What Happened When I Took a Raw Thyroid Supplement – Who Should and Shouldn’t Try It

What Happened When I Took a Raw Thyroid Supplement - Who Should and Shouldn't Try It

At the beginning of January this year, I started experimenting with a raw thyroid supplement from iHerb and literally raved about it on my Instagram account after a few days. The first day I took it, I felt electrified, full of energy, and inspired. I felt like a normal person again for the first time in many years.

I was hoping it would continue like that, but unfortunately it didn’t.

I gained a bit of weight, especially around my belly. I looked a little puffy in my face, and I can see it in videos from those days. Being on YouTube is actually really convenient because I can look back at my videos from a certain time when I was trying certain things, and I can see what I looked like. My hair, my skin, and the shape of my face all change depending on what I do to my body health wise.

So while I was trying the raw thyroid supplement, my skin was doing great and was perfectly clear. My nails were growing really strong and healthy. But then I had anxiety out of the blue. I couldn’t really sleep well. As I said earlier on, I had some fat around my belly.

Around the same time, I did my thyroid blood test and I found out that all of my thyroid numbers got worse. Even worse than originally when I started healing! I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.

Why did I feel so much better in some ways, but felt worse in other ways? And why were my thyroid numbers so bad if I actually felt better in so many ways? I just couldn’t understand it.

So why was this raw thyroid supplement doing weird things to my thyroid?

Only now, after doing some more tests and doing more research, I finally understand exactly what happened. That’s why I really wanted to share this information with you and hopefully help you out if you’re experiencing something like this while trying a similar supplement.

The problem with this raw thyroid supplement from Natural Sources is that it contains raw adrenal tissue in addition to raw thyroid. It’s a problem for me and for people with similar health issues, but it might be the best thing in the world for others. I’m definitely not bashing this supplement and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to try.

I’m just saying, please do a bit more research and some more tests to find out if this is really the right product for you because if it gets to the wrong hands, it can do more harm than good. The fact that these supplements are over-the-counter doesn’t mean they are harmless. They can still do a lot of harm if they are not a good fit for your body.

This particular raw thyroid supplement has mostly raw thyroid tissue, but it also has some tissue from other glands, including raw adrenals. I did some research trying to find out exactly how much of each there was because the label of the supplement doesn’t give you any details. It just states that it has 390mg of Synergistic Complex of all kinds of glands, but doesn’t break it down into more details. That’s the only reason why these companies are still allowed to sell these types of supplements over the counter.

I found out that this raw thyroid supplement has 25mg of raw adrenals per capsule. It might be fantastic if your adrenals are under-performing, in other words, if your cortisol is low (but even then, the adrenaline that it contains isn’t something that you need). If you look at iHerb or Amazon where this supplement is sold, you’ll find a lot of really positive reviews. That’s probably because of people whose cortisol is low. For them this supplement might be very useful to rebuild the strength of the adrenals and to restart the production of cortisol.

Why adrenal tissue isn’t a good thing for me

In my case, as I shared in my previous videos, my cortisol is actually high, so for me this supplement was doing nothing but fuelling the fire even more.

These kind of over-the-counter supplement brands don’t actually mention that their products have active hormones in them because if they did, they would not be allowed to sell these products over the counter. They simply don’t mention them or they claim that most of the hormones have been removed. But based on my blood test and on a lot of research that I’ve done, it seems that this particular brand has either all or almost all of the hormones in tact: from adrenals, thyroid, and a few other glands.

It has T3 and T4 from the thyroid, but at the same time it also has adrenaline and cortisol, as well as all the other adrenal hormones. Taking a supplement like this could be compared to a low dose of hydrocortisone, Cortef or any other similar medication, which is a great thing for those who actually need it, but not so much for others.

So what can you do if your adrenals are over-active?

Luckily, within a few weeks of starting this raw thyroid supplement, I did my blood test and found out that it wasn’t good for me, and then I switched to a natural dessicated thyroid (NDT) supplement. It’s so much better because it doesn’t have any adrenal tissue in it or any other glands, and it’s been helping me a lot since then. I’d definitely recommend using something like that if your adrenals are over-active like mine.

If your adrenal glans are under-active, then you might really benefit from a raw thyroid supplement with adrenal tissue, but just know what your situation is like and make sure that you choose the best product for yourself.

There are a few over-the-counter products that you can try safely without any kind of adrenal tissue. For example, ThyroGold is the most famous one. It’s a natural dessicated thyroid supplement that you can get over-the-counter over the internet. It’s super good and natural, albeit a little pricey.

The one I’m personally taking is an over-the-counter version from Thailand because natural dessicated thyroid is still not a prescription drug there. Anybody can just walk into a pharmacy and buy it (lucky them!).

Talking about alternatives to Armour and other prescription thyroid drugs is a huge topic for another post maybe. I just want you to know that there are lots of other options that you can try without adrenal tissue if that’s not something that you need. You can learn more about all the different alternative options in this article from Stop The Thyroid Madness.

I really hope you find this information helpful, and if you want to try a supplement like the one I talked about in this post, as I said, be mindful, do your research, check if it’s really right for you, and follow your body closely. If you do, even if the supplement is not right for you, you’ll catch it very early without doing any damage to your body. Thanks so much for reading/watching!

Here’s my video about this topic:

Have you ever tried this raw thyroid supplement? Or any raw adrenal supplement? How did it go?

Simply yours,
Vita xx

Disclaimer: my videos aren’t meant to give medical advice, treat, or diagnose. All I do is share everything I learn during my own healing and self-improvement journey. Please do your own research before trying anything and remember to always make well informed decisions because knowledge is power. Also some of the links above might be affiliate links. Thanks so much for supporting my work!

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