Chicken Drumsticks with Vegetables – Easy Paleo Recipe

I’m always on the lookout for quick and easy Paleo recipes. Who isn’t? One evening, I opened my fridge, took stock of what I had, and decided to improvise a bit. I was so happy with the end result that I decided to share it with all of you! As drumsticks are generally cheaper than chicken thighs or any other meat, this is a great meal if you are on a budget. It’s also so easy to prepare that even a total beginner can prepare it and show off their cooking skills to the whole world.

Cupboard Essentials – The Paleo / Primal Diet #2

Ever wonder what’s inside a primal girl’s pantry/cupboards? It’s generally a very tricky area where unhealthy junk foods (such as chips, cookies, crackers, candies, etc.) like to hide. But they don’t have to! I’m going to share with you my favourite healthy snacks and everything else I use for creating amazing meals every single day. It’s just what I, as a simple primal girl, eat on a daily basis.

Fridge Essentials – The Paleo / Primal Diet

Ever wonder what’s inside a primal girl’s fridge? There are many What’s In My Fridge videos on YouTube but I find that most of them show products that are expensive and virtually impossible to find outside the US or UK. I wanted to demonstrate that it’s possible to have a very healthy grain-free diet based on readily available, fresh, real foods that can be found in any country, any supermarket or any farmer’s market.

Frittata with Red Peppers and Chorizo – My Favourite Primal Breakfast

Following a primal diet means that we start most of our mornings with a breakfast containing eggs. I admit it could easily get boring, so we constantly try to reinvent the humble eggs: we fry them, boil them hard or soft, scramble or poach them, make omelettes or frittatas with various vegetables. However, recently, I’ve discovered a little twist to the frittata that made all the difference and turned it into our favourite breakfast dish. We can’t get enough of it!