How I Stopped My Tooth Decay and Gum Recession

Just a couple of years ago I was afraid to lose my teeth, I couldn’t chew anything, and my gums were receding at an alarming rate. Luckily, I managed to turn things around and now my teeth and gums are healthy and strong. This video is about a few simple things that transformed my dental health.

Resources or things I mentioned in the video:

Hope you find this video informative and inspiring. Thanks so much for watching!

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Vita xx

P.S. I’m not a doctor. I’m simply sharing my own experience and what worked for me. Before trying anything, do your own research and make informed decisions.

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  1. Please take the time to research what fluoride is derived from and how it was created. There is no proof of improved dental decay from USA and other countries not using fluoride. Fluoride is a toxin. I have suffered from worsened diarrhea and bowel leakage and found eliminating all forms of fluoride ( water, foods, tea, sodas, fruit juices, toothpastes) stopped this horrible symptom that no doctor could ever find a solution to. My diarrhea issues started within the first year I moved from country to city(1978) and using fluoridated water, but never realized until two years ago. I started a Leaky Gut program requiring a clean water to make bone broths. I totally used this water source and within two weeks my bowel leakage and diarrhea started to subside and not return since totally avoiding this toxin. I was also drinking lots of bagged teas, which are laidenend with fluoride. After looking into what is in water that would make me so miserably ill( the bowel leakage dramatically affected my marriage,social and work life) was shocked to find all the side effects this toxin causes. Many people in this country do not have healthy functioning immune or digestive systems anymore with all the processed, dead food, poor diets and stress. This toxin is in so many sources and is not being detoxed out of our body. I also have great experience with oil pulling, not overdoing it also. The gum stimulator works great snd looking into getting the tongue scraper. There are better options for preventing tooth decay than suggesting fluoride.
    Please research this toxin and not recommend it a positive benefit. Thsnk you

    • Hi Connie, thank you for expressing your opinion. Believe me, during my desperately ill times I spent a lot of time researching fluoride, so I didn’t make my decision lightly. As I said in the video, there is no doubt that fluoride in drinking water is dangerous and harmful (it doesn’t surprise me that you had such horrible symptoms), but fluoride in toothpaste is a different thing. Here in Europe we aren’t exposed to fluoride in water or anywhere else. The only fluoride exposure we get is from toothpaste, but we rinse it out anyway. You’re right, there is no scientific evidence at all for the benefits of fluoride in drinking water, but there is lots of evidence for fluoride in toothpaste. Plus, my greatest evidence is my own experience and that of my family. In my eyes, it’s a very small price to pay for much happier teeth. Also, if you didn’t notice, I’m not recommending anything in this video, simply sharing what worked for me, and, whether you agree with it or not, coming back to a fluoride toothpaste was one of the most important steps in the healing of my teeth. xx

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