement a much healthier and clean way of eating into my life, I have had a hard time sticking with it. My young children and husband are not interested – We also live in a small town with one grocery store that doesn’t have many, if any “clean” options other than a few sad apples, tomatoes and other standard items a produce section. I do know that if I could feed my body more clean and healthy options, it would behave better overall so I am working on it one meal at a time but until I get my act together on my eating, do you have any thoughts or tips for my skin and the OCM? Thanks for your time 🙂

    • Hi Kathreen, glad you’re liking the OCM so far! Let’s see if I can answer all your questions. 🙂
      – If you feel that rose water doesn’t cleanse your pores enough (I think you’re just used to exfoliating constantly), how about trying to wipe your skin with a wet washcloth in the evenings? You just need to make sure you use either bottled water or a shower filter for that because regular tap water with chlorine is very upsetting for the skin. Everyone’s skin is different but I’ve noticed that my face doesn’t like any kind of water at all, perhaps once or twice a week max. In the morning, I definitely wouldn’t suggest using anything apart from rose water because your face really doesn’t get dirty during the night.
      -I wouldn’t recommend using soap on the face (especially with peppermint) because it’s still soap after all and does dry out the skin as well as disrupt the natural balance. Plain water, rose water and a washcloth are really all you need.
      – Grapeseed oil can be drying, but you can always add some more nourishing oil to it if your skin feels tight or starts peeling.
      – The plugs on the forehead and temples are very much linked to nutrition it seems, and usually no matter how much you try to get them out, they’ll keep coming back. The OCM definitely helps to reduce them in time but won’t make them go away completely unless you sort out the diet. I totally understand it can be difficult to eat healthily when the choice isn’t the best, but perhaps you can try to at least give up sugar and white carbs for the beginning? (if you haven’t done so already). Natural oils can definitely help make your skin healthier and will make any spots heal faster, but it won’t stop the clogs from happening completely. I’m sure you already know that skin issues are just a signal of much bigger issues inside our bodies. Beautiful skin comes from within. By the way, how about introducing green juices for breakfast? it’s helped a lot of people with their skin, it cleanses the body, gives lots of energy and provide lots of vitamins and minerals. For example, you could juice some lettuce, kale (if you have it in your store), lemon and a bit of ginger? You can also add an apple for sweetness. Those kind of ingredients should be pretty easy to find.
      Hope I’ve helped a little. xx

  12. Hi Vita!
    I am still using your fasted method to remove makeup every night with mostly avocado oil, a little grape seed oil, and a tiny bit of castor oil and tea tree oil. My tiny forehead flesh colored bumps, dry skin, and jawline cysts are not subsiding. Previously I was using lavender oil .. but from another internet source I was reading that essential oils should be ‘therapeutic grade’ if used on face which mine is not. Do these little tiny forehead bumps and dryness sound like an allergy to one of the oils, or a reaction to non-therapuetic grade lavender oil? Also have you had luck with sweet almond oil? Im having trouble determining the best oil mix for (cystic) acne-prone & dryness-prone skin.

    • Hi Olivia, it doesn’t sound much like an allergic reaction because it would probably be very itchy, very red and very inflamed. Maybe even the fastest method is still too much for your skin. Do you use mineral makeup? What about just wiping off some of it with rose water and then rinsing the rest with bottled or filtered water? Mineral makeup is pretty easy to remove. I’ve come to the conclusion recently that the reason why the OCM doesn’t work that well for some people is because the oil feeds their seborrhea (or the fungus that causes it). What you have on the forehead sounds very much like it (and I’ve always had a problem with seborrhea as well, so I know exactly what it looks like and feels like). The reason why the OCM worked so great for me is probably because I went Paleo and basically healed my seborrhea that way. Without the fungus getting in the way, my skin was able to take advantage of the oils. Just to give you an example, I went off the Paleo diet for a couple of weeks recently, and within days I had spots all over, my skin was super itchy, I had bumps and white pustules all over my forehead and jaw/chin area. It obviously awakend my seborrhea. Let me tell you this: it was uncomfortable to say the least! That taught me an important lesson: the oils are great, but they won’t help alone if the diet isn’t right. it’s the synergy of both that creates miracles. Beauty and healthy skin come from within. Good news: I stopped eating grains and beans, and my skin sorted itself out within a few days. It’s now completely back to normal and I’m left with only a few red marks that will heal in a few days. Thank God! Anyway, I’m going to post a video talking more in detail about this tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Check it out if you find it interesting! Regarding almond oil, I tried it a few times and it gave me whiteheads every time: it could be a coincidence but I prefer to stay away. I experience the same with jojoba oil. By the way, my lavender oil isn’t therapeutic grade either but I haven’t had any problems with it. Of course, it’s better to use therapeutic grade oils if you can get hold of them, but an allergic reaction would probably look and feel a little different. You’d probably recognize it easily. xx

      • Hi Vita,
        I use a liquid Clinique foundation every day because I have a lot of hyper-pigmentation and quite a lot of current red inflamed acne. I’m afraid rose water/ filtered water alone wouldn’t do the job to get it off at night along with my mascara. 🙁 My skin is still breaking out, still dry to the point of flakiness, and still quite a lot of little bumps all over my forehead and temples. My diet only restricts most dairy products, overly fatty foods, processed and sugary foods (chocolate– it kills me!). I eat wheat, meat, beans,.. everything. I’m so close to just going to a drug store and buying crappy face wash and moisturizer because my skin is breaking out yet so dry. I feel like ‘of course OCM doesn’t work for me- nothing does’.. getting pretty hopeless.. I read that you underwent a lot of stomach issues- as did I, three years of incessant bloat/ cramping and craving sugar like crazy. I’m so close to just going to a drug store and buying crappy face wash and moisturizer because my skin is breaking out yet so dry. I feel like ‘of course OCM doesn’t work for me- nothing does’.. getting pretty hopeless. Looking forward to your next video. Now I am tempted to try hemp oil because of the high linoleic content. Any wisdom on this oil?

        • Hi Olivia, you’re right. If you use a liquid foundation, water alone won’t take it off. You will need to take it off with oils. Have you ever thought of switching to natural mineral makeup? It really seems like your skin issues are gut related (well, they almost always are). Have you ever tried staying off wheat? It’s a big trigger for a lot of people including me. I really hope I could help you more, but, as I said before, skincare alone won’t fix skin issues unless you fix digestion issues at the same time. Wheat and beans are inflammatory foods according to a lot of sources, and it could be a great thing to stay away for a while just to see if that makes a difference. A few readers have told me how much they’re enjoying hemp seed oil, so it’s worth trying. But remember acne is just s symptom of a systemic issue. You need to find the cause.

  13. Thanks Vita your website is a fantastic find! Was lovely OCM until breakout but you’ve helped me to realise this might be over exfoliation so I’m now cutting back 🙂 I bought what I thought was rose water, but it’s essence of rose water – do you think it will work the same? Thanks x

    • So glad you’re enjoying my blog, Angela! I’m not sure about the rose essence. It seems like it’s mostly used in baking and it’s 3 times more concentrated than rose water. I tried to find something on the internet about using it for skincare, and I didn’t find anything. I really don’t think it’s going to be the same as rose water if you simply dillute it with water. It’s delicious in cakes and Middle Eastern drinks, though! xx

  14. Mercedes says

    Hi! I haven’t started OCM yet, or the complete version, but I massage coconut oil on my face and use a warm washcloth, about once a day, and after that I apply some rose water with witch hazel added. It doesn’t seem to help much because the coconut oil doesn’t give my skin a good texture and I still get pretty bad breakouts. I’m thinking it’s clogging my pores.

    But, I’ve been thinking about using hazelnut oil and olive oil, though I’m a bit scared to use olive oil because of how hard it is to remove from the skin and I’ve also heard it clogs pores. Have you had any problems with getting olive oil off your face? And if so, do you have any suggestions on how to not leave any residue from it on your face?

    • Hi Mercedes, I’ve never had problems with removing olive oil off my face. If you just tried to wash it off with water using your hands, it would be pretty hard, but the washcloth takes it off effortlessly. I love olive oil, and it’s never caused me any troubles. If anything else upsets my skin, my trusted olive oil is what I always come back to. Coconut oil, on the other hand, causes me grief every single time I try it. Good luck and of course keep me posted! xx

      • Mercedes says

        Thank you! And I’ll be tying it here soon (tired of these random bumps on my skin, besides the acne)! I’ll keep you updated :).

      • Mercedes says

        Okay so, I’ve just been using olive oil on my skin almost every night, just so my skin could get used to olive oil before adding in the hazelnut oil as well (weird habit I guess). And I noticed immediately after using it that my skin wasn’t as soft as when I used coconut oil but it wasn’t as heavy and I liked how my skin look afterwards, more then after using coconut oil. But, the next day, my skin seemed to have dry patches? So I thought I wasn’t putting enough olive oil and leaving it long enough on my skin, but then I noticed that the longer it sat on my face, it would start to make my face break out in small red, hot, spots on my face. Why is this? I was loving how my face looked with olive oil but I just didn’t like the weird dry patches, yet I don’t want to go back to coconut oil because it was too heavy. 🙁

        • How long do you generally massage the oil on your skin? If your skin starts getting upset when you leave it on for too long, don’t leave it on for more that 3 minutes or so. See if it makes a difference. If that doesn’t help, perhaps your skin doesn’t like either of the two oils. Try any other oil, such as hempseed, sunflower, pumpkin seed oil, etc. (these are my current favourites). Let me know how it goes! xx

          • Mercedes says

            I massaged it in for about a minute this time and gently wiped it off, but I still got a small rash, not as bad, but it still appeared. Am I maybe allergic? Which would stink because I love the way it makes my skin look but the texture is a little rough at places.

          • Do you use hot water on your cloth? COuld that be the reason for the irritation? Got water + exfoliation from the cloth = too much for sensitive skin. Or simply try a different oil. You might not be tolerating olive oil well. xx

  15. Before starting the OCM, I cleansed with the Body Shop’s tea tree oil cleanser and used olive oil as a moisturizer. I just started the OCM yesterday and my skin overall does seem to look more even and less red.

    However, I am noticing a painful cystic acne blemish coming on on my chin, my area most prone to breakouts. I usually only get one or two of these a month, and just got one the other day, so this is odd for me. I am using a blend of 1 part castor oil, 4 parts grape seed oil. I did the massage last night and tonight, and definitely did feel the clogs coming out. My concern is that my skin is going to get worse from this, as I have read on other websites about this cleansing method that some people get horrible cystic acne that doesn’t go away after they stop using the OCM, and I really do not want that to happen to me.

    Do you think I should continue on with this, or give it a rest for a few days? I’m just really not sure if this is simply my skin purging or if it is my skin about to freak out and get worse.

    • Hi Caitlin, welcome to the OCM tribe! 🙂 First of all, of course there are some horror stories online just like with everything else, but it’s worked wonders for so many people, too. One pimple is not a cause for concern yet, but watch your skin closely. Also try to go very gradually if you’re afraid of upsetting your skin. Don’t do it every night perhaps, but stick to your current routine and slowly introduce the OCM by doing it once or twice a week. Most skins don’t need that much exfoliation on a daily basis. Good luck, and keep me posted! xx

      • I think the OCM is great and awesome that it’s all natural and lets your skin balance on its own.

        I did the cleanse three nights in a row, and on the third night my skin felt irritated, so I decided to just rinse with water if my face felt it needed it. So I hadn’t done anything other than maybe rinse with water for 3 or 4 days, and my skin looked great! I then thought I needed to use the oil cleanse again. I did not feel very many clogs coming out that night, and my face again felt irritated. The next morning another one of those cystic, painful pimples started to come up. I just let it be as much as I could and now it’s sort of going away. I have just been rinsing with water for the past few days but my skin seems to be getting worse again. I have this one patch of tiny red bumps on my chin as well as pimples in places I’ve never had them before.

        I want to do something other than rinsing with water, but I don’t want to do the OCM if it’s going to irritate my skin and cause another cystic acne. Do you think it could be the grape seed or castor oil that’s the cause or should I use less of the castor oil?

        Thank you and I appreciate you helping!

        • Hi Caitlin, first of all it looks like your oil mixture is a little drying (or too astringent), you could try to add some nourishing oil, such as avocado oil or olive oil. Definitely don’t do it too often if your skin is obviously happy with less on most days. The fact that you didn’t see many clogs coming out when you did it again 3 days later, probably means that your skin was still clean from the previous oil cleansing, so that’s another hint that perhaps once a week or even less would be right for it.

          Now that it’s summer and it’s getting pretty hot, I’ve been finding that my skin is happier when I take off the oils more thoroughly. I’ve been following the OCM with an Aleppo soap (also called Syrian soap or Laurel soap, mine is 20% laurel oil), and it’s helped me get rid of any dry flaky patches (seborrheic dermatitis). I don’t remember my skin ever being so balanced before, so I would totally recommend it to anyone whose skin isn’t happy with the OCM alone. On all other morning and evenings I simply rinse my face with filtered water. My skin couldn’t tolerate water before at all, now it can. It’s either thanks to the Aleppo soap or to the parasite cleanse I did a month ago, but something has definitely worked.

          I think the OCM alone works great during the winter, when the skin is drier perhaps, but in the summer the combination of the Syrian soap and the OCM has done wonders for me, perhaps it would help you, too. By the way, I’m working on my summer skincare routine video, it will probably be up tonight, so I’ll talk more about it there.

          Good luck! Don’t give up! xx

          • Thank you so much! I will definitely try adding in some olive oil as well as the Syrian soap.

      • Also, I was just reading your post about how you started to get dermatitis, and it seems like that is what the patch of red bumps I have is.

  16. Hello!
    Ive been trying the oil cleansing method for hmm about 4 weeks now. I have had moderate acne for years, whiteheads around my mouth and chin and cheeks, and cystic acne on my jawline. Also blackheads on my nose and forehead. The first two weeks I did Castor Oil and Argon oil like twice a day, and my forehead went crazy! I saw improvement in the cystic acne and whiteheads, but suddenly my forhead was like completely covered in blackheads and raised bumps. It was red and irritated. So i took you advice and decided to only do oil cleansing once every other day, or once every three days to slow it down.

    Only now, my cheeks and basically whole face have developed SOO MANY blackheads. Its so irritating 🙁 Im trying to hang in there but Im so tempted to give up.
    Any advice? Are all those new blackheads from purging? Also now my forehead and skin is so dry and flakey, like little flakes everywhere, with blackheads and bumps underneath. Im using castor oil and jojoba oil now. and rose water on the days i dont use oil.

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi! I’m so sorry to hear you’re struggling. I’ll give you a few possible reasons why your skin isn’t liking OCM at the moment. You’ll need to investigate and see if any of them fits your case. Firstly, how much castor oil were you using? It sounds very much like over-exfoliation. Could it be that argan oil simply doesn’t work for your skin? Both argan and jojoba oils are higher in oleic acid than linoleic acid, which means they’re more prone to clogging. So that could be another reason – oils high in linoleic acid would be sunflower oil, pumpkin seed oil, safflower oil, hemp seed oil. This is something I’ve discovered very recently, but it’s definitely worth looking into. The weather is hot now because it’s summertime, perhaps your skin isn’t liking the oil residue. Try to wash your face with a natural soap, such as Aleppo soap, neem soap, sabon de Marseilles after the OCM. It’s helped me tremendously in hot weather. You could also try a honey and cinnamon mask every other day – it exfoliates very gently and clears pores. Just mix a tablespoon of honey and around 1/2 teaspoon of organic cinnamon. Apply a thin layer on clean face, leave on for 15 mins and wash off with cool water. This quantity should last for around a month or more. xx

      • Hey thank you so much for the reply!
        Well- the first 2 weeks i tried OCM before I found your youtube videos, I was doing 50% castor oil and 50% argon oil once or twice a day even! So I suspect that dried my skin out too much and i scrubbed really hard to get the oils off my face so I think I overexfoliated.

        Then I found your videos, switched to jojoba oil, and started doing like 30% castor oil 70% jojoba, and did that every other day for about a week now. I dont want to write off jojoba oil too soon, because maybe my skin was still healing from my first two weeks of too much castor oil.

        Still though, I will try jojoba oil for another week or so before I switch to hemp seed oil- Ill give that a shot.

        As for the summer, I live somewhere very temperate so it rarely gets above 80degrees. BUT, I workout almost every single morning, and I get SO sweaty. I box, so my face gets sweaty to the point of dripping. I always feel that rinsing my face with rosewater after all that sweating isnt doing enough…. But maybe im just used to all the acne scrubs I used to use. Maybe I should use that soap you suggested after I workout?

        Thanks, and ill keep you updated if thats okay!
        Im sure ill have more questions

        • Yes, of course, give jojoba a bit more time. It works amazingly for a lot of people. I totally understand about sweating after exercising. I go for a run in the mornings with my dog and it’s hot here, so I come back totally drenched. I find that rinsing with filtered water is perfect for removing all that sweat. Rosewater alone was perfect during the winter or for mornings when I don’t exercise intensively, but I’ve had to go for water rinses once the weather got warmer. If you try it though, make sure you have a shower filter or just use bottled water. You could try washing with one of those soaps I mentioned, but for me personally it would be too much doing it every day. You’ll have to experiment with your own skin. Of course, keep me updated! xx

  17. Hello again!
    Wow so its been a week and ive learned a lot. I watched your videos where you mentioned diet has a lot to do with skin and i started doing some of my own googling and searched and stuff. I decided to go a week without dairy, and no sugar besides the small amounts in fruits, veggies.

    I never thought diet would be an issue for me because I ate very healthy in general, lots of protein and veggies, zero junk food, and only minimal whole grains. Wow though, even after two days I saw such a difference! The cycstic acne on my jawline stopped growing and slowly healed over 4 days. and no new pimples of my face, just the old ones healing! Wow! Another change i made was I started taking 1-2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar each day, and using acv as a toner on my skin. I think my issue may have to do with low stomach acid- some symptons are anemia, constipation, bloating, and ACNE! Ive had these issues forever so i think I may have gotten to the route of my problem, along with cutting dairy and sugar. I also realized i had been eating protein bars with whey protein in them, which was another culprit i think.

    The past three days i caved and ate chocolate, my favorite- and the next day i get 3-4 new pimples around my mouth and chin where i used to break out all the time. I think im making some good headway, and i just wanted to share with you my success with apple cider vinegar and my thoughts on low stomach acid 🙂

    along with that i tool your advice about a little soap after doing ocm, and its helped with the black heads on my forehead 🙂

    I think Im gonna stick with the no dairy no sugar, and 1-2 tbsp of acv for a month and see how it goes.
    Thanks so much for your help!!

    • I’m so happy to hear you’ve seen lots of progress! Yes, we totally are what we eat, and anyone who says that food doesn’t affect acne or any other health issues is blind! You’ve just made my day, so thanks so much for sharing your good news. xx

  18. Hello, Vita!

    First of all, great job with this site, I really love your content! 🙂

    Now on to the OCM. I’ve tried it before and after doing it for 3-4 days I started breaking out, even got some hard cysts under my skin, so I stopped. But just like you said, my gut tells me that this is the right way to go. I’ve been battling acne for about 9 years now and it’s simply tiring and frustrating.

    My question is: will castor oil promote hair growth on your face? I’m a rather hairy girl (I’ve done blood tests and it looks like I don’t have any hormonal issues, so the hairiness is just how I am naturally), hence my concern for the castor oil.

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Lina! So happy that you like my content. Thanks so much! Perhaps you tried the OCM with the wrong oils or a wrong ratio? I understand that gut feeling that something is right for you, you just need to figure out how to make it work. And you will! From what I’ve read, it seems that castor oil doesn’t promote facial hair growth. Plus, you wash it off, so it doesn’t sit on your skin for a long time. You could also try OCM with an oil high in linoleic acid without castor oil, just to be on the safe side. That would be pumpkin seed oil, hempseed oil, grapeseed oil or safflower oil. This type of oils tends to soften sebum and prevents clogs. Remember that good nutrition is just as important for achieving clear skin. Let me know how it goes! xx

      • Thank you very much for your answer!

        I tried it with olive and castor oils, but I surely did something wrong (maybe too much castor oil — followed the original instructions for oily skin — or maybe I didn’t rinse well enough). My skin always felt really tight after removing the oil, but I didn’t know that you could use oil to moisturize a bit, so my skin might have tried to produce more oil to compensate for the dryness.

        I know that diet is an important part of skin care as well, reason why I’ve quit sugar and eating fried food. Also, I exercise daily. Now I’m trying to improve my approach towards exterior care. For the past 10 days I used an acne treatment bought from a pharmacy and it only irritated my skin even more (although it claimed to be for sensitive skin). My acne history is pretty much likes yours (had acne for years and tried just about everything).

        Going to look for some of the oils that you mentioned. 🙂

        All the best, Vita!

        • Hi Lina, generally the instructions for oily skin all over the internet are 30-50% castor oil, and that’s crazy! I also recommend not using more than 20% regardless of your skin type. You said your skin felt tight after cleansing, that’s definitely a proof that there was too much castor oil in the mixture. Of course, in order to compensate for the loss of moisture, your skin would produce even more oil. Don’t waste your money on treatments from the pharmacies, they will never resolve the issue. The companies are only out there for the money, not to help people. Wishing you all the best in your clear skin journey, and remember that your skin will clear up when you expect it the least (or, in other words, when you stop obsessing over it). 🙂 xx

  19. Hi Vita,

    I just discovered your page and I’m obsessed! I was wondering if you could help me out? I’ve just come to the OCM (I have lots of blackheads and the occasional breakout). I wear makeup (mineral) most days so I use the OCM (20% castor, 80% olive oil) most nights to get that off. However, I exercise most mornings and get quite sweaty – do you have any suggestions for ways to clean my face in the morning? Is toning with rose water enough?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Erin! So happy you found my blog! I usually rinse my face with water in the morning and then tone with rosewater. It works very well. I find that rosewater alone is fine during the winter when I don’t sweat at all during the night and when I don’t exercise, but water is great for all the other occasions. xx

  20. Hi Vita,

    I have combination skin and for some reason I have developed a cluster of pimples on the sides of my cheeks–in between my cheekbones and the corners of my mouth. They will not go away no matter what I seem to do. I decided to try the OCM and I think I started off with too many oils. First it was Castor, Jojoba, Grapeseed, and Sweet Almond. Then it was Castor, Grapeseed, and Apricot Kernel. Then I tried just Castor and Jojoba. I always use Sweet Almond or Apricot Kernel as a moisturizer. I just keep getting new pimples and bumps and I know it’s not supposed to do that. I just bought Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist which I love, and that’s what I finish with. I think I just haven’t found the right oils for my face to cleanse with. Do you think Olive Oil will help me? I’m afraid it will give me more pimples..

    Please help!!!

    • Hi Brianna, it does seem like you used too many oils at once because now it’s impossible to tell which ones work for you and which ones don’t. In general, if you are pimple-prone, I don’t think it’s a good idea to use sweet almond oil or apricot kernel oil as a moisturizer or for the oCM because they’re both quite heavy and have more oleic acid than linoleic. Personally, I don’t get along with them either. You need something that feels light and is higher in linoleic acid, such as pumpkin seed oil, safflower seed oil, sunflower oil or hemp seed oil. I love pumpkin seed oil. Grapeseed oil is also high in linoleic acid, but it can be a bit drying, so you need to experiment with that one. As you already have it, perhaps just try to use it for your OCM and as a moisturizer (mixed with a bit of castor oil). Olive oil is a tricky oil that works great for some and is clogging for others, so maybe stay away for now. The spots in the area of the face that you mentioned are also very related to your hormones and digestive health. Remember that it’s not just about the skincare. The root cause is always within. Good luck! xx

  21. Hi Vita,

    Thank you for your blog post. I hope you’re up to giving some more advice because I need some help with my ocm routine. I started ocm with only olive oil every second day about six weeks ago. Three weeks in, I felt I was over exfoliating so decided to cut it back to once a week and then now has dwindled my routine to just cleaning my face with oil and moisturising it with rose water. I’ve stopped doing the ocm for the past two weeks, but my skin is still flaky, with angry dry skin. Are there other ways in which I could speed up my recovery process? And also I’ve now switched to using virgin flax seed oil. Is that too drying of an oil?

    Thanks for your time 🙂

    • Hi Lou, I’m always up for more advice. 🙂 That’s what my blog is for. I’m a bit confused though. Did you mean that for the last couple of weeks you’ve been applying oil on your skin, but not doing the whole routine of massaging and removing it with a warm washcloth? Did I misunderstand? Flaxseed oil shouldn’t be too drying. It’s a great oil. I would say that your flakiness and dryness could be caused by worsening seborrheic dermatitis. Most people with acne or spots have it. I had a similar problem when I went off the Paleo diet and went a little naughty with cookies/ice cream a while ago. Suddenly the oil started aggravating my skin instead of helping it. So I guess what I’m trying to say here is that you should look into your diet as well. Next, it could be because you used olive oil alone without castor oil (which should help keep the flakes at bay). What helped me a lot to get rid of the flakes and get my skin happy again was the Aleppo soap and honey/cinnamon masks every other day. I know I’m like a broken radio, but your diet is really the most important factor. xx

  22. priyanka tailor says

    gud evening mam
    I have few questions about pumpkin seed oil. I brought pumpkin seed oil which is yellow in color is it pure as it is not dark green as all say and displayed in images.
    can i use it as my day and night time moisturizer i read somewhere that it makes hiperpigmentation on skin when get contact with sun light.
    and in fisrt 3days when i applied oil on face just two three drops i feel good but after few days of usking pumpkin seed oil i feel dry patches and some pimples on my face.
    please give your advise mam.

    • Hi Priyanka, I’ve never heard of pumpkin seed oil causing hyperpigmentation and have just googled it as well, but found nothing like that online. It works great for me as a moisturizer for day and night, but if you feel that your skin is still dry, maybe try a more nourishing oil. For example, avocado or shea butter. My pumpkin seed oil is green and I’ve never heard of it being yellow. Perhaps it’s toasted? Raw pumpkin seed oil would always be green simply because the seeds themselves are green. xx

  23. Hi Vita,

    first of all, thank you so much for telling me all I have to know about the OCM method.
    I started it about two weeks ago ago and it worked wonders for me.
    But now I am getting trouble with this method.
    I was suffering from acne since I am 15. Fortunately my dermatologist could help me and it was pretty much gone. Nevertheless I had problems with great pores, blackheads and redness.
    I decided to try out the OCM method as I wanted my skin to balance out.
    I tried a mixture with jojoba oil and castor oil. 90% to 10 %. First of all I was super excited as my skin looked more radiant, my redness disappeared a little bit and my few pimples healed.
    I also realized that I am actually having dry skin as more castor oil was not great for my skin (always thought I had oily skin as my skin was always really shiny).
    But now, two weeks later, I start getting pimples on my “complicated areas”. Chin, forehead and nose. Now I am really scared that my pimples will bring me back to my acne time. What am I doing wrong or is this just a normal phase? Please help!!

    • Hi Mascha! How frequently have you been using the OCM? It seems like you over-exfoliated your skin a little. It would respond by starting to feel dry and getting pimples. So that would be the first thing to look into. Also, it’s possible that one of the oils doesn’t agree with you. Jojoba oil can be clogging for some people. xx

      • 1.How frequently have you been using the OCM?
        I am doing it every night for two weeks now.
        2. Does your skin feel dry?
        No it does not feel dry, but when I put makeup you can see tiny little areas of dryness on my nose, forehead and so on.

        My questions:
        1.Should I not do the OCM every night?
        I was hoping of being able to balance out my skin (oil production), getting rid of by blackhead and big pores and my redness through doing the OCM for at least one month straigth. How can I do that without the OCM?
        2. Should I skip to another skin routine and do the OCM only once a week?
        I´ve heard you are using rose oil and water? How do you use it? But again the question, will that help my big pores, redness and blackheads?
        3. Should I use another oil?
        I am confused which one to use as I am not quite sure which skin type I have (following question) Avocado oil for dry skin?
        4.My skin has always been really shiny but with some dry areas. According to this I always thought I had oily skin. But when trying out the OCM method I realized that everything over the ratio of 10% castor oil makes my skin dry. So do I have dry skin? And is the shine maybe a protection of my skin?

        Sorry for these many questions! But I am really desperate to be looking that bad again as I´ve looked back in my acne times! Thank you for your help:)

        • Hi Mascha! Doing the OCM every night might be too much. I know for me it would surely be too much. What you can try to do is use a shorter version every night just to remove makeup and cleanse the skin, but without the long massage. Literally, just treat it as a cleanser and use a very soft washcloth to remove the oil gently, but make sure you don’t use hot water. Warm is perfect. I personally don’t use makeup on a daily basis, so I simply wipe my face with rosewater in the morning and in the evening, but in the morning I also rinse it with warm water. I do the OCM around once a week or once in a couple of weeks. Sounds like you have combination skin, which is what most people tend to have. Thanks to all the chemicals we use on our skin from an early age, our skin loses the ability to balance itself. What you can do is treat your skin as dry, but without using heavy clogging oils. Be careful with anything geared for oily skin. Best oils to try are those high in linoleic acid: pumpkin seed oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil or hemp seed oil. Yes, the shine is definitely your skin’s protection. When it feels threatened, it goes into overdrive producing extra oil for protection. When it stops feeling threatened, it will calm down. Good luck! xx

          • Hi Vita,

            thank you for your advice. I now started using pumpkin seed oil and bought a good rose water. I also stopped doing the OCM and am now doing your “fast way to remove makeup”. It already got a little bit better, but I still have many pimples:/.
            I just feel that my skin is super dry; although I am just using a ratio of 10% castor oil. Should I just give my skin a little time now or can the castor oil also irritate my skin? And if yes, what can i use instead because castor oil is antibacterial and that would be missing if i skip this oil, right? I just really want this method to work for me:)

            Greetings from Germany!

          • Hi Mascha! You can also use a super soft washcloth with warm water if you feel that you need to remove some more of the oil sometimes. By the way, you could totally cleanse with pumpkin seed oil alone. That’s what I do and I haven’t touched castor oil for the longest oil. I personally think it works better this way. Pumpkin seed oil is also antibacterial and antifungal, plus unclogs pores, so it’s perfect!

  24. Hi Vita!
    Okay. I will try it with pumpkin see oil. It already got a little bit better on my jawline,
    but on my forehead it is really bad.
    Can you give me some advice on how to moisturize my skin better.
    Even though I am not doing the OCM but your “easy way to remove makeup” my skin is totally dry. The pumpkin seed oil seems not to be enough even though I am always putting a little bit of extra oil on my skin after my cleansing routine. My face looks so terrible. I hope it´s gonna be better soon:)

    • Are you putting oil on damp skin with wet hands? It makes a huge difference. Try to rinse your face with water and washcloth because it could also be that there is a lot of dead skin buildup which prevents the oil from reaching your skin properly. Shea butter is another great thing to try. I always turn to it when my skin is feeling dry. xx

  25. Well, I am just putting the oil in my hands and massage it into my dry skin.
    So you mean that I should wet my face and my hands before I apply the oil?
    So sorry for that many questions but my skin is totally freaking out right out, but
    I don´t want to quit cleaning my skin with oil as i feel it is the right thing to do.

    • That’s why your skin is dry. For s
      cleansing your skin needs to be dry. But when you apply it for moisturizing, make sure you do it when your face is still damp, also wet your hands. Oil doesn’t moisturize by itself, all it does is trap the moisture that is on your skin. If there is none, your skin will stay dry. In fact, it will be even drier because skin won’t be able to get moisture from the air because of the layer of oil. Hope it makes sense. xx

  26. Alright:) That means I should clean my face with the oil, wash it away with warm water and a washcloth and apply some oil with wet hands on my damp face afterwards (if needed)?
    How do I apply shea butter the best? On dry skin or on damp skin?

  27. Hi Vita! Love your blog by the way.
    I have started the oil cleansing method about a week ago and my skin is becoming quite dry. I have been using Sunflower seed oil and Castor oil (only 10%, maybe even less). I live in Canada and it is very dry right now because of the cold. I have acne prone skin and I read about you using Pumpkin seed oil to moisturize. How and when do you apply it? After or before using the OCM. Do you wipe it of? Do you use in the morning or at night? Do you have any other suggestions? Lots of love xxx

    • Hi Jaya! Thank you! If I didn’t use any oil to moisturize after OCM in the cold season, my skin would be dry, too. I apply a bit of pumpkin seed oil every morning and evening after cleansing. You need to make sure that your skin and hands are damp, otherwise any oil will dry you out even more. Oil needs moisture in order to trap it. I always massage it in gently until it’s absorbed. I don’t wipe it off. However, if you have applied too much and it doesn’t get completely absorbed after 5 mins, just wipe off the excess with a tissue. Sunflower seed is quite a cooling and very light oil, which is awesome for someone with oily skin. But if your skin is on the dry side, plus it’s dry and cold outside, you might need something more nourishing. For example, avocado oil, hempseed oil or my beloved pumpkin seed oil. xx

      • Oooh no! I just realized the pumpkin seed oil I bought and used on my face is made with roasted pumpkin seeds…. I remember reading that you can only use unrifined and cold pressed oils. Am I right? What should I do?

  28. Hi Vita, i want to try using pumpkin seed oil and tea tree oil for OCM, can you recommend where should i buy the best quality one? I live in Indonesia, so it’s so hard for me to find the best quality oil here. Thanks so much for ur kind reply..;)

    • Hi Deisy! I really have no idea where to get good quality oils in Indonesia (I’m in Europe!) I get mine from Amazon or from local health shops. Are there any Indonesian online stores where you can get them? Generally, the best prices can be found online. Sorry I can’t help you more! xx

  29. Hi Vita! I found your blog after researching oil cleansing method. I had decent skin (not perfect) all my life but suddenly in my twenties I started having bad, inflamed breakouts. I went to the dermatologist and they perscribed me topicals. It worked after a horrible initial breakout and then all came back. I returned only for them to tell me I needed to start taking medication. This was the breaking point for me- I knew it was time for a change before I started taking pills for it.

    I am trying to slowly phase out all the perscriptions (only am using the retnoid now) and hope to eleminate that. I have been using pure argan oil cleansing every day and following up with a rosewater/witchazel toner. After your video I will try and combine it with caster oil and reduce the amount of times I do this per week. I also only use juice beauty mineral makeup every day. I hope this helps my skin! Any additonal tips for my routine and for also eliminating body acne?

    • Hi Dixie, sorry to hear about your skin struggles, but look at it this way: it’s a perfect reason to make your life more natural and listen to your body more. Sometimes acne can really be a blessing in disguise. Your plan sounds good, but don’t forget that lifestyle and diet are even more important. Look up diet and lifestyle recommendations for pitta/kapha dosha. They are usually the ones that need to be balanced when you have acne. Ayurveda is incredibly helpful. Good luck with your skin! xx

  30. Dear Vita,

    I would like to hear your advices on my oil cleansing method experiment 🙁
    English is not my first language, I am taking classes. I hope you still able to understand 🙁

    On my first week, my pores around my nose, upper lips and eyebrow was show great results. Blackheads were pulling out from my skin and my face getting clearer and brighter each day. But I couldn’t see any improvements on other area of my face such as chin, cheek, jawline and forehead.
    I am entering the second week now, and the area of my face which showed great results are still great and still showing me improvements. But, the other area are now in horrible situation which fulfill with cystic acne! T_T
    So what is actually happening on my face now? Is it only purging or is there something wrong on my method?

    This might be several reasons why this occur on me T_T
    1.I have OCM every night.
    2.As for OCM oil, I use grapeseed oil plus tea tree eo.
    3.Every morning and night, I put rose hip seed oil.
    4.Lack of moisturizer (but I don’t even know what kind of moisturizer will suit my skin).

    Please confirm me so there will be uncertainty in my mind anymore T_T

    Thank you xoxo

    • Hi Saki, I’m so sorry for a late reply! Your English is perfect, so don’t worry, I can understand you perfectly. I’m not a native English speak either. 🙂

      First of all, OCM every night is way too much, I think. Do it once or twice a week. There is really no need to overstimulate your skin like that because your skin will start producing more oil. Try not using hot water, only mildly warm and use a soft washcloth. That should help your skin calm down and not overproduce oil.

      How much rosehip oil are you using? I personally use only 1 drop and only in the morning. I don’t use anything at night and let my skin breathe and rebalance by itself. If I use any more than 1 drop, my skin feels oily and starts feeling clogged up. With oils, less is definitely more.

      You don’t need any other moisturizer. Oils are more than enough.

      I really hope you’ll start seeing results soon! xx

  31. Hello Vita,

    I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and have been reading it religiously! 🙂
    I have started to try out the OCM and I would be happy if you could help me with some questions I have.

    -First of all, while I did my Google search on the OCM I found quite a lot of negative comments and horror stories on how skin got worse after a few weeks, people had the worst acne of their life etc. Now, although my skin feels nice after the cleanse all these negative experiences still freak me out and I am afraid that something similar would happen to me. Do you think the OCM is indeed not meant for every skin or do you think this is mostly because they make mistakes in applying the oil?
    – If I understood correctly, you suggest doing the OCM once or twice a week. How do you clean and moisturise your face the other nights/days? I feel the OCM is something very natural and I wouldn’t want to hinder the good it might to by applying the product or using a cleanse which is not compatible or doesn’t to my skin any good. What would you recommend for cleaning/moisturising the face on non-OCM days?
    – Finally, I have slight hyperosis so I am wary of putting a hot washcloth on my face. However, this is what most articles recommend as it really opens your pores and let the oil sink in and do its work. Does the OCM also work if the washcloth is only mildly warm? Do you have any suggestions, recommendations for oils or things I have to keep in mind if I have hyperosis?

    Sorry for bombing you with questions like that! It’s just that I am afraid to do something wrong. I tend to have white-and blackheads on my nose but besides that I am quite happy with my skin. If I have pimples or bumps they are usually around my mouth/chin area but that’s most probably because I am prone to skin-picking and find myself 50 times a day with my dirty fingers in my face.
    Thank you very much in advance!! 🙂


    • Hi Sophie,

      Welcome to blog, I’m so glad you found me! Alright, let’s try to answer your questions. 🙂

      – I really think the OCM should work for every skin. It’s just about choosing the right oils and choosing the right frequency. Some skins (the very oily ones) might b bothered by the oily residue, so it would probably be best to use a natural soap to mop up the excess oil after the OCM or perhaps something like chickpea flour, which Indians have used for centuries for oily skins. I feel that the majority of people fail because they use the OCM every single day, often even twice a day. It’s way too much.

      – I only use the OCM once a week or sometimes even once in 2 or 3 weeks. The rest of the days I simply rinse with water. In the evenings, I usually just wipe with rosewater (no oil for moisturising). Bear in mind that I don’t use makeup on a daily basis. If I have makeup to take off, it’s just mineral powder, so I either do the OCM (very rarely) or most often I simply wipe with a damp muslin cloth and rinse with water. Mineral powder comes off so easily (I wouldn’t recommend anything else): I never use any oil to moisturize in the evenings because I believe keeping my skin bare at night helps it rebalance itself. In the mornings, I always rinse my face with cool water and that’ it really. I apply one drop of rosehip oil with damp hands as a moisturizer. I love, love, love that oil. It makes my skin incredibly smooth.

      – My face also doesn’t tolerate heat well, so I use warm washcloth and it works perfectly fine. It’s the friction of the cloth that takes off most of the dead skin cells and sebum rather than the temperature. I believe heat does more damage than good. My tips would be to avoid excess exfoliation and heat as much as you can. Stay out of really hot hours of the day, don’t sunbathe too much, don’t exercise until you overheat – listen to your body and stop when your skin starts feeling uncomfortable.

      Also remember that the quality of skin is very much about the food you take in. xx

  32. Hi Vita, how do you measure the oils? When you say 70% – 30%; Do you eyeball it or do you use a measuring spoon and how do you do it? Thanks

    • Hi Abby! I simply use a teaspoon or a tablespoon (depending on the quantity) and if I need to do 70% and 30%, I simply use 7 teaspoons of 1 and 3 teaspoons of the second one, or a smaller quantity of let’s say 3.5 tsp. of one and 1.5 tsp. of the second one. xx

  33. Hi Vita,
    I have to thank you for all your amazing insight and information this is the first time I actually leave a comment in a skincare blog. I would love to get your opinion with this.
    I have what I believe (after reading your blog, now i don’t even know haha) to be combination skin. I’ve been using natural products for about a year, however, I’ve been doing the one thing you said not to do.. which is to try a lot of different products at once, or switch them up constantly.. i have no patience haha.
    I started the oil cleansing method about a week ago and my skin does look healthier and more plump, but I did get 3 pimples near my chin area (i tend to get them there normally) however this coincided with my period (sorry if this is too much information), and i usually break out during that time anyways. I’ve been doing the OCM every night with 1 part castor oil to 2/3 parts sunflower seed oil. During the day i apply a natural zinc oxide moisturizer with SPF (from natural ingredients) because i’m super white and have blemishes (and i’ve always believed the blemishes to be part from the sun and part acne scars).

    So i guess my questions are:
    1) At night time after I cleanse with OCM i feel my skin is soft in some areas and a bit dry in other areas..? like around my nose for example or my chin are a bit dry. Nothing painful, but then i tend to apply a bit more of my oil mix to the skin. It absorbs it really quickly but then it tends to feel dry again.. do you know what might be causing this? am I using too much castor oil?
    2) I want to start using pumpkin seed oil as well, I actually thought i’d try cleansing with just pumpkin seed oil, what do you think, would this work?
    3) I might step away from sunscreen for a while and do what you do, which is use pumpkin seed oil in the morning if I feel like I need it (i live in Canada where it’s freezing.. so i think i’ll probably need extra moisture during the winter)

    Thank you so much. You rock.

    • Hi Sabrina,

      Thanks so much for all the amazingly supportive words regarding my blog and the work that I do. I really appreciate them! I think you’re overdoing the OCM by using it every day. At least at the beginning, I would start from a couple of times a week. If all goes well, in the future you can increase even to every day if you like, but it’s better not to overwhelm your skin at the beginning.

      1) The newest thing I learned was that kind of dryness might be due to fungal reasons. Any acne is related to yeast/fungus/candida (however you want to call it) and the fungus loves moist/oily environment. That’s my theory why the OCM might sometimes cause issues like this. The way around it? Of course, watch your diet, but also adding an antifungal like neem would make a huge difference. For example, you could add some neem to your current moisturiser or oil. It has made a huge difference for me.
      2) Pumpkin seed oil is great for the OCM. Again, it would be a great idea to add some neem oil, but you can try pumpkin seed alone, too.
      3) I can imagine there is probably hardly any sun exposure in Canada in the winter. You can always wear a hat for some extra protection.

      So glad you’re enjoying my blog! xx

      • Vita,
        Thank you for replying so quickly!
        I will follow your suggestions, I did want to ask you, when you say Neem.. do you mean Neem oil ? Thank you again 🙂

        • Yes, I meant neem oil. xx

          • Sabrina Saer says

            i purchased the pumpkin seed oil and neem oils and I can’t wait to try them out!
            Also, I wanted to thank you for your blog on vitamin D .. it’s crazy how I’ve gone through my whole life without questioning these things.. it was like a revelation when I read your blog.. i’ve stopped using sunscreen and it’s like my skin is breathing again 🙂
            I’ve also been “washing” my face with just water/rose water and wow, it saves me so much time in the morning!!! I love it!

            I tried to comment on your you tube video about your pantry, but I couldn’t do it there. So I will say it here, for the rice vinegar = I use it on my salads 🙂

          • So glad my blog has given you inspiration, Sabrina! 🙂 Thanks for the tip regarding rice vinegar. I’ve tried it in salads, but didn’t like it much. In general, I can’t stand any kind of vinegar in salads. I prefer to use it in cooking. Somehow, if vinegar is cooked, it doesn’t bother me as much. xx

  34. Heeeeeelp!!!!
    This is my first week with the OCM and my skin is freaking out! I have really oily skin and I suffer from acne. I used to have a few pimples per week but right now it’s like 3 pimples per day
    I’ve been using 1/3 of castor oil, 2/3 of tamanu oil and a few drops of tea tree oil, twice a day. I remove the oil by doing small circles with a wet towel and I avoid touching too much the pimples with the towel.
    Once I have washed my face, I apply a drop of a cream with salycilic acid just on the pimples, and yesterday it kind of brunt them.
    What am I doing wrong? Should I give up before it gets worse? Should I do it just once a day?
    Please answer ASAP I’m feeling a little bit depressed right now with my skin… It was almost clear and now… And every new pimple leaves a scar on my skin for months even tough I NEVER touch them…

    • Hi Marta, I’m sorry to hear about your struggles. First of all, never ever start the OCM by doing it twice a day, not even once a day. Only start by doing it once or twice a week for a few months until your skin gets completely comfortable with it. Otherwise, it will just freak out. Carry on with your regular skincare during the rest of the days to make the transition easier. I would also reduce the proportion of castor oil to no more than 20% or would omit it at all. And I would probably try a different oil instead of tamanu. Tamanu is a great addition but I don’t think it’s good as a base oil. Jojoba, sunflower oil, sesame seed oil, and hemp seed oil are all good choices for a start. The salicylic acid burns because your skin is badly over-exfoliated. You really need to leave it alone for a while now. xx

  35. Hi Vita, first off-love your blog, I just have a quick question. I recently started using the OCM and first began with a 3/4 Jojoba and 1/4 Almond oil blend. I normally have really oily skin but after about a week I noticed I could go a whole day and there was NO oily skin, it was amazing and I was super happy. I still had a bit of acne on my forehead though so I ordered some Castor oil and added it to my blend by knocking the Almond oil doqwn to an 1/8 and using the Castor at 1/8 too. Now, about thirty minutes to an hour or so after I wipe my face my skin gets suuuper oily. I’m hoping it’s just my skin trying to adjust but I’m not sure. Is it normal for the skin to get really oily immediately follow ON? Thanks a bunch!

    • How long have you been doing the OCM? Is it just around a couple weeks? And how often do you do it? If it’s every day, it could be that your skin is getting overstimulated and overexfoliated. It reacts to it by producing excess oil. I always say it’s best to start from once or twice a weeks for the first few months to slowly work your skin into it. But it could also be that castor is irritating your skin. it is pretty drying and some do say that their skin reacts to it badly. I’m really not a fan of it and don’t use it at all. My skin never really got along with it. In order to find out whether castor oil is the culprit, just go back to the original mixture and see if things get better again. xx

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