Q&A: How I Develop Health Theories, Tips for Starting YouTube or Blog, Ever Too Late to Start Over?

You asked me very interesting questions and I enjoyed answering them A LOT! You asked me whether it’s ever too late to start over again (my hubby and I started over quite late as well so of course not), whether I find it difficult making videos in English, how I find information and develop my […]

Q&A: Giving up Job Security, Living on a Tiny Income, Why I Started YouTube, Tips for UTI’s

Hi guys! You had some questions for me, so I thought I’d answer. The majority of them are about life: quitting a steady job, exchanging security for uncertainty, taking risks, living on less than one income, and of course chasing my dreams! I also briefly talked about some tips for those with chronic urinary tract […]

Q&A: Losing Belly Fat, Favourite Books, Stopping Tooth Decay, Why Tenerife, 5 Countries To Visit

I had so much fun filming this video. Hope you guys will enjoy getting to know me a little bit better! If you have questions for the next Q&A, just leave them down in the comments. Things/websites/people I mentioned in the video: • How To Make Magnesium OIl • My favourite magnesium supplement • My […]