Healthier Gingerbread Cookies with Spelt, Coconut Sugar, and Blackstrap Molasses

I adore gingerbread around Christmas and I always look for new ways to use the super nutritious blackstrap molasses, so this recipe is literally perfect. I make it half wholegrain and use coconut sugar to make it as healthy as possible. Sure, it’s not something I would eat every day, but even as an occasional […]

Yeast-Free Kūčiukai Recipe – A Sourdough Version of a Traditional Lithuanian Christmas Snack

For me, Christmas has been synonymous with Kuciukai for as long as I can remember, so when I started experimenting with sourdough baking, I knew I wanted to come up with a sourdough version of Kuciukai. You know that modern commercial yeast and I just don’t get along. This recipe is also perfectly safe for […]