What I Ate Today (Grain-Free, Almost Paleo, Full of Fat Soluble Vitamins)

This video is a complete U-turn from my previous What I Ate Today video, I know. Trust me, I’m equally tired of experimenting and changing things around. Why can’t I just settle down with one way of eating? The thing is, without mistakes and experiments, there will never be progress and there will never be […]

What I Ate Today #2

Hi guys! Thought I’d share with you everything we ate in a day again. It was quite a simple day with nothing too fancy. Just delicious home-cooked food. I always think that simple food is the best one, don’t you think?  I also prepared some food for the next day, made my first fresh cream […]

What I Ate Today #1

I thought it might be interesting to show you what I eat in a day once a week. It’s like a little insight into my daily life. I eat a wholefoods diet with everything made at home by me. I take pride in my food, and i hope you’ll enjoy seeing it. Brace yourself for homemade bread, kefir, eye-catching frittatas, salads and fresh fruit!