Probably The Most Natural Summer Shower and Hygiene Routine You’ve Ever Seen!

probably the mot natural shower and hygiene routine you've ever seen

Β I’m back from a little summer break with a highly requested video: my shower and hygiene routine! It includes my toothcare, DIY deodorant, natural shaving routine and so much more! Quite a few things have changed since my Primal Bathroom Tour, plus I wanted to give you a proper demonstration of everything I use. Hence, this video was born!

My routine is refreshing, totally natural, mostly DIY, but, best of all, it’s super affordable. It’s perfect for fending off body acne and any other skin issues.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Here’s a quick breakdown of what I use:

  • In the mornings

  1. As soon as I get up, I head to the bathroom and brush my teeth with the Earthpaste – it’s a natural toothpaste with red clay, sea salt and a few other totally natural ingredients. I wanted to make something similar by myself, but I would have had to buy quite a few ingredients, so I decided to try this ready-made one first. Now that I know I love it, the next step will be making a DIY version.
  2. I take 1 tbsp. of cold-pressed sunflower oil and swish it in my mouth for 20 minutes. If you’d like to learn more about Oil Pulling, read this blogpost I wrote a while ago. Afterwards I rinse my mouth with salty water and drink two glasses of warm water to wake up my digestive system.
  3. I usually go out for a run or a powerwalk with my dog at this point, so I come back hot, sweaty and dreaming about a shower. That’s where I head to next. However, I don’t use any soap on my skin (apart from one exception, but that’s the next point). All I use is an exfoliating glove and cool water – together they provide a gentle but thorough cleansing. Around once a week I also use dry skin brushing. You can get a body brush from any drugstore I guess, and it’s a wonderful way to get the lymph going, the skin glowing and the cellulite melting!
  4. Around once a week or maybe even once in a couple of weeks, I also use something called the Aleppo soap on my body (mine is 20% laurel oil), and then rinse it using my trusted exfoliating glove and cool water. It removes any excess dead cells and leaves my skin super smooth. It’s certainly one of the hero products in our household.
  5. For shaving, I use the same amazing Aleppo soap. My husband also shaves with it, and he loves it. If you like more lather, just rub the soap on your skin instead of rubbing it between your palms. I find it gives me a closer shave than anything else, and leaves my pins smooth and glossy.
  6. I don’t like applying any oil on my skin (face or body) during the summer because my skin is naturally nourished by the heat and sweat during the day. I do like applying some oil on my feet though. I always wear flipflops, and I walk a lot, so my feet definitely need some extra attention. I use sweet almond oil at the moment.
  7. To make sure I smell good during the day, I use my DIY deodorant. Remember a while ago I asked you for suggestions regarding a natural deodorant because I couldn’t find anything that would work well for me and that wouldn’t irritate my skin? Well, I’ve found an awesome recipe! It’s just coconut oil, shea butter, baking soda, cornstarch and peppermint oil. It works better than anything I’ve ever used. As soon as I get hold of some shea butter again, I’ll be sharing the recipe with you.
  8. While in the shower, I also wash my face with cool water. I have a shower filter installed, and I feel that it’s definitely one of the most important factors for healthy skin. Filtered water doesn’t upset my skin in any way, and doesn’t leave it dehydrated. All I do after rinsing is just tone my face with a bit of pure rosewater, and I’m done. Ready to face the day!
  • In the evening

  1. I brush my teeth with either the Earthpaste, baking soda mixed with a bit of water or some activated charcoal (brilliant natural tooth whitener).
  2. If it’s been a very hot day and I’ve been sweating a lot, I’d take a cool shower but without using any exfoliation tool – just plain water to cool down, remove the remnants of the day, and get rid of any sweaty stickiness. This kind of shower prepares me for sleep perfectly, and I find that I usually fall asleep as soon as I hit the sack. However, if I haven’t sweated much or have spent most of the day around home, I often skip showering. It’s great letting my skin rest sometimes.
  3. I rinse my face with cool shower, apply some rosewater, and I’m done face-wise. Read about my full summer facial skincare routine here.
  4. If my skin feels dry for any reason, for example, if I’ve been in the sun a lot that day, I would apply a bit of pumpkin seed oil. It’s a new weapon in my beauty arsenal, and it’s quickly becoming my favourite. It’s high in linoleic adic, which makes sure that pores don’t get clogged, and it smells divine.
  5. I always apply some sweet almond oil on my feet (if I remember) or otherwise I’ll be reminded the next morning with extra dry and uncomfortable feeling feet.
  6. The sun is brutal here all year long, so I like treating my hair to 2-3 drops of jojoba or sweet almond oil just before I go to sleep. I dampen my hands and massage the oil to the bottom half of my hair. Then, I wrap my hair in a bun and go to sleep. I’ve only started sleeping with my hair in a bun a few months ago, and I love how it prevents it from tangling up, I also love the slight waves it gives me in the morning. If you asked, my husband would also say he enjoys not having my hair all over his face when he sleeps. πŸ™‚

So this is it! My super minimal shower and hygiene routine. I love how it saves me money and time, makes my skin radiant, gives me white and healthy teeth, and of course leaves me smelling nice. Trust me, I don’t smell bad even if I don’t use soaps. Water and an exfoliating glove alone will remove more than 90% of the bacteria from your skin, why would you want remove any more than that? Why would you risk damaging the skin’s acid mantle with soaps and shower gels for the sake of a few more microbes?

I purposefully didn’t give you many details on my haircare routine – that’s because there will be a separate video and blogpost with my full haircare routine. I’ve gone back to an old favourite recently, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it soon.

Tell me, what’s your shower and hygiene routine like? What’s your favourite product in your routine?

Lots of love,

Vita xx

Disclaimer: this post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. I only recommend things that I absolutely love myself, and they’ve all been bought with my hard-earned cash.

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  1. I still use the olive oil soap for cleansing. I have done the dry brushing before on my skin, but I have fell in love with coconut oil.
    When I have makeup on I dip into the coconut oil rub it all over my face and then get a warm washcloth and it removes makeup (to include waterproof eye makeup) wonderfully! In the morning I rub coconut oil on my face before stepping into the shower, wet my washcloth and wipe my face; absolutely great skin cleanser. Then I use either the rose water or lavender water to close my pores after I step out of the shower. I still have not broken free to where I can only use plain water for showering, but I will eventually. Still purging stuff gradually, but will get there one day.
    p.s. loved the video! glad you were able to take a break!

    • Debs, so glad you liked the video! I put so much effort into it. πŸ™‚ I have a couple more filmed, just need to edit. Hopefully, tomorrow a new one will be up. Your shower and skincare routine sounds lovely. So happy you’re enjoying the soap! xx

  2. Old favorite for hair care: no poo method? baking soda and apple cider vinegar with lavender oil? πŸ™‚ I had to guess!

  3. Ok, so I know I am always asking questions, posting etc., but this is a whole new lifestyle for myself and practice makes perfect. In one of your posts you mention the evil fluoride, can you tell me more about this and what one can do for proper tooth care using the holistic method? I floss, brush and rinse I am a picky person about my teeth! I almost grabbed some Burt’s Bees toothpaste and looked at the toothpastes in the health food store I was in the other day, but reluctant. Thanks!

    • Hi Debs, I understand starting a new lifestyle is a confusing time of your life. Even changing your diet a little can be so confusing every time at the beginning, so I totally understand. Fluoride is really evil because of many reasons, but talking about teeth, it makes them harder, but less flexible, so they become brittle and break. It’s really a very wide topic, and I can’t explain everything so well. I think it’s best to read Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel. I think it’s the most famous book about healing teeth, natural toothcare, nutrition for teeth, etc. There are many ways to wash your teeth with DIY things, such as coconut oil with baking soda, baking soda mixed with some water, a mixture of baking soda and fine sea salt mixed with water, etc. The only store bought toothpaste I recommend would be Earthpaste. All the other natural toothpastes I’ve seen contain glycerin, which is something you want to avoid as it coats your teeth with a “protective” layer, which prevents them from remineralizing. It’s also great to rinse your mouth with a hydrogen peroxide solution (3% hydrogen peroxide mixed with an equal amount of water). Just make sure it’s food grade. I’ve started using it recently, and it’s transformed my mouth. Literally. I’ll talk about it more in a future blogpost – still testing now. xx

  4. Hello. First of all I love your blog it is so inspiring! I started taking just water showers after I had a bad outbreak from hives about two months ago from a soap I used. I have very sensitive skin. I already oil cleanse and sometimes I just wash my face with water. I had a question though you said you use just water and an exfoliating glove. I use water and a wash cloth. Do you think I should use something that will be more exfoliating? I don’t want to use something too exfoliating. I hope you make a post someday about sensitive skin. In the past year I have had two outbreaks of hives. One was from using the Kiss my face olive oil soap and the other was Dr Bronners baby soap.

    • Hi Ally, so glad you find my blog inspiring! My exfoliating glove is very soft, it’s kind of like a microfibre washcloth but in a glove shape, so it doesn’t exfoliate a lot. A regular washcloth would be perfect, too. A lot of people suffer from sensitive skin, and being a girl with an extremely sensitive skin as well, I’ll definitely consider writing a post about caring for sensitive skin. Wow, it’s incredible that even Kiss My Face olive oil soap managed to cause hives to you. Could you be sensitive to olive oil? I believe Dr Bronners baby soap has it, too. I also believe that skin sensitivities are often due to what we eat or the health of our digestive system in general. We often jump to blaming something we used on our skin, but very often it’s just something we ate as far as 4 days ago. It makes it very difficult to track down. xx

  5. Vita,
    Do you mind my asking why you switched to the Earthpaste from using coconut oil and baking soda?

    • Hi Debs, sorry I totally misplaced your comment, and only found it now. I don’t even know why I quit using just baking soda. I think I wanted something that tastes good, just for a change for a little bit. Now that my Earthpaste is almost finished, I think I’m going back to baking soda, but I’ll add some sea salt, clay, and peppermint oil. xx

  6. I was looking at the Earthpaste and noticed one of the ingredients is Xylitol. When I looked this up I found the following: “ reports that it’s safe for adults to consume up to 50 g of xylitol each day, but that people need to avoid higher doses. There is concern that taking xylitol in extremely high doses for more than three years may cause tumors.” It can also affect one’s blood sugar levels.

    • Hi Debs, 50g a day is a massive quantity. Think that the whole tube of toothpaste is only 115ml. There will be probably be just a few millilitres in the whole tube. I don’t think there is any reason to be concerned. xx

  7. Hello Vita,
    Thank you so much for your great blog and for sharing your methods and recipes.
    I would like to ask you how or if you need to protect your skin from the sun especially in the place where you live. Is there a type of oil that we could use after having applied the pure rosewater?

  8. Hello Vita, I am new to amazon and I’m trying to buy products like Grape seed oil of amazon. I live in Australia and it is very annoying when the product can not ship to Australia. Do you now of any of websites or different products maybe. Also when I go into a health shop there oils are really expensive.

    • Hi Jack! I know, it’s so annoying when sellers don’t ship to Australia. I sometimes go through it as I live in the middle of nowhere. πŸ™‚ I ‘ve just googled and there seem to be tons of online stores selling carrier oils. This one in particular looks good quality, affordable, and cold-pressed. xx

  9. Julianne says

    Hello Vita!
    I’m new around and am enjoying things here.
    One question: What shower filter brand you recommend with praise?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Julianne, I’ve tried a few different brands, they were all good. I can’t really recommend any particular one. I used the one with charcoal filter alone and then another one with other more fancy filters – honestly, the charcoal filter is good enough, and it tends to be the cheapest option as well. You’re very welcome to my blog! πŸ™‚ xx

      • Thanks for responding .
        A question : In the post you speak it takes only bath with exfoliating sponge and water and ask : This sponge is sufficient to remove staph bacteria ? In the case of a person working in hospitals, yet this body cleaning method would be recommended or it would be sufficient washing with water and soap were more prone regions colonization of bacteria that?

        • Hi Julianne, I can’t answer your question because I don’t know if bathing like that removes staph bacteria. Obviously, working in hospitals, the requirements are probably deficient. However, personally I think it’s important not to damage our protective bacterial layer because it’s what protects us from the hostile ones. A lot of our modern problems stem from too much antibacterial focus. xx

          • Thank you for the answer. What brand shower filter with activated carbon you indicate me . Very difficult to find on the web, few references . I want to buy a filter from a trusted brand , made with non-toxic and environmentally friendly material, to eliminate heavy metals , chlorine, fluoride and other toxins successfully.

  10. Hi Vita,
    Just come across your blog so thought I’d drop you a line. I’ve been using water only to shower and shave for about 40 years now and still feel great. I started when I had terrible athletes foot and nothing cured it so I just stopped using anything except water and it worked.
    My philosophy is to allow the skin to look after itself and the natural flora to out-compete the nasties, and the sebum to take care of the rest. The only thing I use is a tiny amount of coconut oil conditioner about once a week just to remove any build-up on my hair (a bottle last 2 years). Even shaving, I reckon I have enough natural oil on the skin to lubricate. I avoid using sun screen unless I’m out for a long day cycling in the sun, then I put a dab on my nose. Otherwise I try to get mildly tanned early in the season so I don’t have to use anything in mid summer (even finding the sun is a challenge in England!). I avoid deodorants so was interested to see your routine. I find the only time I need it is a day or two after a sauna (my weakness but I don’t do it very often) when the beneficial bacteria have been removed. Lastly if I’m feeling at all dried out I use virgin coconut oil wherever I fancy it but seems to be good occasionally on my face.

    • Hello! Thanks so much for sharing. You’re truly an inspiration! How interesting that sauna causes body odour for a couple of days. I suppose it’s because it’s kind of like a detox where the pores release all kinds of toxins from the body. xx

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