How To Get Rid of Acne – Skin Care Tips for Clear Skin

Time to start another series! This one is all about getting rid of acne and achieving clear skin without using any chemicals. In this blogpost, I share 10 simple tips that will transform your skin. Less is more, epidemic of over-exfoliation, and using oils on the skin are some of the things I’m going to […]

Why an Epidemic of Over-Exfoliation Might Be Damaging Your Skin

Don’t get me wrong – gentle exfoliation is a great way to get rid of excess dead skin cells and get that radiant glow. But at the same time it can cause irritation and inflammation, as well as make your skin more susceptible to sun burns. The line between healthy exfoliation and over-exfoliation is pretty thin and blurry.

Gosh, some dermatologists don’t even consider Clarisonic to be an exfoliating device – just a cleansing device. If that’s not exfoliation, then what is? Dermabrasion? Madness!

It turned out that over-exfoliation was one of the main reasons why I had acne. So I tried to google over-exfoliation as a cause of acne. And guess what? I found nothing. Or at least nothing substantial.

So with this article, I’d like to shed a bit more light on this subject.